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Volume 14 Issue 2
July/August 2008

A Passion for Prayer Flags Carrying Healing Wishes Around the Earth

Smoothies for Summer

Healthy Garlic

Reclaiming Your Primal Fire

ThetaHealing™ for Attracting the Life You Desire

Sacred Callouses: Connecting to our Impact on the Earth

Awakening at Lightning Speed


Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 14 Issue 2 — July/August 2008
by Melva Armstrong

I trust you had a wonderful spring and are now enjoying the delights of the warm summer season. I am always grateful when spring comes around each year so I can go outdoors more often and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, with its radiant beauty and wonder. The recent rain has brought out more luscious shades of green and has softened the earth so when the planted seeds grow they don’t have to push so hard to come to the surface. Each year it still amazes me to witness this incredible rebirthing process and each time I do, my heart is filled with deep love and gratitude.

Since last issue, there has been much discussion and concern among Canadians about the proposed federal government Bill C-51 which, in many people’s opinions, will affect the natural health food industry adversely and feel it may even be its demise. I am pleased to see individuals speaking up for what they strongly believe in. Many feel this Bill would see the Federal government being able to take away our right to choose and would, instead, make our health decisions for us. The Bill isn’t yet law but will be unless concerned citizens act quickly. If this is something about which you feel strongly you can voice your opposition by writing and calling your MPs, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper (613-992-4211 or 403-253-7990) or Minister of Health, Tony Clement (613-944-7740 or 705-746-9053). Postage-free letters to any of them can be sent care of the House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0A6. The Canadian Health Food Association’s website—chfa.ca—also has status reports on where the Bill stands. WHOLifE Journal is an advocate for freedom of choice and natural health, and for integrating the best of conventional medicine and natural medicine. May there exist a peaceful and respectful way to resolve this situation so we will have the ability to choose what we feel is best for our individual health.

I was pleased and deeply touched to hear the apology by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, on behalf of all Canadians, to the Aboriginal people of Canada, for the time when the government of the past inappropriately took away their culture and their children through the residential school system, with all the pain and suffering it entailed. May this apology be seen and used as a great opportunity for all people of Canada to forgive the hurts and mistakes of the past, both in ourselves and others, and to feel and see the Oneness that is the truth of who we all really are. To honour this moment in history I would like to quote a portion of a prayer called “Amends to the Native American” from Marianne Williamson’s book, Illuminata—A Return to Prayer: “May we begin anew. May your star rise high in the sky of this nation and all others. May the wrongs of the past now be made right that your nation might be blessed, that our nation might be blessed. So be it.”

I continue to feel truly blessed working with WHOLifE Journal. Again we bring you another issue filled to overflowing with ideas and information to help guide you towards health and wellness in body, mind, and spirit, as well as with the preservation of nature.

When a friend first introduced me to Tibetan prayer flags last summer I was immediately touched by the tradition behind them, as well as by their unique and enchanting appearances. I felt so strongly about the all-encompassing healing power of their prayers being sent on the wind around the world that I wanted you to know about them. So, with grace and kindness, France Robinson has written our feature article, A Passion for Prayer Flags: Carrying Healing Wishes Around the Earth (p. 20), which tells the story of how she came to know and love these flags, and how she has been guided to bring their prayers of peace and compassion to those in the West. I feel these offerings of unconditional, loving-kindness sent on the wind to all living beings, are part of a larger contingent of similar efforts going on in every part of the world in order to help bring peace to our planet. May they continue, and may peace prevail!

Many other uniquely engaging articles fill this issue’s pages with topics such as Smoothies for Summer (p. 8), Healthy Garlic (p.10), Reclaiming Your Primal Fire (p. 36), Awakening at Lightning Speed (p. 32), Birthing From Within (p. 12), ThetaHealing (p. 14), and much more. You’ll want to peruse them all.

Until next time, may the sunshine and rainbows of summer bring warmth to your heart and delight to your soul!

(The Spirit in me honours the Spirit in you)

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