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Volume 28 Issue 5
January/February 2023

Sauna in Saskatchewan

The Importance of Saving Edible Plants

Lotions and Potions for Body and Soul with Angel Kisses

Saskatoon Intuitive’s New Book Sacred Geometry for the Soul
Could this be the new modality to change the world?

How Do You Show Up for Yourself?

What’s in Your “TOOLBOX” and How Do You Use Those Tools in Your LIFE?

People’s Health Alliance (PHA)


Saskatoon Intuitive’s New Book Sacred Geometry for the Soul
Could this be the new modality to change the world?

by Ann Chatfield
Kira Judge

I, Ann Chatfield, am an intuitive who has spent my life doing energy work on myself and others while searching for modalities that are simple and easy to use. I am a Reiki Master, an Access Bars practitioner, a Yuen Method practitioner, and an Advanced Akashic Record practitioner. While learning and working in these modalities, I continually searched for something easy to use, as most people cannot or do not dedicate hours a week to working at improving their own energy. In the last few years I have channelled and developed the Power Portal Mandalas as a quick way for others to easily do energy upgrades on themselves in their own time and space.

Sacred Geometry For The Soul, Volume I, is my new book that shows you how to use sacred geometry mandalas to help gain support and reach your highest potential in every moment.

I wrote this book because I believe that this life is sacred. I think we all come here with a unique message or talent to bring to the world, and I believe that sharing and channelling the Power Portal mandalas is my unique message.

The mandalas I channel are my way to help people in these ever-changing times to be the best they can be every single day. These mandalas help get rid of stagnating energy and bring us closer to alignment with our true selves just by looking at them.

I have a different take on healing and on being in alignment with life. I want to tell people that life doesn’t have to be hard, that healing does not have to be hard, that we don’t need healing crises or drama. Healing can be subtle, and it can happen instantly. I believe that from my past experiences working with clients and with the mandalas. They are incredibly powerful, easy to use, simple and fast, and bring us into alignment each time we work with them. You can use the same mandala over and over, as each day brings new experiences and therefore there are always new energies to work with. It is important for people to know they have support, and they are never alone. It is time to make change and healing easy.

I started making my first mandalas about six years ago, thinking I was only making one. To find out that it was an ongoing journey, and that I would create over 150 of them, whenever they call to be made. I totally lose my physical self during channelling and connect deeply to my soul in the Akashic records. It is my contribution to changing our world. It is what I was born to do.

Using the Power Portal Mandalas requires no rules, no rituals, no need to “do it right.” They work quickly and have helped many just by their presence within a couple of minutes. They are pain free and simple to use. If you are overwhelmed and confused by all the self-help books out there, you are going to love the simplicity and timeless use of sacred geometry in this book.

Every colour, every brushstroke, and every part of the design brings forth a specific message of support. These mandalas align the energy around us quickly and easily. Not only do they align and balance energy, but they also enhance manifestation, increase flow of abundance, improve self-confidence, improve health, and more.

I work with a team of guides from the Akashic Realm and rely on them to provide instructions and details as I paint. Details are very specific and I trust that the process will be perfect for the meaning that comes forth for each mandala.

After each painting is made, it is blessed and placed near nature to connect with our world, then it is connected to the energy of all the other mandalas that I have made or reproduced. This means that books or any other items purchased from me will be cleared and given blessings on a continual basis.

Our world is in chaos on so many levels that making Volume I, with 63 full-page, full-colour mandalas, was the fastest way to reach a large number of people. When we lose touch with our soul, we forget what we are here for and how much support we really have.

Energy is multidimensional, so anyone who sees or encounters the mandalas benefits. They don’t have to know about it, they don’t have to understand it, they don’t need to have specific beliefs. They just need to breathe with it…and most of us do this on our own. The colours and designs keep the left brain busy, while allowing the right brain to relax and the mind to still. It is like an instant meditation.

I have seen the benefits—people using them under plants, on water jugs, under the mattress, on the bottom of dining room chairs, under the dog dish, on their cell phones, as crystal grids, in the fridge.
I am always interested to hear how others use them…it is fun. That is why I created a store on my website that has around 6,000 products that can be ordered. I did this at the request of my clients, because then this supportive energy can be spread around homes and offices easily.

As a reader of these books, you can browse through a volume systematically from cover to cover, intuitively open to a page and focus on the mandala chosen, or deliberately pick a favourite that helps you move back to your highest potential quickly.

To purchase the book, see the mandala products, or to book an appointment with Ann Chatfield, go to Power Portal Solutions website www.powerportalsolutions.com.


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