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Volume 28 Issue 3
September/October 2022

The State of Local Food in Saskatchewan

The Liver and Its Role in Detoxification

Back to Your Roots

Forever Young in Mind, Body, and Spirit

How to Cope with Stress and Anxiety During Your Next Doctor’s Appointment!

Your Confidence Becomes You Through Self-Awareness and Mastery

Do You Have a Fear of Growing and Changing?


Your Confidence Becomes You Through Self-Awareness and Mastery
by Frances Meyer
Christine Wood

It is a journey of self-discovery and self-mastery to attract what we really want to create in business, or in life. To be a conscious creator of our reality, we need awareness of the interconnectedness of who we are. In this process, there is the unlearning, relearning, and inner work involved to recognize what is yours or what is not, and to integrate this awareness into every experience you desire to cultivate in your life.

There is also an energetic preparation in your body to safely hold what you desire, from the letting go of limiting beliefs, the energy work in your nervous system for a continued state of regulation, plus the deconditioning and healing involved on an emotional and subconscious level.

Through this process, we learn to remember, develop, and align the various levels of our being; the energetic, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual parts. We came into this world as a spiritual being, a divine soul entering a human body to have the ultimate growing experience. We have everything we need. We simply have to remember to use them. It all starts with ourselves, our voice, our energetic blueprint.

We come equipped with a blueprint on what we came here to create and learn. We come equipped with a unique Human Design system to work with the wisdom we came here with and how to efficiently use the unique energy we have and respond to the world around us, aligned to what is true and right for us, instead of what is right for everyone else.

I believe each of us are connected, but each of us are built differently to co-exist beautifully together. A beautiful creation connected and woven to function, support, and work together. A permission to create and be who we were born to be in the first place.

There are specific reasons why there is a desire in our hearts that persistently pings. Often they don’t make sense to others, because they are unique to ourselves. When we learn to unlock this blueprint and remember who we are, we begin to learn to get curious and see the contrast of what we want. We begin creating consciously, having a greater understanding of our environment and effectively choosing and responding to change with ease.

As a mentor, my role is to help empower and encourage you to follow your intuition, trusting yourself more, and following your unique energy to create what feels good to you. We go through the Inside Out Process™ to bring awareness and develop the confidence to make aligned decisions in your business and spiritual journey, where you flow with life instead of just pushing hard.

The awareness comes through first with mindfulness, tuning in with the body and allowing the wisdom to come forth. Slowing down with intent to pause and understand, so we can shift what is needed quickly. We do this through BreathWork and mindfulness sessions. We develop opportunities to acknowledge what comes up with healing through energy work and energetic mindset shifting tools.

When we allow the insights to come, we will strengthen awareness of ourselves and our needs that are associated with these feelings. We do this to quickly shift our focus and mindset to where we truly want to be, without processing longer than we need. This helps connect from a space of more knowing and get clearer actions steps towards goals.

As your self-awareness grows, so will self-trust. The more you continue to discover that growth, the more you allow more love, emotional resilience, and conviction to choose and change, in alignment to what is meant for you to come in with ease, including abundance.

We often hear how the reality outside of us is a reflection of the world inside of us. The level of understanding we have of ourselves, the level of capacity we have to hold love or success will also define the level of capacity for us to receive the same. Hence, the more we love ourselves, the greater the container to attract more of it will be.

When you are used to the world of tension, you will be required to go against the flow and be the calm amidst it all. The Inside Out Process will take you through discovery of your Human Design, shifting your mindset and applying your energy by creating the work you were meant to do. You will learn how to be compassionate with yourself. You will learn how to confidently engage and design your life at every level. You will learn how to create presence by living your best life.

The more you relax among the sea of tension, you become extraordinary and present in where you are in the moment, thus receiving more. The more relaxed you are in being yourself, the more influence and impact you can have on those around you. As you step out with more of yourself, the more you attract the next version of life you want.

Remember we have everything we need to fulfill our destiny here now. It simply waits for YOU. Let this be your permission to create, live, and get paid to be you. When you give yourself permission to be yourself, it gives everyone else permission to be themselves.

Learn the Inside Out Process, unlock your energy in Human Design, and enhance your self-awareness to step into your purpose. Are you ready for change?

Frances Meyer is a spiritual and business mentor, reiki practitioner, and breathwork facilitator. Along with her extensive experience in sales, leadership building, and online marketing, she combines Mindset, Human Design, and Energy Work to help soul-driven entrepreneurs build self-awareness and get alignment in their business and life. She empowers others to have a life and business of time and financial freedom without the stress and overwhelm. For 1:1 Mentorship Sessions, BreathWork, or Human Design Readings, email frances@franceslou.com for details.


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