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Volume 22 Issue 4
November/December 2016

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Aquarius: The New Spiritual Age
by Todd Lorentz
Todd Lorentz

Most people today instinctively recognise that a deeply profound and fundamental change is embracing our planet. At the same time, many find it difficult to fully understand the larger relevance of those changes to our civilization. The old and time-worn methods of the past no longer sustain our societies and the collapse of nearly every system and field of endeavour appears imminent. This has resulted, esoterically speaking, of an invocative cry from humanity for help and support from “higher sources.” How can we understand the relevance of these times and how can we make our way through the current darkness into a land of peace and brotherhood for all?

The esoteric philosophical tradition, known broadly as the Ageless Wisdom Teaching, was first popularised in the west through the theosophical doctrines of H. P. Blavatsky in the 1870s and then through later volumes of esoteric writings in the first half of the 20th century, by Helena Roerich and Alice A. Bailey. This vast and detailed doctrine detailed an explanation of the spiritual nature lying behind the material manifestation of the world.

Chief amongst its notions was the fact of the divine Soul within each and every individual, and that our spiritual evolution went forward under tremendous spiritual laws such as the Law of Karma and the Law of Rebirth (reincarnation). Furthermore, that spiritual evolution was overseen and guided by a group of enlightened beings called the Masters of Wisdom. From the fifth kingdom in nature, these all-loving compassionate Masters pour their spiritual energies down to humanity (fourth kingdom) who, in turn, energetically nourish the third (animal), second (plant), and first (mineral) kingdoms below it. Altogether, this vast chain of interdependent and interconnected Hierarchy of living expressions collectively constitutes the “body” of that great Spiritual Being which we call Earth.

The immediate time ahead signifies for humanity a grand turning point in an evolutionary process typically fraught with periods of aimless wanderings and bewildered pursuits. Humanity has, for long, been “lost in the wilderness” and unaware of the divine prize that exists within. Age after age, representatives of the divine “Plan” for the planet have embodied certain divine qualities representing the next stage for spiritual growth for humanity—Jesus demonstrated the living action of divine “Love,” the Buddha taught perfect “Wisdom,” while Mohammed encouraged “Peace through submission to the Will of God.” These remarkable and celebrated disciples devoted their lives to the salvation and benefit of all humanity—regardless of race, gender, class, or creed—though their teachings were later doctrinally codified, institutionalized and, finally, crystallized into lifeless ritual and meaningless imitation. At such a time, therefore, when these teachings have lost their meaning and humanity is once again in danger of losing its way, another distinguished teacher is sent forward to restore justice in the world and to re-establish the “Way” forward for humanity. This present time is such a moment in humanity’s history.

All major religions and traditions in the world today expect their “Awaited One,” some teacher sent by God to restore the spiritual path for humanity. Christians expect the second coming of the Christ, Jews await the advent of the Messiah, and Hindus expect the return of Krishna or the “Kalki Avatar,” while Muslims expect the arrival of the 12th Imam or “Imam Mahdi.” Buddhists anticipate the return (at this time, during the end of the Kali Yuga) of the 5th Buddha, whose personal name is Maitreya. What is not commonly recognized amongst these various traditions is the fact that they are all awaiting the same one individual, a new World Teacher for humanity, foretold by each tradition to arrive at this exact time (the Aquarian Age in the west and, coincidentally, the beginning of the Satya Yuga or Golden Age in eastern terms). Students of the Ageless Wisdom Teaching likewise expect the emergence into our everyday lives of a World Teacher, Maitreya, but also anticipate the emergence of a significant proportion of the Hierarchy, the enlightened Masters of Wisdom, to work openly with humanity in the physical world—an almost unbelievable proposition.

This auspicious “externalization” of the Masters is now underway and the immense spiritual impact of Their energetic materialization into the world is evidenced by the rapid dissolution of the corrupt and distorted institutions of the world, alongside a tidal wave of mass movements everywhere demanding justice and freedom for all. While somewhat disorienting to an unwary and unprepared humanity, the stimulating and polarizing effect of Maitreya’s advent acts as a “forcing process” to bring all qualities and characteristics to the surface—whether good or ill—and thus allowing humanity to not only see the imprisoning effects of their negative beliefs and behaviours, but to make deep and lasting changes for the better.

Soon now, it is expected that these natural spiritual forces will bring about a total collapse of the corrupt political and economic establishments of the world, paving the way for Maitreya to step forward out of the ranks of ordinary humanity and impart a revelation of profound significance to humanity. On this “Day of Declaration,” He will appear on television around the world and, simultaneously, communicate telepathically to all humanity above the age of fourteen. He will reveal to humanity the fact of its long spiritual journey and, at the same time, to bring a palpable experience to all of their own innate spiritual nature and unity.

Thus, will the new dispensation begin, foretold for thousands of years, reorienting humanity back to its spiritual roots. This demonstration will inspire humanity to build a new and better world based on what will then be a factual understanding of our true nature as divine souls—one true divine family. The time is very soon now, and humanity stands at the gateway in wonderment of a vast and breathtaking expansion. Are you ready?

Todd Lorentz is an author, lecturer, philosopher, and religious scholar. His current book, Nagarjuna, Nondualism and the Nature of Nothing, examines the fundamental unity of reality. Todd has written and lectured on the emergence of the World Teacher for 30 years and lives in Edmonton, Alberta. He can be reached at tlorentz@telusplanet.net. Also, see the full page display ad on the inside front cover of the 22.4 November/December issue of the WHOLifE Journal for more information.


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