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Volume 22 Issue 4
November/December 2016

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Local Author with a Mission: Improve Diagnostics in Saskatchewan

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Local Author with a Mission: Improve Diagnostics in Saskatchewan
by Calynda Triffo
Calynda Triffo

When something in the body isn’t feeling normal, it may take time to decide to go to the doctor to get the condition checked. If everything you try is not helping the symptoms subside, it becomes a priority to find out what is wrong.

It can take time to get scheduled for diagnostic tests and even longer to get the results. Waiting and wondering what could be wrong can be an emotional roller coaster for anyone in this situation. A confirmed diagnosis is required for the best treatment options to be decided for the individual to take action toward helping the body heal. There is a peace of mind knowing that everything that can be done, is being done.

Calynda Triffo is familiar with these frustrating situations and has just released her first book in an effort to raise awareness of the importance of getting a confirmed diagnosis as soon as possible when serious illness is suspected. Journal of a Loved One is a memoir of her Dad, Allen Triffo. He was a hardworking man who developed lung cancer and faced struggles getting a confirmed diagnosis when he was initially seeking treatment in the fall of 2014.

THE MISSION—To have enough diagnostic equipment available, with all required resources to operate it, to reduce the emotional turmoil caused by extended wait times for individuals who are ill.

Hospitals of Regina Foundation has opened a Diagnostic Fund to receive donations that will be put toward improved diagnostic processes in the region. This will give patients the opportunity to get an accurate diagnosis, so treatment options can be decided as soon as possible. To become a part of the solution, please visit: www.hrf.sk.ca. Donations are tax deductible.

Journals of a Loved One by Calynda Triffo is available from CreateSpace eStore, Amazon, Kindle, and Chapters in Regina. For more information or to view the photo gallery, please visit www.calyndatriffo.com.


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