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Volume 28 Issue 4
November/December 2022

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Raising our Vibration with the Crystals and Stones

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Raising our Vibration with the Crystals and Stones

by Pamela Silver
Pamela Silver

Whether you are new to crystals and stones or already have developed a relationship with these earthly treasures, the stones are here to assist us on several levels, from improving energetic flow in the physical body, evolving the emotional body, and strengthening the auric body, to assisting us with soul learning.

Raising our vibration with crystals and stones is one way to experience our evolution and acquire a sense of balance or coherence with all the shifting and transformational energy of everything around us.

As we evolve, more and more of us are becoming aware of the information we are all sensing with our own natural senses, or clairvoyant abilities, as the metaphysical world describes them.

Clairvoyance, from French words clair meaning “clear” and voyance meaning “vision,” is the ability to gain information about an object, person, location, or physical event through extrasensory perception. 

As energetic beings, we must first tend to our own house or physical body, mind, and emotions. Everything is energy, so we can easily sense or feel something that does not belong to us. Also, EVERYTHING happens in the energetic field FIRST and if you are out of balance for too long, the energy becomes dense and we can begin to sense physical, mental, and emotional imbalances.

In essence, we are acoustical “BEings” and for the most part living in highly charged electrical environments. Beyond these environments, the planet and our light bodies are simply transforming, we [the planet and all beings] as a whole are ascending and becoming a lighter more conscious energy.

Creating a harmonious surrounding for ourselves is VITAL to our overall well-being. Crystals and stones are powerful energetic tools that interact with the human electromagnetic field. When a crystal is placed in our vicinity, it reduces our entropy. Reducing entropy in the human body and energetic field improves our health and increases our longevity, therefore assists us with coherence. Coherence is when our brain, our heart, and all our organs begin to entrain, or oscillate, to their own ideal frequency.

When we approach crystals as living beings, we move into a space of allowance for these energetic creations from the Earth to facilitate and contribute to us on our journey. After all, the crystals and stones are created from the Earth and the Earth sustains us, so it only makes sense that this is a frequency that would contribute to our energetic well-being.

Receiving energetic contributions from crystals and stones is as simple as gifting yourself the time and space to connect with them. In fact, the stones are here to teach us much more than we can ever imagine. If you are desiring to connect, learn, and receive from the stones, here are a few suggested practices:

  • Simply take time to be aware of what is happening when holding the stone.
  • Work with ONLY one stone at a time.
  • Work with one stone for 2–3 days and journal your findings. This is often how the stone facilitates you, and it may be quite different than what another may experience or what has already been written/recorded about the stone.
  • Add stones to your meditation or your daily routines.
  • Research metaphysical properties of stones.
  • Try crystal therapy with a professional practitioner.

Please note, crystals and stones are wonderful allies in our conscious evolution and exploration. However, I do not advocate using crystals or stones instead of traditional medical or psychological care, and they should never replace the advice of a professional health care provider.

Pamela Silver is an Internationally Certified Crystal Healer. She is the founder of Crystals by Out Of The Ordinary aka The OOTOshop in Saskatoon. The metaphysical shop carries crystals, gemstones, incense, oracle/tarot/inspirational cards, sacred geometric energy tools, candles, gifts, and décor. The beautiful crystal and stone products come from around the world including Brazil, Peru, Madagascar, Mexico, Morocco, India, and USA. Here you will discover larger décor pieces to small pocket size. Visit The OOTOshop at 1B–1005 Broadway Ave., Saskatoon, or view most of their amazing products online at www.ootoshop.company.site, call 306-260-5531, and @ootoshop on social media. Also see the display ad on page 23 of the 28.4 November/December issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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