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Volume 13 Issue 4
Nov 2007/Feb 2008

Is the Quantum World the Portal to Improve Your Life… Past, Present, and Future?

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Natalie ReidIs the Quantum World the Portal to Improve Your Life… Past, Present, and Future?
by Natalie Reid

...we are far more influential in shaping the course of our lives than we could ever imagine.

When we think of the perfect life, or what I call the quantum life, most of us imagine the really big things that we don’t yet have—and how hard it will be to get them. A big house on a lake, say; or a beautiful, smart, and caring soul mate as our life partner… the list goes on.

But like the subatomic particles that form the foundation of the universe, the real elements of a quantum life are usually the unseen things we take for granted or don’t think about at all. Things like our seemingly insignificant everyday choices and decisions, our thoughts and feelings and our attitudes and beliefs. Yet it is these foundational elements working together that allow us to create those things much greater than the sum of their parts.

Once we understand the power of this truth, we can begin to create a life of happiness and profound satisfaction no matter what our current circumstances. And as we begin to master these principles, we will better be able to bring into our world those larger things that may now seem so far out of our reach.
One of the biggest blocks to realizing a quantum life is the past. We tend to think our past is set in stone and determined to shape our future. If only this or that had or hadn’t happened, things would be better. While there may be elements of truth to that world view, understanding the scientific principles of the quantum can inspire us to look at time, past events, and our future, in a whole new way.

In a world governed by conventional physics, time marches forward. Say, for instance, at the end of a series of events, there is an explosion. As we all know, there is no way to run those events in reverse, that is, from the explosion backwards to the combustible materials before they collide. But time does not work the same way in the quantum world.

In fact, in the quantum, processes are generally reversible. “Particles can in fact move backward in
time and do so continuously,” says Kenneth Ford in The Quantum World. If quantum theory proves that linear time is no longer an absolute, can we too go backwards and forwards? Actually, we do this in our minds every day, and by so doing, we keep the past—what has already unfolded—alive. We can even rewrite our history, through meditation, making it the way we wish it had been and thus healing whatever emotional damage has been done. And by returning to the past to heal old damage, we will, in effect, alter our future.
For example, a man I’ll call Joseph had an incident in his childhood in which his father told him that he would never succeed in life. It was just after the state championship softball game when Joseph was a junior in high school. Joseph failed to catch a ball—it should have been the third out that would have won the game. Afterwards, his father was very angry and told him, “You’ll never amount to anything. You’re lazy, you’re clumsy, and you never pay attention.”

Joseph had taken in those words and he believed them. As an adult, he thought his father had been right, in fact, because he never had been successful at anything. His marriage had failed and he and his wife divorced acrimoniously. Joseph had hopped from job to job, searching for, but never finding, a career that could sustain his interest, where he could do well.

As you might expect, in response to what happened in his life, Joseph was most unhappy. He said he was willing to deal with his thoughts and feelings if it could help him. (His exact words were, “Hey, I’ll dance naked in the streets if it will make me more successful.”) He followed a meditation to deal with his father’s harsh words. In this meditation he visualized his father at the ballpark that day. The adult Joseph confronted him and said how hurtful and damaging those nasty comments were. As a result of that meditation, which Joseph repeated a number of times, he began to change his feelings about himself. Soon afterwards, things began looking up. He landed a professional position with opportunities for advancement, and what was most remarkable about this job was that his superiors and coworkers showed him the kind of respect he had not experienced before. Not long after he settled in with the new company, he met an attractive woman and they began dating. Joseph is on the road to having what he wants.

The ability to move back and forth through time is just one of the mysteries of the quantum that helps account for the validity of non-physical techniques and explain why mind-body exercises work so well. We can take our cue from this microcosmic world in other ways to inspire us to realize that we are far more influential in shaping the course of our lives than we could ever imagine. And we can use our understanding of this new science to help change the fabric of our spiritual reality.

Natalie Reid, PhD, is a life coach in private practice in Northern California where she helps people make permanent changes and realize their dreams. In her new book, 5 Steps to a Quantum Life, released October ‘07 in neighbourhood and online bookstores, Reid combines her 30 year exploration of psychology, meditation, and the mind-body connection with her study of quantum physics. The book provides a process to change anything in your life and achieve your goals. To learn more about Reid and her new book, visit the website featuring 5 Steps to a Quantum Life, www.wingedhorsepublishing.com.


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