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Volume 29 Issue 1
May/June 2023

We Believe in Miracles

Ama-Deus: A Loving Gift Out of The Rainforest

What is Manual Osteopathic Therapy?

Wild Rice – Home Grown Goodness

Behind Closed Doors

Emotional Health and Hair: The Vicious Cycle

How Could Something So Little Be So Big?


Ama-Deus: A Loving Gift Out of The Rainforest
Kristoffer Bergenby Kristoffer Bergen

Living in the jungles of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina, the Guarani are one of South America’s oldest societies. Indeed, they are even one of the world’s most ancient people, extending over 6,000 years in language, culture, and spiritual healing practices. Described by many as the theologians of South America, the Guarani kept life simple, though rich in spiritual experience. Indeed, the entire mental life of the Guarani turns toward the beyond. Through millennia of soul communing, they have maintained a celestial path to the spirit realm, bringing guidance and harmony to their earthly journeys.

Alberto Aguas, a gifted man from a Brazilian family of healers, spent over ten years living, working, and learning with the Guarani. Travelling the world, Alberto witnessed many healing techniques, and like the Guarani, he saw Love to be the element essential to all healing. “You cannot heal until you first Love. Love is in all healing no matter what technique you use, without Love it is impossible to heal.” While learning their traditional ways, he helped the Guarani battle government repression and encroaching loggers. Recognizing his dedication and commitment, the Guarani initiated Alberto into their spiritual oral tradition and healing practices.

Love is that potential which supports transformation, from what appears as disconnect and fragmentation, into a discovered state of wholeness. In a spirit of bringing wholeness to the world, Guarani shamans collaborated with Alberto to create a condensed form of their healing and way of life, capable of being taught and transmitted outside of their culture. Ama-Deus was the name given to this simple, yet powerful piece of sacred wisdom.

Meaning Love of God, Ama-Deus is an initiated system of shamanic oral teachings, whose practice can bring healing and wholeness to all aspects of life: physical, mental, and spiritual. With Ama-Deus, students tap directly into the energetic flow of Love, by learning a specific invocation. This invocation accesses Uncreated Energy that is both to Love God and to be Loved by God. The healer may then use this Source for healing self or others, through the hands or by distance healing.

Beyond methods and techniques, Ama-Deus is a complete system with specific tools for each of life’s stages and challenges. While an actual description of working with this energy is reserved for oral tradition and participation, I can say that it uses a set of sacred symbols, each having an assigned intention. Establishing this intention through the symbol frees the mind, allowing the practitioner to be an open conduit for healing energy. Ama-Deus was established for the physical journey through life. Listing a few aspects, it offers support for newborn infants, enlarging the heart centre, spiritual vision, sickness, soul transitioning, departed spirits, healing the Earth, animals, possessing spirits, and accessing the unknown.

Upon Alberto’s passing, one student, Elizabeth Cosmos, was entrusted to bring Ama-Deus to the world. I was able to study with Elizabeth in 2017 and Ama-Deus quickly found a strong place alongside Reiki and other approaches I have learned. Comparatively, the energy of Ama-Deus flows strongly, of its own accord, turning off once complete. It is close in vibration to the density of the physical body and heals quickly. I also often use it before or following other therapies.

Ama-Deus focuses on healing rather than curing. While a complete cure may be considered the elimination of physical symptoms, it is not always possible. Karma, environment, and other life factors bear greatly on a person and somewhat dictate resolution. Healing, by contrast, is always possible and is not based on symptoms. To heal is to undergo spiritual awakening of the whole self, bringing into sharper focus the situations that create distress, to see oneself not as a victim, but as an empowered participant. Healing occurs between the Universe and the one receiving the healing; the practitioner is simply a conduit holding sacred space. Trusting in yourself is what makes the magic!

Ama-Deus is a life-enhancing practice as Soul awareness is fundamental to Guarani cosmology, mindset, and practices. Prayers are not taught to the children, but being individual to each Soul, are sent directly by the deities believing that God teaches you about God. The basic primordial function of the Soul is to confer the gift of language. Similar to how Sanskrit was crafted in holy vibration, the Guarani speak a sacred language that resonates and communicates directly with God. For them, sound and Soul are synonymous. The throat gives the incarnated Soul a voice, and the power to express the Soul through song and beautiful words. Joyful and tolerant words are celebrated, while stingy, melancholy, or serious words are shunned.

Always giving and sharing, the Guarani focus on connecting with, and one day returning to, the Land without Evil. Such was their place of origin; the abode of the Great Father and the lesser Gods. But it also comprised an earthly philosophy: the idea that a peaceful and abundant place can be found on this planet, if we keep searching, and hold to virtue while seeking and following divine guidance. By this spiritual framework, the Guarani lived to create a world of mutual love and reciprocity. The ancient practices embodied in Ama-Deus have been preserved and gifted to us, people in a disconnected world, in serious need of a deeper relationship with Love, with God, with the Earth, and most importantly with one another. Through this gift, people the world over are learning to access and heal with love according to ancient Guarani ways, bringing resolution to an injured world, and hope that one day we may all return to the Land without Evil.

Kristoffer Bergen lives in Saskatoon. Father of two children and innkeeper to seven cats, he spends his free time attending to his bees and garden. Trained in Reiki, Ama-Deus, Access Bars, and Jin Shin Jyutsu, he also creates and uses remedies from the floral, herbal, and crystal kingdoms. To chat or book a session, please call 639-318-8815. Also see the Directory of Services ad on page 19 of the 29.1 May/June issue of the WHOLifE Journal.

Inquiries about initiation in Ama-Deus can be made with Marty Kilpatrick at reikimarty@gmail.com.



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