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Volume 22 Issue 4
November/December 2016

Rhythm is a Fundamental Component in All Our Lives

Increase Your Prana with a Vegetarian Diet

The Power of Your Words

Local Author with a Mission: Improve Diagnostics in Saskatchewan

A Talk with Amelia Kinkade, Author of Whispers from the Wild

Marijuana is a Medication

Aquarius: The New Spiritual Age

An Introduction to Clinical Aromatherapy


Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 22 Issue 4 — November/December 2016
by Melva Armstrong

It has been another busy and active two months. The big unexpected snow dump threw me for a loop, as it likely did many of you. The snow has gone but the clouds have dominated the sky for weeks and I do miss the sunshine. The garden wasn’t ready for the snow either so what was left like the Swiss chard was lost. There were a number of squash that survived, so that was a blessing. I was just settling in for a very sweet, sunny, and warm October but that wasn’t meant to be.
I’ve had another enjoyable time putting together this issue along with all the contributors. I am always grateful for those advertisers and writers who show up to be in each issue and I have lots of fun putting everything together along with the designer. It’s like a new birthing every two months.

This issue covers a wide variety of topics to help you as you travel on this life journey. I’ve always been a lover of music and how it makes me want to move with the rhythms that help me feel good all over. In this issue, JADE has provided her thoughts, ideas, and experience on the topic of rhythm in an article called, Rhythm is a Fundamental Component in All Our Lives (p. 20). Acknowledging there are many changes happening on our planet that often feel uncomfortable, JADE offers ideas of how to go about creating a balance so we can all find a way to get along together on this earth. It is ultimately about transformation, which is how we are going to heal ourselves and the earth.

In his article, The Power of Your Words (p. 18), Abe Brown reminds us of the extreme importance of paying attention to the everyday words we use. They can be very damning and very uplifting, and children are especially vulnerable to negative words that can have an adverse affect on them throughout their lives. May we all find a way to remember to say only kind and loving things to each other, so we can live together in harmony. Thanks to Abe for giving us a heads-up on things we can easily forget.

To help with the use of words, we have Jodi Woollam’s article Four Steps to Improve Communications and Understanding (p. 12). She has an active practice in the principles of Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and numerous years of experience in the field of communications. She provides some important steps for you to seriously consider when it comes to healthy communication.

I’ve also included A Talk with Amelia Kinkade, Author of Whispers from the Wild (p. 14), because animal communication is equally as important as the human kind. Amelia had spent her entire life developing her ability to communicate with animals. She says, “…until we humans all learn to communicate with animals, we can’t even begin to understand what they’re feeling.” If you love animals, you’ll enjoy reading this article.

When I recently heard Jesse Ventura interviewed about his new book, Jesse Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto, I felt it was important for the WHOLifE readers to know more about the extensive research he has done on this controversial topic. Marijuana is a Medication (p. 16) is a short excerpt from one of the book’s chapters, yet it gives you a sense of how Ventura feels passionately about marijuana being a natural healing plant product.

Stacey Tress’s Mindful Eating column this issue is called Increase Your Prana with a Vegetarian Diet (p. 8). She was inspired to write on this topic after recently attending the Art of Living Happiness course. You’ll learn more interesting details about this course as well as lots of good information about healthy vegetarian cooking, including delicious recipes, in her article.

I encourage you to read through the whole issue, as there are still many other unique articles to check out. I am ever grateful to all those who contribute to the journal in so many ways. I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart! I love hearing from you so be sure to let me know your thoughts and feelings about what you read in the journal. I would also appreciate it if you will let the advertisers know you saw their ads in WHOLifE. They are the ones who make WHOLifE possible.

May you all enjoy the last two months of 2016 to the fullest and may your festive season be healthy, happy, and peace-filled! Blessed be!

(The spirit in me honours the spirit in you)

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