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Volume 28 Issue 4
November/December 2022

How About a Heart Song?

MUSIC MEDICINE for the Mind, Body, and Soul

A Universal Road Map to Healing

Queen St Health Collective – Serving Whole Person Health

Raising our Vibration with the Crystals and Stones

Becoming Me
A Personal Healing Journey

The Tortoise and the Hare, Which One are You?


Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 28 Issue 4 — November/December 2022
by Melva Armstrong

As I write this editorial, Mother Nature has given us our first taste of winter, with rain and snow and freezing temperatures lasting several days. The forecast says it will clear up and get warmer, and we can always hope that’s the case. We have enjoyed wonderful autumn weather, for which we are truly grateful, so much better than other years. What will be, will be, and weather-wise we all have to go with it. I like to be thankful for our many blessings.

Speaking of blessings, I am always moved and touched by the excellent articles coming in, as well as the wide variety of advertising. I’m excited because I feel the natural health and wellness communities are growing and expanding, because so many more people are waking up and looking at alternatives to the established medical system for some or all of their healing and ongoing wellness. I feel this is a wonderful time to be alive on the Earth, and I hope you feel that too. I’m always discovering new and helpful concepts and ideas that keep me wanting to learn more about maintaining good health.

In this issue, we have lots of cool things for you to discover and enjoy on your healing journey. Something I feel everyone needs to have lots of in their lives is music. Whether it is listening or playing an instrument or singing or all of the above, music is one of the great healers. Music can soothe and save the soul on many levels. Brian Di Guiseppe, a local musician who has written, played, and sung a lot of music since his early twenties, has lovingly contributed an article, How about a Heart Song? (p.16), which tells the story about his life-long relationship with music that has led him to be a very devoted and deep-thinking singer-songwriter and poet. For him, “Singing and playing music can be a spiritual practice.” He adds, “Music and poetry certainly seem to have a special, meaningful, and foundational place in the ground of who we truly are and how we ever can be.”

According to David Schleich’s article, Music Medicine for the Mind, Body, and Soul (p.10), “a growing body of research suggests that music affects the brain in ways that may help promote health and manage disease symptoms.” He adds there are music-based interventions to confront a wide variety of health issues such as anxiety, depression, and pain. There’s lots to learn about the wellness benefits of music in David’s article, along with a huge list of books and references he has provided so you can do some research. He also says that musical interventions can improve emotional well-being, and provides all kinds of directions and guidance for how to use music to improve and keep yourself healthy. I’m a big music lover and I have personal experience knowing the emotional health benefits of playing a musical instrument, listening to music, and dancing to it. So, let’s all “dig” the music!

Pamela Silver in Saskatoon gives us a greater insight into the healing powers of crystals in her article, Beyond the Basics: Raising our Vibration with the Crystals and Stones (p. 22). According to Pamela, “Raising our vibration with crystals and stones is one way to experience our evolution and acquire a sense of balance or coherence with all the shifting and transformational energy of everything around us.” This makes me curious, and perhaps you too, and if you want to connect and learn more about crystals and stones, Pamela has listed a few suggested practices to get you started.

I always love it when people decide to write about themselves and their life journeys. That’s why I admire Elisa Nguyen for putting pen to paper and coming up with her article, Becoming Me: A Personal Healing Journey (p.26). While working with her, she mentioned that the process was a powerful and yet very emotional one; a deep healing experience. This shows the power of the written word and how it can be an excellent tool for creating a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. Time to get those journals out and start writing down your thoughts and ideas, your joys and your pain. Writing is a healing journey.

I encourage you to read this issue from cover to cover as there is much wisdom and love and light coming to you from all the creative contributors.

Wishing you all love and blessings for the winter solstice, December 21, and return of the light!

(The spirit in me honours the spirit in you)

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