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Calendar of Events

Sept.–Oct. 2022 Manitou Waters Healing Arts Events

For details of all the events, visit www.manitouwaters.com.

Sept. 24–25 Arts, Crafts, and More Show

At Thickwood Hills Adventures Studio. Northwest of Blaine Lake, SK. For information contact Doreen at 306-549-0028 or cell 306-222-6387.

Oct. 21–23 Retreat in Cypress Hills, SK

Go Within. Relax. Release. Heal. Create lasting change. For more information and to register, call Jeanne at (403) 504-9690 or email at jeanne@divineguidance.ca.


Ongoing Events

Radiant Rose Academy

A spiritual platform for those seeking a greater understanding and study of their spiritual nature and the Mother’s Presence. Weekly and monthly classes. Find out more at www.radiantroseacademy.com.

heart song music and poetry sharing group

Visit www.brianpauldg.com or call 306-653-0636 (landline) to co-create an event and/or join in and share!

Retreat in Cypress Hills, SK

Spring (last weekend in April) and Fall (second last weekend in October). Spend time in nature! Learn something new! Meet someone new! Move your body! Express your creative side! Meditate! Go within! Release! Share stories, meals, and laughter! Emerge from these weekend retreats feeling lighter, refreshed, and excited about the next chapter in your life! For details and registration call Jeanne Hoag at (403) 504-9690 or email jeanne@divineguidance.ca.

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