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Volume 28 Issue 1
May/June 2022

Hearts for Harmony

Foundational Garden Planning

Dead Earthworms and the Elephant in the Room

Eating Seasonally

Cognomovement: The New Modality in Town

The Power of the Brain’s Ability to Change

The Light Within


Cognomovement: The New Modality in Town
by Cari Moffett
Audrey Doepker

The “Cognomovement” is brand new to the world and comes at a time when it is much needed. Through a series of “movements,” Bill McKenna and Liz Larson have figured out a way to help change the messages that the brain is receiving and to create new patterns that are healthier and more useful for us.

This all sounds simple, yet complicated; easy, yet hard. Then there’s the fun part of playing with a ball. Yes, a ball. Imagine throwing a colourful soccer ball at a client and playing catch for five minutes at a time. As the colourful ball is thrown, the client says the first colour s/he sees. The ball is thrown in different directions and caught with two hands. Meanwhile, as we have fun playing catch, the brain is being activated in a massive way. At the same time, the client is thinking and feeling his or her issue while being prompted with trigger words from the “cognomovement practitioner.”

Now why would you want your brain to be activated, or to change, or to take part in this game of catch in the first place? Well, sometimes we get stuck. Sometimes we have a glitch, like a computer, that continues to respond to our commands (life) in the same way; yet that way no longer serves us. We know we need and desire a new way, but can’t get there. 

Time for a few stories to demystify this wondrous therapeutic approach.

Overcoming my predilection for whiskey seemed a solid trial run at Cognomovement. I had started drinking whiskey daily for all kinds of reasons, and it evolved into a habit during our lockdown in the pandemic. I would read my book and have a whiskey to lubricate those pages. If the book was good, I just might have another.

I played catch with myself, incorporated the suggested eye movements, finished with what are called “clean ups,” and tested this system by pouring another drink. Hmmm, weird, the pull to drink and the need for having this in my life diminished. I could still enjoy a whiskey, but it wasn’t calling my name like it used to. Being a reasonable skeptic, I said to myself, “Ok, maybe I am just making this up.” I had barely spent enough therapy on myself to verify. You know the drill: trust but verify, right? So, I asked myself, “Who else can I try this on to see if this is working?” 

Even when I doubted the technique to be working, it stunned me and the client. Take Tammy, for example, a long-term client who came to see me for help with claustrophobia. Now, to be clear and before I go any further, Cognomovement does not cure people of any disease or condition. What it does is to change brain patterns so the body can respond differently.

Tammy was going in for an MRI for her knee and knew how her body usually reacted to closed in spaces. In fact, she confided that she usually had to “drug up” to get through such experiences. I led Tammy through the series of movements. She was a great subject to practice on, even if I was never quite sure in the beginning if I was getting it right. Even so, we were getting somewhere right from the get-go. She reported that the intensity of re-enacting the feeling was decreasing. When our time was up and she had to go, I felt that we weren’t finished and I worried that I had failed my client. I wished her the best as she headed off to that MRI. Privately, I worried that I might not have been successful in giving her the tool she needed to get into that alarming MRI cave.

A few days later, though, she messaged me to report that not only was the dreaded MRI done, she hadn’t needed drugs. She said that she used her breathing and calmed down. She even mentioned that they forgot her earplugs, but she still did fine. What?! What?! What I feared might have been a flopped session ahead of her MRI appointment had turned out to be anything but. How did that even work? She was thrilled; I was flabbergasted! Oh, what more can I learn from you, dear Cognomovement? 

Let me tell you about Heather. Heather had her house listed for four years with no bites. She was very intuitive and felt that possibly her own energy was repelling people. As it turns out, Heather had a problem with her neighbour. She hated him. On a scale of 0–10 (10 being high), she was a 16. That’s a lot of hatred. He had caused her so much stress over the years and she was done! She also felt that her anger towards him was the energy repelling people from even wanting to see her house.

Heather and I worked solidly for nearly two hours. We came to a place where she started to feel compassion for this neighbour. The shift from hatred to compassion is a huge jump energetically. We ended the session, and then the magic started.

In the next seven days, I believe Heather texted me daily. Each time the text would start with, “You won’t believe what just happened!” The first baby step was that her partner took over the next battle with the neighbour. Good so far. Then she met the neighbour’s wife, who apologized up and down for an issue they were having. All rightee then. Then she suddenly had two showings scheduled. It didn’t stop there. She had an offer. The house sold a mere ten days after our session. This little technique blew both of our minds as to how powerful and life changing switching up the energy in our brain can be.

There are many more stories I could tell you about this technique and how it is helping people with body pain, working through some tough emotions such as anger, anxiety, fear of abandonment, and more. It’s also showing people why they crave what they are reaching for. What would you change first in your life if you could? What if changing the brain patterns were all that was holding you back from what you truly desire in life? If you are ready for something completely different, check out the new modality in town: Cognomovement. 

For more information about Cognomovement visit: www.cognomovement.com.
For scientific studies which validate and elucidate what has been done with Cognomovement visit: www.cognomovement.com/research
Cari Moffett is a Cognomovement Practitioner, Intuitive Life Coach, Reiki Master, Certified Medical Intuitive. She is also an author who has 24+ years of experience in the areas of stress reduction and joyful living as a massage therapist. She is the owner and founder of the award-winning business Wholelife Wellness, and has become a mentor and inspiration for other women in business. Cari loves showing others how to de-stress, relax, and change up their energy after loss or trauma. She currently lives in Meadow Lake, SK, Canada. For more information about Cari and her work, or to purchase her latest book, It’s All About Energy, please visit www.carimoffet.com. Also see the display ad on page 13 of the 28.1 May/June issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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