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Volume 29 Issue 1
May/June 2023

We Believe in Miracles

Ama-Deus: A Loving Gift Out of The Rainforest

What is Manual Osteopathic Therapy?

Wild Rice – Home Grown Goodness

Behind Closed Doors

Emotional Health and Hair: The Vicious Cycle

How Could Something So Little Be So Big?


Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 29 Issue 1 — May/June 2023
by Melva Armstrong

I am grateful to be celebrating WHOLifE Journal’s 28th Anniversary May/June 2023 issue, which you are holding in your hands and reading! Thank you so much to everyone who supports the Journal and I in so many wonderful ways, over all these incredible and changing years. As I look back, I’m delighted at how each issue has been unique and exciting in its own way. As each new one is born into this world, it’s like creating a new “baby” every two months. But I don’t do this alone, for the beauty and attractive design and layout of the Journal comes from the creative genius of Cheryl McDougall, the designer, who has been creating the journal for 20 years. I always say to her, “You’re the best!” and she certainly deserves that title. There are many folks to thank for all the blessings and support you have given to me over the years. I am forever grateful and I send you all much love and wish that you have great joy and good health in your lives.

It’s been a rugged winter to endure for everyone in our province, and we are slowly making our way into the beautiful spring and summer seasons. We are looking for the snow to be gone and for some warmer temperatures to get the green colours showing up and to put away our winter gear. It is going to be a fabulous two months to enjoy the longer light and to start to put our hands in the soil and get back in touch directly with our great Mother Earth, and all her healing and nurturing energies.

For many years I’ve been a student of A Course in Miracles, which I started reading in 1983. It really transformed my life at a time when I was much younger and confused about life and my purpose for being on Mother Earth. Ever since then I’ve become a believer in miracles and I’m convinced that they are prevalent everywhere. We just have to find a way to quiet the mind and tune into the source of miracles. In this issue we are blessed to have an article called, We Believe in Miracles (p. 14) by Peg Beaton. It’s a true story of Peg’s husband John’s healing journey and how, with God-Creator’s help and many prayers from himself and others, he has experienced a miracle and returned to his natural good health. It’s a beautiful loving story which will touch your heart.

We’ve included another article about love and transformation called Ama-Deus: A Loving Gift Out of the Rainforest (p. 24), by Kristoffer Bergen, who is trained in the life-enhancing practice known as Ama-Deus. “The ancient practices have been preserved and gifted to us, people in a disconnected world, in serious need of a deeper relationship with Love, with God, with the Earth, and most importantly with one another,” writes Kristoffer. He adds, “Through this gift, people the world over are learning to access and heal with love, bringing hope that one day we may all return to the Land without Evil.” That sounds like a heavenly place we’d all like to return to.

On May 6, the Saskatoon Pilates Centre is Celebrating 25 Years of Serving the Community
(p. 16) by Kathy Bond, the owner and creator of this centre. She explains how pilates originated and that it provides mind–body benefits for improved alignment, posture, range of motion, and overall strength. This centre has a teaching team of practitioners who offer a variety of treatments that are suited to each individual’s needs. On a personal note, I have known Kathy Bond since we were older teenagers and participated in a young people’s group at Third Avenue United Church in Saskatoon. When she began her business in 1998, we published her first pilates article back then to introduce her and pilates to the community. Congratulations Kathy and crew on reaching a huge milestone. Your healing and wellness gifts are greatly appreciated.

For this issue’s food topic, we have Hélène Tremblay-Boyko’s article called Wild Rice: Home Grown Goodness (p. 8). Hélène writes, “A gift from the bounty of Mother Earth, wild rice is a food which has undergone minimal processing, therefore providing all the benefits nature has to offer without having been stripped of its goodness like white rice which is touted as reconstituted or enriched.” She has also provided some mouth-watering recipes for using this Saskatchewan-grown product in your meals.

There is so much more, so be sure to read from cover to cover!

Until next time, may you keep well and happy!

(The spirit in me honours the spirit in you)

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