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Volume 14 Issue 2
July/August 2008

A Passion for Prayer Flags Carrying Healing Wishes Around the Earth

Smoothies for Summer

Healthy Garlic

Reclaiming Your Primal Fire

ThetaHealing™ for Attracting the Life You Desire

Sacred Callouses: Connecting to our Impact on the Earth

Awakening at Lightning Speed



Volume 14 Issue 2 — July/August 2008

The current issuePassion for Prayer Flags Carrying Healing Wishes Around the Earth
by France Robinson

My life took a beautiful and life-changing turn in 1996 when I went trekking in the high Himalayas of Nepal and fell in love with prayer flags. Throughout the mountainous countryside Tibetan prayer flags were everywhere, strung across suspension bridges, on mountain passes, on rooftops of monasteries and homes, and in gardens. I was captivated by them; the flags’ designs, the intentions, and the fluttering of the gentle blessings on the wind made my heart sing. Sometimes, rounding a corner on the trail, I came upon hundreds of prayer flags and was moved to tears; gratefully my heart was melting. Toward the end of the 3-week trek, I had a vision to create prayer flags in English for Westerners.

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Smoothies for Summer
by Paulette Millis

Smoothies – the ultimate fast food! Whether you have them for breakfast, a main meal, or a snack, the nutritious smoothie satisfies the palate, boosts energy, enhances thinking, contributes to weight loss, and puts you on track to eliminate disease! Nutritious smoothies stop cravings by giving the body the nutrients it needs, which in turn helps control food intake. Consuming smoothies daily, and eliminating white flour products, sugar, pop, and other refined carbohydrates puts you on the road to health. Smoothies are, for the most part, live foods. They are made from fresh or frozen produce, superfoods such as hemp oil, coconut, and raw nuts, and nothing refined or processed. They can be dairy free, are meat free, and are free of sugar and artificial sweeteners. Healthy smoothies are just whole foods from nature, with  good essential fats and quality proteins.

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Healthy Garlic
Copyright © 2008

by Joe Smulevitz, CH, MH

Garlic is one of the best examples of an age-old medicinal plant that is still one of the most effective herbs for the major diseases of our time. The hardy, pungent-flavoured bulb is made up of several “cloves” that are used as a valuable food, seasoning, and medicinal product. Garlic originated in Central Asia but is now cultivated worldwide, although it does not flourish in very cold climates. The plant belongs to the Allium family, which also includes onions, leeks, shallots, and chives. Of these, garlic contains the most powerful sulphur-containing compounds that are largely responsible for its health-protective benefits.

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Reclaiming Your Primal Fire
by Patrick Harbula and Carol Marriott

Imagine sitting around an open fire beneath a blanket of stars on a Saturday night, seeing the Northern Lights slowly pass overhead as stories of truth are shared, with no one else around except the select group of spiritual warriors who have come to reclaim their sacred power. Imagine waking up to the sunrise Sunday morning and spending that day forging through initiations designed to burn away social conditioning and perceived limitations. Imagine working with horse guides who look into your soul and honestly, but gently show you what can be released that keeps you from living as your truest, most primal self. Imagine Sunday night crawling into the sacred sweat lodge led by a First Nations Elder to travel to the deepest regions of soul, rediscover that purity of spirit, and purge all that stands in the way of the essential self. Imagine creating a bond with those you have travelled with on this journey that will never die and walking away from the sacred initiation on Monday reborn, filled with vitality, and grounded in the experience of your deepest, truest, primal self.

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ThetaHealing™ for Attracting the Life You Desire
by Loretta Mohl

We all are powerful at manifesting! You may have heard that you create your reality. Have you ever wondered why your reality is not what you would create? The movie The Secret describes how we can use the Law of Attraction to heal and manifest the life of our dreams. The secret behind The Secret is that we manifest primarily with our subconscious mind, the place where we store all our beliefs. If you want to change your life and see results, you need to work at both the conscious and subconscious levels.

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Sacred Callouses
Connecting to Our Impact on the Earth

by Donald Sutherland

The word callous has the following two meanings: callous skin – hardened and thickened (usually from physical work) and feeling no emotion (not hard skin, but hard in the heart). The longer I live, the more convinced I become that those who develop skin callouses through walking and physical work become softer in feeling, and more likely to connect what they do with its impact on the earth. I vividly recall an invitation my wife, children, and I received to join a family in Northern Scotland for “High Tea” over twenty-five years ago. High Tea was quite special. Our hosts “laid it on big” at 4:00 pm. The silver teapot gleaming, salmon served, oatmeal cookies, marmalade jam, and a dram of scotch to top it off.

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Awakening at Lightning Speed
by Solomon Faber

I have had the joy of being a spiritual teacher and guide for a number of years and have witnessed many paths and attitudes. There are numerous choices we make in our daily life to appreciate ourselves and come to a place of kindness, humility, and awakening. None, in my opinion, creates more transformation at an accelerated rate than to unconditionally lose or surrender. Every major teacher and religion speaks of surrender. At first this sounds spiritually incorrect but in fact it is the most positive space in which one can exist. Though meditation and all other techniques are wonderful in whatever way you use them, they are a distant second to the actual surrendering. I have known "New-Age" individuals who have spent 20 to 40 years meditating and doing workshops and have been shocked when they became aware they have never surrendered.

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by Melva Armstrong

I trust you had a wonderful spring and are now enjoying the delights of the warm summer season. I am always grateful when spring comes around each year so I can go outdoors more often and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, with its radiant beauty and wonder. The recent rain has brought out more luscious shades of green and has softened the earth so when the planted seeds grow they don't have to push so hard to come to the surface. Each year it still amazes me to witness this incredible rebirthing process and each time I do, my heart is filled with deep love and gratitude. Since last issue there has been much discussion and concern among Canadians about the proposed federal government Bill C-51 which, in many people's opinions, will affect the natural health food industry adversely and feel it may even be its demise.

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