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Volume 13 Issue 4
Nov 2007/Feb 2008

Is the Quantum World the Portal to Improve Your Life… Past, Present, and Future?

Rah! Rah! Raw Food!

Have the "Guts" to Be Healthy!

Beating Terminal Cancer: A Story of Profound Hope and Healing

Sonic Vibration Therapy

Mindfulness: The Key to Eliminating Stress and Creating Joy and Well-Being in Your Life

Glaciers: Our Vanishing Treasure


Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 13 Issue 4 —November 2007/February 2008
by Melva Armstrong

My gratitude and thanks to everyone for understanding and supporting me so I could publish this one-time 4-month issue. It is allowing me to go on the maiden voyage, in December, of Cunard’s newest ship, the Queen Victoria. I am sure it will be a wonderful and unique experience which I will tell you about in the March/April ‘08 issue. I have appreciated the many good wishes I have received since I made my announcement. You are all dear to my heart and I will have you there with me in spirit.

Autumn is my favourite season and this year it has been most glorious. The sights on my daily walks along the river have brought great joy to my heart as my eyes have feasted on the annual changing of the leaves from deep green to a multitude of gold, yellow, and red colours. I love watching the leaves floating down through the air, gently coming to rest on the ground where I walk, and then hearing the crunching sounds under my feet. I had my friend Helen from Australia visiting me in September and we enjoyed walking together. She was very impressed with the beauty of Saskatoon and especially the sights and sounds along the riverbank. My friend has gone back home and the season has moved into October. Now most of the song birds have headed south so it is very quiet these days. I hear only the occasional ducks quacking or geese honking, and I’ve seen a few small birds that stay over the winter fluttering through the bare trees. It is certainly easier to spot them now. I will continue to enjoy my walks and to watch the season change and change more. May you, too, experience the many blessings of nature each day, and may those times bring you peace and joy and a sense of oneness with all life, as it does for me.

Something I have been interested in and fascinated with is the world of quantum physics and how it so profoundly affects our lives. With movies like What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole and The Secret explaining much of how this science works, many people have been learning how to change their lives for the better and also for the highest good of all, which is the most important point. To help us further understand this fascinating world of physics, we are featuring an article by Dr. Natalie Reid called, Is the Quantum World the Portal to Improve Your Life... Past, Present, and Future? (p. 20). She says, “One of the biggest blocks to realizing a quantum life is the past. We tend to think our past is set in stone and determined to shape our future. While there may be elements of truth to that world view, understanding the scientific principles of the quantum can inspire us to look at time, past events, and our future, in a whole new way.” The key words there are looking at time in a whole new way. By doing this she explains that we can be freed from the negative experiences of the past and live more contentedly in the now, and in so doing create a joyful and happy future. I feel the work that Dr. Reid and others like her are doing is greatly helping our planet become a more peaceful, joy-filled, and loving place, which I believe it is meant to be.

Our regular writer on nutrition, Paulette Millis, has delved deeply into the subject of raw food and has come up with lots of food for thought in her Rah! Rah! Raw Food! article (p. 8). She has also written a book review on The Live Food Factor by Susan Schenck (p. 16) in which Paulette points out many of the same important benefits of eating raw food that she stresses in her article.

Susan M. MacDonald has amazingly overcome great odds on her life journey and has written about it in her article, Beating Terminal Cancer: A Story of Profound Hope and Healing (p. 12). She has subsequently written a book about her healing and has become a healer.

If your life is filled with stress (and whose isn’t?) then some helpful tools can be found in Maureen McIntosh’s article, Mindfulness: The Key to Eliminating Stress and Creating Joy and Well-Being (p. 18), as well as in AuKeeRa Rayne’s article, Does Life Have to Be So Stressful? (p. 32).

There are still more articles inside to help you on your life journey, so don’t miss any of them.

May the winds of change blow magnificent blessings daily to each of you.

Until next time,

(I honour the Spirit in you)

Melva's signature

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