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Volume 28 Issue 5
January/February 2023

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The Importance of Saving Edible Plants

Lotions and Potions for Body and Soul with Angel Kisses

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Could this be the new modality to change the world?

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People’s Health Alliance (PHA)


Lotions and Potions for Body and Soul with Angel Kisses
by Sue Letwin
Nadine LeBean

“I feel that embracing our body by tenderly applying oils, butters, and balms may bring us to a relaxed state of being.”

I love creating lotions and potions. I’ve been doing this since I was a toddler on Long Island making mud pies out of sand, mud, sea water, grasses, and plants. Every moment in my life has been leading me toward enjoying and sharing this joyful experience with others. When I’m measuring, mixing, and emulsifying ingredients I feel like time doesn’t exist. There is intention from the moment a formula begins its creation and speaks to me. Creative time often happens in the middle of the night, or upon waking in the morning. I envision the different plant oils I’ve bottled after nurturing those plants in my garden, or wildcrafting them in my favourite nature spots. I can smell the combinations of essential oils before they are mixed in a lotion. It’s exciting when a formula begins to make itself known. My mind is blank when this happens and the plants, oils, butters, and essential oils present themselves to me.

It’s taken two years of inner work to feel this peaceful flow of creative energy arising. I’ve always had a unique perspective of how I want my Earth life to be. I like spending time dreaming, creating, and using my hands to alchemize nature’s elements. Picking dandelion bouquets for my mom, playing with twigs and branches to make magical worlds under the spruce trees in the deep snow, or building sandcastles at the ocean’s edge are moments that stir my spirit to joyful heights. Sitting in school at a desk or working at a job with set hours spurred me on a course to find a different way of living. When I decided to close my previous business, I felt lost and tried to get my footing by becoming busy with the same types of activities out of habit. My soul wanted something more. I quit them all and a spiritual teacher appeared when I was sharing photos of the sun on social media. The sun and sky suddenly looked different to me. I saw rainbow light, sun halos, and interesting clouds every day. This herbalist teacher helped me with quantum soul alignment and reawakened a part of me that led to taking an herbalism course from Rosemary Gladstar called The Science and Art of Herbology. Then other teachers and mentors led me to take a Formula Botanica advanced skincare course. Staying in the creative realms with a higher perspective of life has led to incredible abundance appearing. I have no fancy labels, no logo, no written business plan, and no website yet. I am working with a local artist in designing artwork for my future labels. I began selling my products in Saskatoon at Nocturnus Art and Metaphysical (nocturnus.ca, 304 Isabella St. W.) and The Little Market Box (thelittlemarketbox.com, 332–20th St. W.) by sharing samples of my skincare homework with business people with whom I truly align.

Sensual skincare and herbal preparations fascinate me. Pampering ourselves with texture, taste, and scent can transport us to higher realm experiences. I feel that embracing our body by tenderly applying oils, butters, and balms may bring us to a relaxed state of being. Tasting an elixir can bring us enjoyment and bring our consciousness into the present moment. I like to play with nourishing herbs and plants that have traditionally been used to uplift our spirit and our human self. Humans associate aphrodisiac qualities with plants that nourish, help our body adapt, and tone our endocrine system. Our energetic connections and relationships to certain plants can benefit our body. I began to call plants into my yard telepathically and they would arrive a few days later. My whole body loves these plants, and it brings me joy to work with and use them. My herbalism teachers say plants show up where they are needed. Look in your yard to see which herbs (what we usually call “weeds”) are in your reality. Try calling them in, too!

I’ve gained insight about living sensually from herbalist Kimberly Gallagher’s book Aphrodisiac; she gathers a diverse group of individuals and couples over the course of a year to experience the effects of herbs to heal, and to discuss what works for them to embrace their bodies, sensuality, and sexuality. Pleasure and sensual experiences can be as simple as a child’s playtime, the enjoyment of a beautiful sunset, or a leisurely bath with scented oils, candles, and lotion. I set aside moments each day to notice and engage in these wonderful experiences.

My ongoing creation of formulas is dependent on plant availability and inspirational moments. I use very safe herbs in skincare and elixirs so that people can enjoy their experience. I’m still developing my line of elixirs; contact me for samples if you are interested in taste-testing formulations as a focus group participant. My sample-size products allow customers to experiment with various herbs and skincare formulas. Sometimes people find that a facial lotion works better on other parts of their body, or an elixir makes a great massage liniment. I want people to feel empowered by choosing their own skincare and herbals and deciding when they have vibrational alignment with plants.

Come join my journey on Instagram @angelkissesbf where I have surveys on Linktr.ee for feedback about my skincare and announcements about special promotions like my pamper package in February 2023. Also see the display ad on page 10 of the 28.5 January/February issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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