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Volume 13 Issue 4
Nov 2007/Feb 2008

Is the Quantum World the Portal to Improve Your Life… Past, Present, and Future?

Rah! Rah! Raw Food!

Have the "Guts" to Be Healthy!

Beating Terminal Cancer: A Story of Profound Hope and Healing

Sonic Vibration Therapy

Mindfulness: The Key to Eliminating Stress and Creating Joy and Well-Being in Your Life

Glaciers: Our Vanishing Treasure



Volume 13 Issue 4 —November 2007/February 2008

The current issueIs the Quantum World the Portal to Improve Your Life…Past, Present, and Future?
by Dr. Natalie Reid

When we think of the perfect life, or what I call the quantum life, most of us imagine the really big things that we don’t yet have—and how hard it will be to get them. A big house on a lake, say; or a beautiful, smart, and caring soul mate as our life partner…the list goes on. But like the subatomic particles that form the foundation of the universe, the real elements of a quantum life are usually the unseen things we take for granted or don’t think about at all. Things like our seemingly insignificant everyday choices and decisions, our thoughts and feelings and our attitudes and beliefs. Yet it is these foundational elements working together that allow us to create those things much greater than the sum of their parts. Once we understand the power of this truth, we can begin to create a life of happiness and profound satisfaction no matter what our current circumstances. And as we begin to master these principles, we will better be able to bring into our world those larger things that may now seem so far out of our reach.

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Rah! Rah! Raw Food!
by Paulette Millis

Cooking dates back five hundred to one thousand generations and is prevalent in virtually every culture on earth. (Schenck) Many authors cite our survival through eons from eating raw foods before "cooking" became commonplace. This article is to introduce you to the concept of increasing your raw food intake and hopefully to spur your interest in reading further. It is not likely that a total raw food diet will be popular anytime soon. Unfortunately, not much profit comes from selling anything related to uncooked food—raw, organic produce, for example. Restaurant chains would lose profits, all of those appliances designed for cooking foods would no longer be necessary, and all of the processed food industries and the pharmaceutical industry would stand to lose.

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Have the "Guts" to Be Healthy!
by Debbie Steer

In today’s fast-paced society taking care of our health is often neglected and eventually small health problems can become more serious. Eating nutrient-depleted, processed, and chemically-sprayed foods, drinking polluted water, and exposure to air pollution harm our bodies. Toxins are everywhere and have a great impact on our health. They are chemicals causing damage to body cells, organs, and everyday bodily functions. The body eliminates toxins through the liver, kidneys, blood, skin, lungs, lymphatic system, and the colon. The intestinal tract, or “gut”, plays an important role in our overall health. The colon, or large bowel, completes the digestive process by absorbing minerals, nutrients, and excess water from food residue and eliminates it through the anus. The entire process of eating to excreting should take less than 24 hours; so three meals a day should result in having three bowel movements a day.

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Beating Terminal Cancer
A Story of Profound Hope and Healing

by Susan M. MacDonald

To hear the words “you have cancer” is devastating enough, but add the word “terminal” and the floor beneath you seems to let go. As such, December 4, 2002, the day I received my diagnosis of terminal cancer, is permanently etched in my psyche. The word “terminal” seemed so final—as if it were a sentence of death. This article, however, is not about death, but about life; its focus is not on despair, but is a one of profound hope for a better life. After modern medicine failed me, I began, initially in frustration and hopelessness, to search for ways to become well again. I began to explore possibilities that might be available through “natural medicine”, subsequently learning through research, trial and error that cancer and many other dread illnesses can be beaten.

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Sonic Vibration Therapy
Advanced Technology and New Dimension in Exercise & Health

by Kelly Lee Tavson

TurboSonic is a sophisticated exercise and therapeutic machine that uses patented Sonic Vibration technology based on decades of Russian research and development. The whole body vibration theory originated from the concept that the earth’s gravity is always influencing the movement of individual organs in the human body. Gravity works in a vertical direction; therefore it is natural and more effective for the human body to exercise in a vertical direction. This theory was first developed in the Soviet Union to condition Soviet cosmonauts to withstand the effects of weightlessness in outer space for months at a time. The Soviets conducted rigourous scientific studies spanning several decades that confirmed the remarkable restorative powers and safety of whole body vibration.

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The Key to Eliminating Stress and Creating Joy and Well-Being in Your Life

by Maureen McIntosh

Learning how to become fully present or mindful in the moment is one of the most powerful gifts we can give to ourselves and those around us. As I began practicing mindfulness … of gently but consistently calling my mind back from the past and the future, back to the moment … I made an amazing discovery. I discovered that the moment—my reality—was magical and the stress I had been feeling for so many years had been created by none other than an illusion!

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Glaciers: Our Vanishing Treasure
by Donald Sutherland

Every one of us is familiar with stories of squandered family fortunes. Common folklore has it that the first generation works hard and builds a base for the second generation. The second generation works hard and saves and builds an even larger “nest-egg” for the benefit of the third generation. The third generation spends more than they earn and end up poor. Glaciers represent a water treasure built over several thousand years. We represent the third generation. We are wasting our great ice heritage (frozen fresh water) as though it will remain forever on the east side of the Rocky Mountains, gradually growing instead of declining as current melt exceeds replacement.

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by Melva Armstrong

My gratitude and thanks to everyone for understanding and supporting me so I could publish this one-time 4-month issue. It is allowing me to go on the maiden voyage, in December, of Cunard's newest ship, the Queen Victoria. I am sure it will be a wonderful and unique experience which I will tell you about in the March/April '08 issue. I have appreciated the many good wishes I have received since I made my announcement. You are all dear to my heart and I will have you there with me in spirit. Autumn is my favourite season and this year it has been most glorious. The sights on my daily walks along the river have brought great joy to my heart as my eyes have feasted on the annual changing of the leaves from deep green to a multitude of gold, yellow, and red colours. I love watching the leaves floating down through the air, gently coming to rest on the ground where I walk, and then hearing the crunching sounds under my feet.

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