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Volume 28 Issue 1
May/June 2022

Hearts for Harmony

Foundational Garden Planning

Dead Earthworms and the Elephant in the Room

Eating Seasonally

Cognomovement: The New Modality in Town

The Power of the Brain’s Ability to Change

The Light Within


Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 28 Issue 1 — May/June 2022
by Melva Armstrong

What a crazy, goofy, upside-down winter we have had this year. I’m sure many of you have felt the same. For some reason winter has wanted to keep its little toe inside our spring season, and we are still eagerly waiting for the warmer temperatures to arrive. We have huge mounds of snow on our land and the temperatures have been below freezing every night, so the white stuff isn’t leaving quickly. What can one do except live with it and find a way to enjoy what is. At least I know that eventually the days will get warmer and Mother Nature will become green and lush, and it will be a joy to bathe in the sunlight and walk gently, feeling the warmth and healing, nurturing energy of the earth with each new step.

It’s been an enjoyable time putting this “27th Anniversary” issue together with all the wonderful folks who have participated in it, and who have made it truly unique. With all the effects of the past two years having a heavy impact on everyone’s health—physically, mentally, and emotionally—I feel it is important to provide some thoughts, ideas, and information from members in our communities who have knowledge and skills to help soothe some of the pain and stress and to go even further to help rejuvenate our souls. We have amazing talent in our province who are there to help people though all kinds of circumstances. Some of these folks have blessed the pages of this issue to share their expertise and knowledge with you, and I trust you will enjoy and benefit from reading their contributions.

Two kind, loving, and caring women, Lori Petruskevich and Kelli Welk, have felt called to create a vision where people come together to cultivate hearts that will be nourished with the qualities of beauty and joy, peace and harmony, kindness and compassion. They have written an article about their new program called Hearts for Harmony (p. 16), in which they have developed a series of four gatherings that involve various activities such as setting intentions, meditation, drumming, rhythmic movements, nature walks, breath work, chanting, and much more. Following these gatherings, Lori and Kelli hope to continue to learn and grow together as a community of sisters and brothers of hearts for harmony and ultimately increase harmony and happiness for all living beings.

Because we are now at the start of the planting and growing season, we feel blessed to include Tom Webster’s Foundational Garden Planning (p. 22) article, that provides some important information about soil health, seed selection, organic compost, best locations to plant specific seeds, and, most of all as Tom says, the importance of letting Mother Nature inspire you. Tom has had many years as an avid gardener, herbalist, and crafter, and part of his loving nature is to encourage people to keep a regular section of their garden for planting and growing healing herbs that can be utilized for yourself, friends, or family. He goes on to share a lot more excellent ideas, and concludes by saying, “Whether it’s a vegetable patch to feed loved ones, a meditation sanctuary to offer solace, or a playground for birds and wildlife…always keep that purpose in the heart of what you are planning.” May you enjoy your gardening season with all its colour and fragrance, and its diversity and abundance, and in gratitude for all the gifts our Earth Mother provides.

Spring and summer are the best times to get outdoors and get some exercise and fresh air, to keep your body healthy and happy. Pam Fichtner has some good advice in her “Get Movin’ and Groovin’ This Spring (p. 24) article, in which she introduces you to two highly skilled health practitioners. One specializes in the use of Energywear to support people during exercise, and the other one specializes in low level laser therapy, a stand-alone treatment or to complement other therapies such as massage therapy or physiotherapy, etc. Both treatments are meant to help keep people moving and grooving, which is important in maintaining good health.

For further ideas to help you keep moving, check out Cari Moffett’s article, Cognomovement: The New Modality in Town (p. 12). Along with moving, this modality is also a way to help change the messages the brain is receiving and to create new patterns that are healthier and more useful for us.
There is so much more to discover and appreciate in these pages so be sure to read them all!

May you live each new day with the words of Bobby McFerrin’s song, Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

(The spirit in me honours the spirit in you)

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