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Volume 14 Issue 2
July/August 2008

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Reclaiming Your Primal Fire

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Awakening at Lightning Speed


Reclaiming Your Primal Fire
by Patrick Harbula and Carol Marriott

Imagine sitting around an open fire beneath a blanket of stars on a Saturday night, seeing the Northern Lights slowly pass overhead as stories of truth are shared, with no one else around except the select group of spiritual warriors who have come to reclaim their sacred power. Imagine waking up to the sunrise Sunday morning and spending that day forging through initiations designed to burn away social conditioning and perceived limitations. Imagine working with horse guides who look into your soul and honestly, but gently show you what can be released that keeps you from living as your truest, most primal self.

Imagine Sunday night crawling into the sacred sweat lodge led by a First Nations Elder to travel to the deepest regions of soul, rediscover that purity of spirit, and purge all that stands in the way of the essential self. Imagine creating a bond with those you have travelled with on this journey that will never die and walking away from the sacred initiation on Monday reborn, filled with vitality, and grounded in the experience of your deepest, truest, primal self.

The above description is the best that can be expressed in words to convey the transformational experience that is the Primal Fire Intensive Retreat with Equine Assisted Learning. But the experiences realized from this event go far beyond what can be described in words. Patrick J. Harbula, creator of the Primal Fire Intensive, says simply and confidently that “It will change your life forever.” And these are not just idle words…

At last year’s event near Humboldt, one of the participants, Jean Guy LeBlanc, said while sitting around the fire, holding the talking stick, “I am amazed at how much I have changed in just one day. But I have to say I was a little skeptical when I first saw the promotion for the event. I saw the flyers and the article in WHOLifE, and then I got a recorded voice message on my phone from Patrick himself saying, ‘It’ll change your life forever.’ I decided to come because I had taken Patrick’s Live Your Passion Workshop, and I really got that he is all about transforming people’s lives. But, I have one question for you, Patrick. Isn’t the conventional wisdom in marketing to under-promise and over-deliver, I mean really, change my life forever?” Everyone around the circle laughed.

During the final circle of the weekend, Jean Guy shared that as a result of the weekend and the bond he had created with everyone, he would go back into his life and be able to live more authentically. He would be able to be himself as he interacted with his co-workers and his close relationships and honour the truth of his own feelings and needs, which is a natural bi-product that comes from the Primal Fire experience. After he finished speaking, Patrick asked casually, “But what I want to know is … will it change your life forever?” Without a blink, Jean Guy looked into Patrick’s eyes, smiled and said, “You over-delivered.”

Patrick has been facilitating the Primal Fire Retreats (and other powerful teachings) for over 20 years. He likes to call this the anti-workshop workshop because there are no ideologies, philosophies, or isms presented. He says, “It is all about getting out of our heads, into our bodies, connecting with Mother Earth (and in this case, our equine teachers), and re-claiming our powerful, primal wisdom and love.” The predominant encouragement to everyone is to simply be your self. Drop your roles about who you think you are and the roles that you present to the world and rediscover who you really are right now, in this moment. If you feel sadness coming up, cry; if you are angry, scream; if you feel like dancing, get up and dance.
What happens in an environment where people are free to be who they are—a rare opportunity in our hurried society—is all kinds of feelings come up that need to be released. And ultimately when we accept and embrace who we really are with all of our strengths and weaknesses, we are able to go back into our normal lives with a sense of renewed strength, hope, and determination to reach our highest visions.

Having Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) as part of the Primal Fire for the first time last year was an amazing addition. The horses seemed to know exactly what was going on and their role as facilitators in the transformational experience.

As a Certified Equine-Assisted Learning Specialist, I (Carol Marriott) am trained to recognize the natural language and reactions of the horses as people participate in gentle, reflective exercises with the herd, or interactive experiences with individual horses. A slight shift in attitude, feelings, or body posture in the person is immediately reflected by the horse. Horses can bring out the “authentic” in us and provide us with more awareness of our vulnerabilities and our strengths.

As prey animals, horses naturally live in a state of heightened awareness, keenly attuned to one another, their environment, and their own instinctual needs. They naturally resonate with humans when we are in touch with our inner feelings and state. Through EAL, participants are provided with a powerful opportunity to gain personal insight and awareness, resulting in life-altering changes.

The message of the Primal Fire is to be who you truly are and create an environment around you that allows your power to shine, as you empower others to do the same. We honour you for your power, truth, and love, and look forward to sitting around the sacred fire and experiencing the magnificence of who you truly are with our band of spiritual warriors.

Carol Marriott is a Certified Equine-Assisted Learning Specialist and Director of the Ravenheart Farms Equine Learning Centre (www.ravenheartfarms.com) where the Primal Fire Intensive will be held. It is situated on 20 acres near Humboldt - 1.5 hour drive from Saskatoon and 2.5 hours from Regina. Patrick J. Harbula is a Life Coach, author of The Magic of the Soul, and Director of the Living Purpose Institute in California. For more information on the Primal Fire Intensive (including lots of fun photos and testimonials) and to register please visit www.livingpurposeinstitute.com, call toll free 1-866-204-2261.


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