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Volume 28 Issue 1
May/June 2022

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Eating Seasonally

Cognomovement: The New Modality in Town

The Power of the Brain’s Ability to Change

The Light Within


The Light Within
by Afua Tiah
Afua Tiah

Intuitively, we know there is a Light within us. We may call it the Spark of Life, our Spirit, or perhaps our Essence. Yet, simply having a vague awareness of this Light isn’t enough to experience a balanced and fulfilling life.

The Light within us often gets dimmed, obstructed, or forgotten about in daily life. Unless we are consciously making an intention to tune into our Light, it is easy to get lost, distracted, and get out of balance, which leads to dis-ease in our bodies and our life.

The good news is that there are many ways to cultivate a relationship with our Light. I have created an interview series, called The Light Within, which explores how to access the wisdom and intelligence within us to create well-being from the inside out. I interview guests who practice a variety of holistic modalities—all with the intention of accessing the Light within.

The human being is a miraculous creation. As physical as we seem, we are made out of vibrating layers of energy. One doesn’t have to be spiritually-minded to understand this. Our bodies are generating thermal energy. We feel it in our body temperature. Electrical signals send messages throughout the brain and nervous system. The heart’s magnetic field can be measured several feet away from the body.

Eastern traditions have carried an awareness of energy channels and points in the body that, when stimulated, affect physical and emotional states. Indigenous cultures throughout the world have various understandings about energy centres in the body. These centres of densely circulating energy have a relationship with our physical organs, psychological condition, and can even be portals to other dimensions.

Even water, which our body largely consists of, carries phenomenal attributes which we may not be aware of. You can see an amazing aspect of water through Dr. Masaru Emoto’s photography of water crystals after being exposed to various words, thoughts, and emotions.

These are just some magnificent attributes of being human that we largely forget on a daily basis. There is also the Light within that is called various names—our Divine Self, our Consciousness, or Soul—which brings life to the body. This greater part of ourselves permeates and extends beyond our physical existence. Our Light operates at a higher level of intelligence and wisdom beyond what our mind comprehends. When we open up to this Light, we bring in harmony, coherence, balance, joy, and love that heals the body and mind. In turn, this extends to positively influence all parts of life, including relationships, livelihood, prosperity, and even mundane tasks.

When we look at ourselves as conscious, energetic beings, it is easier to see how we actively influence our health and reality. This is in stark contrast to viewing ourselves as dense mechanical beings, who have little or no control over the quality of our health or life.

This is especially significant as more people are becoming disillusioned by conventional medicine. Many clients and friends have told me stories about themselves, or loved ones, experiencing mismanaged medical care that led to grave consequences. People are starting to realize that the medical system is indispensable for acute care and emergencies, but when it comes to chronic illness, it is about management rather than cure. Chronic symptoms are given temporary relief, rather than getting to the source of the imbalance.

For example, symptoms may be pointing to a change in diet, but they could be calling out for something bigger like asserting healthy boundaries, expressing hidden talents, or healing childhood trauma. It is possible to gain the benefit of both worlds—conventional medicine AND holistic modalities.

Furthermore, understanding how a modality works to access the Light within allows us to harness their maximum potential. If you receive an acupuncture treatment, you know the practitioner places needles into the skin. This alone can instigate healing. On the other hand, if you know that each needle is stimulating the body to unblock an energy meridian correlating to an organ and emotion, during the session you can use visualization and relaxation techniques to strengthen the effect. This goes for any modality.

During a DNA Activation treatment, I describe the process throughout to the client, so they can take part in their own healing. Clients are able to get a firsthand experience of their Divine Self (their Light) and practice intuitive skills. They also gain awareness of what may further be required for healing and growth.

There is no single or right way to let our lives be illuminated by our Light. An open mind, curiosity, and a willingness to exercise some processes is all that is required. We may intuitively, or spontaneously, get closer to our Light. Even so-called mistakes, no-nos, or extremes are a part of growth. We learn what life is like when we stand in our centre or not. We learn what we do or do not prefer. We understand the power of our intentions and realize that we are having an impact on reality, whether we are doing so consciously or not. It is all a learning experience and the Light within us continues to lead us towards greater harmony and well-being in every moment.

I invite you to connect with me on my YouTube channel and the Facebook group “The Light Within,” where you will find interviews, free activations, and more.

Afua Tiah helps people who are ready to create lasting change in their life through DNA Activation, Spiritual Mentorship, and Group Soul Membership programs. She offers treatments online and in-person just outside Melfort, SK. For more information and to receive the 5 Days of Intuition free mini-course, visit afuatiah.ca. Also see her Directory of Services ad on page 19 of the 28.1 May/June issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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