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Volume 13 Issue 4
Nov 2007/Feb 2008

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Beating Terminal Cancer
A Story of Profound Hope and Healing

by Susan Manion MacDonald
Susan Manion MacDonald

To hear the words “you have cancer” is devastating enough, but add the word “terminal” and the floor beneath you seems to let go. As such, December 4, 2002, the day I received my diagnosis of terminal cancer, is permanently etched in my psyche. The word “terminal” seemed so final—as if it were a sentence of death.

This article, however, is not about death, but about life; its focus is not on despair, but is a one of profound hope for a better life.

After modern medicine failed me, I began, initially in frustration and hopelessness, to search for ways to become well again. I began to explore possibilities that might be available through “natural medicine”, subsequently learning through research, trial and error that cancer and many other dread illnesses can be beaten. In many ancient Eastern civilizations, and since the 1930s in the Western world, there has been extensive documentation recognizing the body’s ability to heal itself. Natural medicine works with the body, providing it with the tools to heal, whereas conventional medical approaches often simply medicate symptoms, thereby masking the real causes, or they advocate surgery, which can remove symptoms—along with a portion of one’s body!

Cancer is a symptom of a malnourished body that contains excessive toxins that block the pathways required for nutrients to be absorbed properly. Cells weakened by a lack of essential fatty acids can no longer hold valuable nutrients the body requires, nor can they effectively protect the body from the assault of toxins. Additionally, the body may not receive valuable nutrients from many foods due to chemicals added during the growing process, or used in packaging, transport, or storage—simply to extend their shelf life. Rather than adding value, they lessen the quality and intrinsic viability of many foods.

As a natural health consultant, I work to bridge the gap between natural and conventional medicine, empowering individuals to make changes that can not only extend their lives, but add to their quality of life, as well. This often involves lessening their toxic burden through newer approaches such as energy balance cellular detoxification. One example: last year I had the wonderful opportunity to work with an eighty-two year old gentleman who expressed a genuine interest in living to be 100 years old! At the time, his body was bent over, a cane necessary to steady his steps which, by then, had been reduced to a shuffle. His perspective on life was diminished, resulting in depression. However, after a series of treatments, he now stands tall, no longer requires a cane, and walks as if he were a much younger man. This renewed vigour permitted golf and curling to again be a part of his life, while his blood pressure is the lowest in years!

The human body has an innate ability to heal itself, but that requires knowledge, lifestyle changes, and the removal of toxins. It also requires a will to live at both conscious and subconscious levels. It is rather difficult to reverse the effects of the subconscious on any patient who is deprived of hope by constant suggestions that one’s death is imminent. Add the ongoing onslaught of toxins from pain medications, antibiotics, x-rays, as well as stress from sleep deprivation, anxiety, and foods with virtually no nutritional content, a hopeless vacuum can be created, with the power to eradicate the remaining life force in anyone.

Most doctors and nurses are wonderful individuals who dedicate their lives to helping patients, but many have an insufficient knowledge of nutrition and the impact of toxins, as traditional medical and nursing schools simply teach very little in these critical areas. Hospital staff must learn about the benefits of juicing processes that keep the natural enzymes intact; serve more fresh fruits and vegetables; use natural sweeteners and whole grain nutrients rather than questionable synthetics with life threatening additives. They also need to understand that there are natural solutions for pain, sleep deprivation, anxiety, and nausea that do not contribute to one’s toxic burden.

In unexpected ways, my diagnosis of terminal cancer turned out to be a blessing rather than a curse for me. That diagnosis set me on a road of discovery and action, ultimately leading to the healing of the cancer, and even more importantly, it led to an education in natural medicine, a more healthful life, and the joy of being able to help family, friends, and clients. But most important, I learned that we all desire a chance for life, even when faced with a diagnosis of death. We can learn new directions, new paradigms, which can add to and complement the knowledge and compassion that currently exists within the medical professions.

Each of us has but one life, so let’s use all the knowledge available (within and outside of the boundaries of conventional medicine) and work together to make this a better world, now and in the future. If readers are interested in learning more about how the body can heal itself, and the tools required to work towards this goal, take this opportunity to learn everything that one can by reading the many wonderful books available—and do not forget the internet, a tremendous resource if one conducts his (her) research with a skeptical eye. Make your personal journey in this life the best it can be—make today and every day count!

Susan Manion MacDonald recovered from a diagnosis of terminal cancer in 2002; subsequently became a certified naturo-therapist (JTW Wellness Centre, Amherst, NS, 902-667-7056); then wrote B.A.L.A.N.C.E.: nature’s way to heal your body, released September 20, 2007, by New World Publishing, Oakfield, Nova Scotia (also see the display ad on page 12 of the 13.4 November/February issue of the WHOLifE Journal). Check with your local booksellers or contact NWP toll-free at 1-877-211-3334, www.newworldpublishing.com, or order on-line with credit cards at: www.nonscentedtoxicfree.com.


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