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Volume 28 Issue 3
September/October 2022

The State of Local Food in Saskatchewan

The Liver and Its Role in Detoxification

Back to Your Roots

Forever Young in Mind, Body, and Spirit

How to Cope with Stress and Anxiety During Your Next Doctor’s Appointment!

Your Confidence Becomes You Through Self-Awareness and Mastery

Do You Have a Fear of Growing and Changing?


Current Issue

Volume 28 Issue 3— September/October 2022

The current issueThe State of Local Food in Saskatchewan
by Nadine LeBean and Kobie Spriggs

I am Nadine Lee (LeBean) and I (along with my team) have been running an innovative food hub in Moose Jaw, SK, for the last six years. The hub aggregates, sells, and distributes food grown locally here in Saskatchewan with pride, ingenuity, and a lot of love. We have a physical store in Moose Jaw and also do deliveries weekly around Saskatchewan. Prior to this, we ran a hub out of our home among friends and people that found us through mutual friends and referrals. Needless to say, it has grown into so much more.

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The Liver and Its Role in Detoxification
by Sussanna Czeranko, ND

When you ask about how someone is, you might surprise them by asking more pointedly, “How is your liver today?” In fact, our vitality and level of well-being are largely determined by the health of our liver. A sluggish or overworked liver can be attributed to these symptoms: fatigue, muscular weakness, waking up tired, inability to concentrate, irritability, moodiness, depression, P.M.S. and menstrual pain; sensitivity to odours (perfumes and tobacco smoke), headaches, digestive complaints (gas and bloating), food sensitivities, itchy skin, and rashes.

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Back to Your Roots
by Hélène Tremblay-Boyko

The garden harvest is upon us and what a difference a year makes! Last summer, due to drought, many vegetables germinated sporadically, or not at all. This year, although spring was cool, carrots germinated well in advance of weeds, potatoes bloomed early, beets bounced to full leaf, and onions grew beautifully! In this region’s gardens, root vegetables hold a special place, as they can withstand our typically early frosts. Around here, in East Central Saskatchewan, most gardeners need to keep a wary eye out for early September frosts in order to cover or harvest tender vegetables like tomatoes, squash, and beans. Generally, I don’t harvest potatoes, carrots, or beets until Thanksgiving, when all other vegetables have been safely tucked into cold storage or preserved. In addition to being frost tolerant, root vegetables are packed with nutrients.

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Forever Young in Mind, Body, and Spirit
by Virginia Dakiniewich

“Aging is just another word for living.”

Despite negative portrayals in the media and popular culture, aging can be a wonderful time of self-discovery, independence, and freedom. Healthy aging is the process of maintaining overall health for as long as possible. By maintaining physical, mental, and social health, growing older can be a positive life experience. Taking steps to stay healthy and connected with others as you grow older can mitigate problems and disabilities in later life. These steps can also save health care costs and reduce long-term care needs. Healthy aging is what Spotlight on Seniors is all about.

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How to Cope with Stress and Anxiety During Your Next Doctor’s Appointment!
by Denise Holmlund

How often do you think this happens? Have you ever gone to an appointment and reminded yourself that you need to focus and listen, so not to miss a thing? Then you get home and think, “I better write this down right away so I don’t forget.” And then it happens…a big blank! Nothing! You think harder and harder…NOTHING. Then you think to yourself, “I just have to break this cycle of not remembering what happened by attempting a task to change my thought pattern.”

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Your Confidence Becomes You Through Self-Awareness and Mastery
by Frances Meyer

It is a journey of self-discovery and self-mastery to attract what we really want to create in business, or in life. To be a conscious creator of our reality, we need awareness of the interconnectedness of who we are. In this process, there is the unlearning, relearning, and inner work involved to recognize what is yours or what is not, and to integrate this awareness into every experience you desire to cultivate in your life.

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Do You Have a Fear of Growing and Changing?
by Laurie Renton

How often do you endure discomfort in a situation right now because you have a fear that comes with growing and changing? Does this fear come from previous failures or ingrained beliefs about who you are, not feeling loveable enough, dragging around something someone did to you long ago, not being able to use your imagination in a creative way, childhood stories, or simply just not knowing? Overcoming a fear of change can be as difficult as overcoming a fear of failure.

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by Melva Armstrong

How quickly the summer days have gone! For me they felt warm and cozy, filled with lots of gorgeous light, and as the nights came, they gently wrapped me in their cool evening breezes—so refreshing after those stifling hot days. We were also treated to some incredible light shows as the thunder storms rolled through our area. We were fortunate not to have any major damage, just a few branches thrown about and a few dead trees brought down. Also, this has been a much better year for moisture—our hay land has bounced back after last year’s drought that left us and many folks scrambling to find some hay for our animals. Thanks to the abundance of our great Mother Earth, we have enough feed for the horses this coming winter.

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