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Volume 17 Issue 4
November/Dec 2011

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Connecting With Our True Selves

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Subconscious Mind Correction

Trust Your Intuition!


Trust Your Intuition!
by Philip Ponchet
Phillip Ponchet

Have your spidey senses ever tingled when you were least expecting it? When you followed your intuition did everything work out or did you dismiss your gut feelings and then later on regret it? Some people treat their intuition as a curiosity at best, but for others who have followed their intuition, the experience can have a life-altering effect that resonates to the core of who they are.

Following our intuition is good for us. Our inner potential is like a deep well of water and our intuition is like the pump that brings our inner potential to the surface.

We need to explore our unique inner capacities and learn to trust the messages of our intuition. No one else can provide us with the answers we seek. By staying relaxed, open, and listening to our inner voice we maximize our abilities to clearly see our special path in life. Our intuition can help us strengthen self-trust, nurture patience, and build a strong sense of personal harmony.

When we have difficult and challenging experiences in our lives we can find positive and constructive solutions by listening to our intuition. Inspiration will come to us and illuminate our path if we stay relaxed and open and willing to receive the inner guidance and universal wisdom that our intuition provides for us.

There are four main avenues of communication through which our intuition speaks to us: clairaudience or “the still small voice”; clairvoyance or seeing a clear picture of the subject; premonition or knowing something before it occurs; and gut feelings or having an emotional impression. We have all four types of perception but one of the four is always dominant and we will respond to life depending on which perception is the strongest. We could say that the clairaudient type of person thinks in ideas or words, the clairvoyant type thinks in pictures, the person with premonition thinks with an inner knowing, and the feeling type thinks from the gut.

Some keys to remember when following your intuition are:

  • Stay relaxed and invest your time in doing things that help you be consistently relaxed. The more relaxed you are the stronger and clearer your intuition will be.
  • Listen to yourself rather than the opinions of others. The answers that we seek are within us. Intuition and self-trust go hand in hand.
  • Remember that our intuition does not come from our mind so analyzing the situation will not help us access our intuition. Try deep breathing and meditation to allow your intuition to surface.
  • Trusting your intuition can open the door to receiving inspiration and guidance from a source of universal wisdom. This connection with a source outside ourselves can let us know that we are not alone in life.
  • Go with your first impressions, they are usually more accurate than analyzing the situation.

Every day we receive many impressions through our intuition. Whether we choose to acknowledge and act on them or simply ignore them is up to each individual to decide. If we decide to trust our intuition, we can experience a greater sense of self, a deeper trust in life, and more satisfaction from our daily activities. It could be the best investment you will ever make in yourself.

Philip Ponchet is an international speaker and facilitator on developing our inner potential. He is a certified spiritual consultant, instructor, and a member of the board of directors with the Inner Peace Movement of Canada (IPM). The IPM program is a non-profit educational organization that offers practical tools and techniques to help people learn to trust their intuition in real-life situations. Mr. Ponchet is currently on a lecture tour across Canada and will be speaking in Regina on Tuesday, Nov. 1st at the Ramada Hotel at 1:00 pm and 7:30 pm, and again in Saskatoon on Tuesday, Nov. 8th at the Ramada Hotel at 1:00 pm and 7:30 pm. His lectures are open to the public and all are welcome. There is an admittance fee of $16 for his 90-minute presentation. For more information visit www.innerpeacemovement.ca or call toll free 1-877-969-0095.


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