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Volume 28 Issue 5
January/February 2023

Sauna in Saskatchewan

The Importance of Saving Edible Plants

Lotions and Potions for Body and Soul with Angel Kisses

Saskatoon Intuitive’s New Book Sacred Geometry for the Soul
Could this be the new modality to change the world?

How Do You Show Up for Yourself?

What’s in Your “TOOLBOX” and How Do You Use Those Tools in Your LIFE?

People’s Health Alliance (PHA)


Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 28 Issue 5 — January/February 2023
by Melva Armstrong

Another year has flown by and a new year has begun! I feel we are living in exciting times and that the coming year will be filled with many changes that will surprise and delight everyone. It feels like there is a positive healing energy building that will bring a new way of being and living into the world. In fact, it feels like this has already started and will just get bigger as the days and months go by. It’s something I would truly like to see happen.

It’s been a lot of fun and super enjoyable working with all the folks who are part of this January/February 2023 issue. I love having a chance to connect and get to know new people and to reconnect with those who are already part of the journal. It’s my WHOLifE family and I love everyone.

It’s winter season and therefore I loved it when Kyla Bouvier got in touch to tell me about the winter outdoor nature events she offers. Of course I wanted to have an article about it in this winter issue, so she kindly put together one titled Sauna in Saskatchewan (p. 30). I was fascinated when I read about Luna, a mobile wood-burning barrel sauna, which you’ll see pictured with her article and on the cover. According to Kyla, “We guide you through the Nordic Cycle of Hot-Cold-Rest-Repeat to maximize the health benefits of cleansing your body and mind with sauna.” I think this is such a fabulous way of helping to keep one’s body whole and healthy and to be able to enjoy nature in the cold months in Saskatchewan. As you’ll read in Kyla’s article, she has a number of unique outdoor adventures that she is offering throughout the province in the new year that may be of interest to you.

An indoor activity you can do in the winter is to start getting ready for spring and thinking about plants and gardening. With that in mind, I was happy to hear from Rina Veltkamp who created Moss Mama out of a love and desire to help connect people with rare edible plants. In her article, The Importance of Saving Edible Plants (p. 12), she says, “In the years I have spent studying nutrition, the only conclusion I have come to understand is that diversity in our diet is the best thing for our health.” She adds, “We are losing our knowledge about many of the edible plants at an alarming rate. This is something I am passionate about. I can preserve as much of this knowledge as possible by sharing rare seeds and ways to utilize these plants. I want to create a network of people who are growing these plants and can share this knowledge with other people who are passionate about plants.” There you have it: Rina is putting out a call. She also offers workshops and classes as well as an edible seed subscription. Rina’s main goal with Moss Mama is to help people connect back to slow foods by growing them or working with them within the kitchen.

The most important thing for each of us in this life is to look after ourselves in body, mind, and spirit. That’s why the material that appears in WHOLifE is there to help you to be able to do this.

Who wouldn’t want to go on a spring retreat in the Cypress Hills? If that appeals to your sense of good health, then you’ll want to read Jeanne Hoag’s article, How Do You Show Up for Yourself? (p. 14), where she describes the beauty, magic, and joys of sharing in the company of like-minded people and being led by experienced and dedicated guides for three days in the gorgeous Cypress Hills in Saskatchewan.

How about looking after our body and soul with Lotions and Potions for Body and Soul with Angel Kisses (p. 10) by Sue Letwin. Sue believes, “Pampering ourselves with texture, taste, and scent can transport us to higher realm experiences.” She has trained in herbalism with Rosemary Gladstar and has created her own herbal mixtures and formulas by doing a lot of experimenting and researching with plants. Sue says her whole body loves these plants, and it brings her joy to work with and use them.

There is much more to enjoy in this issue, so be sure to read from cover to cover. Wishing everyone a new year filled with happy surprises and new adventures that make your heart sing.

Until next time, keep well and happy!

(The spirit in me honours the spirit in you)

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