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Volume 17 Issue 4
November/Dec 2011

Prayer That Works
Connecting With Our True Selves

Sugar: A Burst of Sweetness

On Becoming A Vegetarian

Caring for Our Precious Eyes in the Midst of Daily Life

Foods That Fight Chronic Inflammation © 2011

The Oneness Movement
Realizing the Divine Within

Subconscious Mind Correction

Trust Your Intuition!


Subconscious Mind Correction
by Fay Thompson

Do you consciously know what it is you have to change, but just can’t seem to bring yourself to change it? Do you know what you need to do to obtain what you desire, but just can’t seem to get yourself to do it? While the conscious mind is often aware of the issues and changes that need to be made, it is the subconscious mind that runs the show. The programming of the subconscious mind keeps us stuck in our limiting patterns of behaviour.

The reasons we do the things we do are often surprising. Through Subconscious Mind Correction, I have come to realize there can be any number of things that cause self-sabotaging behaviours. Beliefs that you are not enough, that you haven’t earned what you want, that you don’t deserve what you desire, that other people are causing your problem (therefore leaving you helpless and victimized), or that you deserve to suffer are common subconscious programs. Many subconscious programs are picked up in early childhood and while they may have protected you as a child, they no longer serve you as an adult. They need correcting. Others have been passed down from generation to generation, through the family lineage, masquerading as unchangeable genetic traits. Not so. When you break the belief (subconscious mind program) that has created the issue, change becomes possible.

Subconscious Mind Correction is a modality that enables the facilitator to talk directly to the subconscious mind to find out what is the real issue behind your inability to make what you want a reality. Then, with the help of the Divine, the subconscious is given new information to reprogram those parts of the mind to something that serves for the highest good of the person and all involved. Understanding of the truth of the matter is given at a cellular level so that the subconscious mind can choose a more desirable and loving course. All new programming is brought in from the Infinite Source of Love and Light. You are a conscious participant in the entire matter and you will be aware of exactly what is occurring as it occurs.

Subconscious Mind Correction was formed from my daily work on my own issues. For several years I have tried many different methods and modalities—all with their own unique benefits. By combining bits and pieces from each one, I found I was finally able to get past my blocks and make real progress on my spiritual journey. When a friend asked me for help, I realized I could do this for other people—that I was able to access anyone’s subconscious mind, not only my own. I was already practicing as a Spiritual Health Coach, called to assist people on their spiritual path. Now, in my practice, I use Subconscious Mind Correction because it consistently works so much more effectively with quicker, better results than other methods I have tried.

Sometimes people ask why the mind doesn’t naturally choose a better course of action for itself. Why is the intervention necessary? The reason is the mind always wants to know. It gravitates to what it already has experienced and fears and runs away from what it hasn’t. The mind is not interested in how you feel. It is interested in knowing and being certain of the result. This is why doing something new is scary to the mind. It does not know what to expect. The mind will always choose a known negative behaviour over an unknown positive one. Part of the Subconscious Mind Correction process is to provide downloads of information from the Infinite Source of Love and Light to the mind so that the mind now is aware of a better, alternative experience.

Once the reprogramming is complete, clients will immediately feel, see, and think differently about their issue. The blocks that have been in their way are removed so that they can take the steps forward in the direction that best serves them. After a session, most clients report that they feel lighter, clearer, and a have more defined sense of what direction they must take. They are often surprised that the changes made in a session can be made that fast and that easily. There is no longer a need for years of therapy.

I have witnessed many miracles as a Subconscious Mind Correction facilitator. I have seen indecisive people become immediately decisive and action oriented. I have witnessed people who have been sexually abused release the trauma, suffering, and resentment they have held within and choose the safety of openly loving again. I have seen relationships mend very quickly. All it takes is a new perspective, and some divine intervention. Subconscious Mind Correction provides that opportunity. The client only needs to bring a willingness to receive new information; a willingness to change their mind from what is to what is possible. The rest takes care of itself.

What I would most like to relay to people is that nothing is set in stone. Anything that is not functioning in your life can be changed. Sometimes things feel like they are set in stone, because despite all your efforts you haven’t seen any change. Change is possible. Even if your issue runs far back into your family tree, you can be the one who changes it. All that is needed is a willingness to open the possibility. Once you have that, Subconscious Mind Correction can help fast-track you on your way.

Fay Thompson is a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach specializing in Subconscious Mind Correction. She also is an Angelic Awakening Practitioner and Soul Essence Coach. She teaches workshops on practicing shamanism, spirituality, and angels. Her home office is located in the Saskatoon area. To book an appointment, host a workshop, or learn more about Fay, visit www.wellonecoaching.com, email faythompson@gmail.com, or call 306-229-4393.


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