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Volume 28 Issue 4
November/December 2022

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The Tortoise and the Hare, Which One are You?


The Tortoise and the Hare, Which One are You?
by Laurie Renton
Sylvia Henheffer and Laurie Renton

Whether moving fast or slow, living more fully is about the Experiences along the way in the Wonders of Life.

There is no one who is superior to another simply because of how fast they move. So often in stories, it is the slower animal that reaches the destination first.

There are some people who can move quickly through obstacles and issues in life, while others take longer to process their feelings and move into a new state of awareness. A slower pace can be frustrating and exasperating for those who are used to moving quickly. Just like the tortoise and the hare, we all reach the same destination eventually.

It seems like most people are in the minority when it comes to taking things slow nowadays, and the value of speed and productivity has increased dramatically in recent years. Consequently, people who move at a slower pace are often prodded and harassed to do more and go faster.

It can be frustrating and counterproductive to move faster than one can move, as the stress of pushing oneself can actually slow one down. Eventually, people will find their way in their own time and their own style when they are supported and respected in their journey.

When we’re not competing to get somewhere ahead of someone else, every person can benefit from respecting the pace chosen by others, regardless of how fast they run or walk. It is by staying focused on our own journey that we will ultimately come together.

One thing that truly holds you back is procrastination: a human habit and one that infiltrates nearly every aspect of our lives.

Our modern lives are so complicated, and much of what we want to do is put on hold. In the midst of worldly pressures, we tend to lose sight of what is really important.

To get back on track, however, we need only take a moment to consider where our thoughts will be as we take our last breath on this earth. There is a good chance that disagreements, bills, petty annoyances, and other frustrating elements in our lives will no longer seem as important at that moment.

We would no doubt be occupied with thoughts of loved ones and our positive impact on the world. Our last thoughts will almost always reflect what truly matters to us during our last breath.

In contemplating the end of our lives, we are reminded that we are masters of our own perception and our own existence.

As we imagine our final moments, there is nothing that prevents us from shifting our focus right now. Our lives can be made more meaningful by spending more time and energy on what matters to us. Having more time to spend with loved ones and doing what we enjoy is possible.

There will always be times when circumstances interfere with our resolution, but we do not need to view this as an indication that our priorities are not aligned with what truly matters to us.

It is sometimes only through reminding ourselves that life is finite that we can actually see the beauty of it. As Gandhi said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow.” These words are a powerful reminder that living life fully is not about pushing ourselves harder or carrying more burdens, but about experiencing all that life has to offer.

Laurie Renton owned her own financial services firm for 27 years. Her dream was to create a space where she could guide others through a process of getting unstuck in their lives. She acquired her leadership certification, her life coaching, as well as many other courses that led her to being a co-founder of the Visionary Hub with her partner Sylvia Henheffer. Sylvia realized that her values of freedom and flexibility were not being fulfilled in her corporate job and she ventured out into entrepreneurship and into partnership at The Visionary Hub, located in Yorkton, SK. You are invited to join them in-person or online for an experience of new possibilities…it is truly transformative. For more information visit thevisionaryhub.org, Facebook, or call (306) 783-7737. Also see the display ad on page 30 of the 28.4 November/December issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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