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Volume 22 Issue 4
November/December 2016

Rhythm is a Fundamental Component in All Our Lives

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The Power of Your Words

Local Author with a Mission: Improve Diagnostics in Saskatchewan

A Talk with Amelia Kinkade, Author of Whispers from the Wild

Marijuana is a Medication

Aquarius: The New Spiritual Age

An Introduction to Clinical Aromatherapy


Rhythm is a Fundamental Component in All Our Lives

In fact, before any single one of us set foot on this planet we were initiated as human beings through an intensive rhythm training program. Think about it for a moment. We begin to take shape in our mother’s womb guided by the constant rhythm of her heartbeat until we form a tiny rhythm maker of our very own. Together with our mother, life pulses through us. Then, in the moments immediately following our birth, with our own heartbeats now keeping time, our second great gift of rhythm comes—that of the breath. Inhaling. Exhaling. And so it is. With breath and heartbeat, our great rhythm journey began. It is how we all began our time here, without exception. And it is also how our time here will end.

The beginning, the middle, the ending, the beginning, the middle, the ending. This is constant state of change in which we all find ourselves, it is the rhythm of life.

Regardless of our age, our history, colour, or creed (system of beliefs), we all have this in common. We are, each and every one of us, having a human experience on a planet called Earth that is deeply rooted in rhythm. We are all right here. Right now. In the middle. NOW-HERE.

Zen is said to be a path to fully awaken to your original nature, which is present right here, right now.

Rhythm is defined as a strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound.

When you hit the drum, you are placed squarely in the here and now. When we come together to drum, we harness the power of unity, creating more than any one person can accomplish alone.

Fellowship is defined as “the companionship of individuals in a congenial atmosphere and on equal terms.” So you might say that Zen Rhythm Co. is about creating fellowship between individuals uniting in rhythm, gathering in circles to create positive change in the world.

For too long, the drums of war have been beating on this Earth. I believe we are the ones we have been waiting for. We are meant to be the change. The time has come, the time is now.

Once upon a time, early in our human evolution, we found ourselves gathered together around fires for sharing safety, warmth, food, and stories. Stories of birth, death, unions, exploration, survival, trials, and thriving. Not much has changed! Just listen to any of our modern music to hear these same themes.

Then, as any great pendulum swing dictates, we have moved from the polar opposite side of that wild way of knowing to one of a domesticated sort where regardless of when the sun rises or sets there is the 9 to 5, Monday to Friday rhythm guiding much of the world. Regardless of the phase and rhythm of our own personal lives, the greater rhythm of this modern world carries on.

Yet, we all came from this time where our survival depended on knowing where we were in relation to the seasons, to the natural rhythms of the Earth, its creatures, and to our own cycles. We all come from the place where wood, bones, seeds, gourds, hides, and other natural materials became the building blocks from which all current forms of music, art, and culture have emerged.

So how do we now create balance?

We create a new way of being, of course! One that honours both our wild and our domesticated natures. And together we create the world as we wish to see it, one choice at a time. Each shift of one degree in our collective course will create an entirely newly manifested world.

We are currently undergoing some of the most rapid changes ever to occur on this planet. Our ability to travel great distances in relatively short time has led to an unprecedented intermingling of cultures. Technology has both further connected us and simultaneously disconnected us more than ever before!

Thus, the need for creating harmony among diverse groups of people who have the ability to work together toward a common goal and understand what it means to make space for one another, and to become more self aware, become better listeners, to be willing to share our unique gifts with the world and work towards creating something beyond what any of us can achieve on our own has never been more relevant.

Participating in recreational drumming activities can add to your health and wellness in many ways because it
celebrates diversity,
creates unity,
relieves stress,
stimulates creativity and self expression,
enhances one’s ability to focus,
increases energy,
builds community,
fosters cooperation,
reduces feelings of isolation,
improves fine motor skills,
helps balance left and right hemispheres of the brain,
improves hand-eye coordination,
boosts self esteem,
creates camaraderie,
boosts confidence,
leads to greater self empowerment,
is accessible and inclusive,
is fun and easy for any level from beginner to pro.

By recognizing and expressing the needs of both our wild animal natures and the domesticated creatures that we have become, we create a peace within ourselves that can then extend to those around us. Transformation within is the only thing that will transform the world we see. Drumming connects us through rhythm. Vibration changes us through sound. LifeForce heals us through joy.

We then can remember that we are all humans, being.
First, we learn to LISTEN.
We learn to FEEL.
We learn to PLAY.
“You may say I’m a dreamer… but I’m not the only one”

Based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Zen Rhythm Co. is a dynamic and creative rhythm-based independent business that designs and delivers engaging and motivational drum circles and workshops. Serving businesses, non-profit organizations, community groups, and individuals wanting a unique addition to their events. Founder and facilitator JADE a.k.a Cathy Chicoine has been facilitating since 2006. For full bio, please visit www.ZenRhythmCo.ca email info@zenrhtyhmco.ca or call 306- 717-9696.


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