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Volume 17 Issue 4
November/Dec 2011

Prayer That Works
Connecting With Our True Selves

Sugar: A Burst of Sweetness

On Becoming A Vegetarian

Caring for Our Precious Eyes in the Midst of Daily Life

Foods That Fight Chronic Inflammation © 2011

The Oneness Movement
Realizing the Divine Within

Subconscious Mind Correction

Trust Your Intuition!


The Oneness Movement
Realizing the Divine Within

by Michael Stodola
Michael Stodola

For years I have suffered from a “Divine Discontent,” a yearning to live in joy and a desire to feel complete. I have observed this same need in those I encounter as we all attend the many presentations that promise a better life—an answer, if you will. These courses and practices are a part of our journey to the realization that we are really helpless. Go ahead and look at your life. Are you content and living in a state of Divine Bliss? If so, you may be in an awakened state. If not, then what is missing?

The Oneness Movement as outlined in the book, Awakening Into Oneness by Arjuna Ardagh, is a phenomenon which is spreading around the world at lightning speed. This movement first emphasizes that you are unique and the world would be incomplete without you. It asks you to embrace the Divine according to your understanding and within your belief system. It says, “Accepting yourself as who you are is the first and the last step. Today’s society is in chaos because everybody is trying to be something other than what they are.”

The emphasis then is on moving from seeing the world as a collection of separate parts to seeing it as the unified field of The One Divine Consciousness, or “The All That Is,” indivisible and perfect already.

The movement then assists us in the process of awakening into Oneness by helping us to set right our relationships, make the Divine our friend, and realize that Divine Grace will provide the solution.

Unless the Divine is included in the equation, we are simply using psychology and that simply serves to move the existing furniture from room to room. Moving to a higher state of consciousness will only occur as we develop a relationship with our personal Divine.

The tool which accelerates this process is called Deeksha or Oneness Blessing, and consists of placing hands on the head to transfer a Divine intelligent energy to the recipient to start a shift in their brain-wave patterns so they begin to see the world with new eyes. The process takes 1 to 3 minutes and most people find they want to receive it again and again. There is no charge, however the facilitator will usually accept donations. It could be likened to a Reiki treatment with a very specific goal. The Divine, as we understand it, will provide the appropriate energy to each of us according to our unique needs. This transfer of energy is facilitated by a Blessing Giver who has taken the requisite training to become a conduit or channel for this energy. These Blessing Givers come from all walks of life and a variety of religious traditions.

Again we want to emphasis that this is a spiritual movement and helps the recipient to become a better whomever they are within their present belief system. Those who have received the Blessing report life-changing processes and a new zest for life. Saskatchewan presently has over 100 Blessing Givers who are spread around the province and more are being trained. Around the world communities are holding Oneness events to assist people to “Awaken Into Oneness,” and to become Blessing Givers. The training is now available in the province from trainers Michael Stodola in Saskatoon and Sharon Thom in Regina.

The Oneness Phenomenon has spread throughout the world and there are literally over a million Blessing Givers. Canada and the US have over 500 trainers. Also, a simple explanation of the process is available in the second article at www.ablecrystals.com. The Oneness movement has two sites that provide a vast pool of information and are designed so you can easily find a Blessing Giver or trainer near you. They are: www.onenessuniversity.org, www.worldonenesscommunity.com.

Michael Stodola, who lives near Saskatoon, has taken the Oneness Blessing training in India and is now not only qualified to give Oneness Blessings, but also is certified to train people to give the Oneness Blessing. For more information call (306) 955-4332 or 1-866-955-4332, and/or email: devas@ablecrystals.com or visit www.ablecrystals.com. To reach Oneness Blessing trainer Sharon Thom in Regina call (306) 775-0274 and/or email: sharenergy@sasktel.net.


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