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Volume 29 Issue 1
May/June 2023

We Believe in Miracles

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What is Manual Osteopathic Therapy?

Wild Rice – Home Grown Goodness

Behind Closed Doors

Emotional Health and Hair: The Vicious Cycle

How Could Something So Little Be So Big?


We Believe in Miracles
by Peg Beaton
Peg Beaton

On November 2, 2021, my husband John was sent home from a hospital in Regina, SK, and told that he would die peacefully in his sleep. This was after he had a blood clot removed from his right arm, between his elbow and wrist, in an emergency surgery. He was struggling to breathe and his heart rate was registering extremely low, between 22 and 35. The surgeon called in four specialists to deal with his heart and lungs. They couldn’t come up with any answers as to why he could not breathe, other than he had water on his lungs. The only option the doctors came up with was to have a pacemaker put into his heart. He refused the pacemaker because five years earlier he had received a seven-bypass open-heart surgery. We were sent home—a 2.5-hour drive from the hospital. John truly believed he was coming home to die, so we called the family.

John made it through Christmas with family and was managing after an appointment with his own heart specialist, who had done the open-heart surgery. The specialist asked why his bisoprolol prescription (which keeps the rhythm of the heart) had been increased and said John’s heart was as strong as it was after the surgery. He then reduced the bisoprolol, adding a diuretic and a blood thinner. He also told John he had made a wise decision to refuse the pacemaker because his heart would not handle it. John decided it was time to change his belief from he was going to die in his sleep, to choosing to live a quality life, one day at a time.

In January (2022), John received a follow-up request for a CT scan of his lungs. He was a little confused as to why, but proceeded to have it done. In February, at his doctor’s appointment, he was told they saw a spot on the T1 of his spine. He was set up for more tests; MRI and bone scans. The result of all this indicated cancer in his spine and both hips. He was referred to the cancer clinic for April 7, where he was told he had a maximum of two years to live, if they could get it under control. It was not bone cancer but prostate cancer that had metastasized into his bones. Treatment started with hormone injections immediately and to be administered every 30 days. Five days later, radiation was administered in one heavy shot to the whole spine and hips.

If John thought he was going to die in November, the results of this treatment left him feeling the same way. The pain every day and hours of hot sweats were almost unbearable. The oncologist said this was all for quality of life. Wanting to die rather than endure, John did not consider this quality of life. Two kinds of painkillers, sleeping pills, anti-anxiety medication in two forms were prescribed to help him deal with the side effects. Life was a living hell. After four injections John told the oncologist this is not working for him. He had no quality of life. The oncologist prescribed another hormone treatment to be administered every three months and this ended up with seizures; anywhere from petit mal to grand mal, lasting 20 minutes, day or night. Now what?

In October (2022), before John was due to have another shot, I asked him if he would like to have a “healer” come. I had heard of Joseph Poirier and had recently been reminded of him. I took this as an answer to my prayer. Many people in the Western provinces were praying for us. I called Joseph and made arrangements for him to come. He knew my friend Becky and she drove with him from Melville to our home near Yorkton.

John was sitting in his big chair with a blanket, looking half dead. This had been his comfort place for three months. Joseph came in and asked permission to work with John. Using the divining rods, he checked every step of the way, asking divine guidance as to what to do. He called on God-Creator and Angels Michael and Raphael. I was immediately connected because I know those angels. He also said he was not the healer. He was here to jumpstart John’s body’s ability to heal itself. Naturally we have that ability and sometimes we need to be reminded and give our bodies permission to start again. He said he was not the healer, God-Creator simply used him as the instrument through which John could receive divine healing.

He did not ask for John’s story, but asked God-Creator for his direction. I was impressed. He got right to work, giving John some herbs to chew, he started with rubbing his weak parts with oils as he prayed. We did not tell him where the problem was but he went right to it, asking for permission every step of the way.

He worked on John’s body for one hour, stepping back now and then to sit and pray himself. As he finished John got up off his chair and started to lift his legs up with his knees in front of him. He had not walked like that in months. The only thing that came to my mind was Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. I could hardly believe my eyes. Becky said the same thing came to her mind. We were witnessing a man nearly dead come to a new life.

This was the beginning! John made a clear decision to not receive any more hormone treatments. We also came to the awareness, through my research, that the hormone injections were actually a chemical castration. John made a decision to proceed with an orchiectomy which would remove testosterone, the food source for the cancer. He came off all the medications for all the side effects and started to feel human and alive. The middle of December saw him in surgery for his orchiectomy. He needed no medication for pain, although it had been prescribed. He recovered over the next month from surgery and continued to be on an upswing. He created new projects in his shop and found a reason to live and love his life. At 83, he is looking at living another ten years. His dad passed at 96 and he comes from longevity. Now it is all possible because of the healing hands of Joseph Poirier.

I know he was supported by prayer and guidance from all those lifting us up in prayer for healing. He acted as God-Creator’s instrument to John’s body, so it could reclaim its power to heal itself, after taking all those chemicals. We are so very grateful for the work Joseph does and would encourage anyone who is looking for alternatives and seeking healing to call Joseph. We share our story to give others hope. We just celebrated our 53rd wedding anniversary this month. This time last year I saw myself as a widow, rather than celebrating new life. Check out Joseph Poirier for yourself.

Peg Beaton is author of Healing: A Family’s Journey. Her website is www.pegbeaton.com and email pebeatonassociates@yahoo.ca. Facebook: Coaching for Life.


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