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Volume 14 Issue 6
March/April 2009

Honouring Earth Day with a Feast of Whole Foods

The Mighty Chia Seed

Age-busting Nutrients

End of teh Affair: Plastic Bags Lose Their Luster

Horses Can Lead Us To, Through, and Out of Grief

Intimacy and Pleasure: Put a Little Love in Your Heart

Beyond the Veils: Endings and Beginnings


Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 14 Issue 6 — March/April 2009
by Melva Armstrong

April is Earth Month and April 22 is Earth Day! I think it is important that we have yearly events such as these so we can celebrate the beauty and significance of the things most precious and dear in our lives. The many shifts and changes that are happening to the earth’s environment, to our financial institutions, and to our personal lives cause many to be fearful. However, we can shift our thinking in the opposite direction and turn that fear to love and compassion. By recognizing and honouring all the gifts and goodness that we do have, we will find comfort and joy during these times of transformation.

Here in Saskatchewan we are enormously blessed. For example, there are two amazing rural woman named Marie Saretsky and Laurel Merkosky who have a deep love for growing, cooking, and eating healthy and whole foods. Just seven years ago they decided to honour Earth Day by offering a whole foods supper in their local village hall. What started out small has now grown to be a popular annual event where folks come from all over to honour the Earth and each other, and to eat food grown and prepared by loving hands and warm hearts. How cool is that? Way cool! I speak from experience having attended all but the first two suppers. This year I wanted our readers to know in advance about this event, so The Two Women from Burr have written their article called Honouring Earth Day with a Feast of Whole Foods (p. 24). You will need to get an advance ticket as they are always sold out.

Since my last editorial the US has their first African-American president and it appears he is wanting to bring a new uplifting sense of governance to his country and to how they share with the rest of the world. He is reaching out to all American people and to all nations and it is extremely apparent that his charisma is stimulating a sense of hope, caring, and love throughout the planet. Young people, especially, are excited and exuberant about his words of inclusiveness and equality, and a sense that he cares for all of humanity—this may well be an important part of what our world needs to help inject more positive energy into it so we can begin to make the shift to heaven on earth.

I recently had a precious experience that has never happened to me before. I was at the check-out of a small grocery store and had placed a bag of apples on the counter while waiting for the man in front of me to have his order completed. No one was behind me. I was in a quiet, relaxed state just staring ahead when the man looked over at my apples and said to the cashier, “I’ll pay for hers as well.” The cashier and I were both stunned and our jaws fell open, with each of us taking a few seconds to realize what this man had said. I never turn down a gift, so I told the man, “Thank-you very much, that’s extremely generous of you.” He then introduced himself to me and reached out his hand which I shook while telling him my name. Then off he walked with his groceries. My heart felt warm and tingly for a long time afterwards. That was very cool!

From two earth-loving women, to the transformative energy of a new US president, to the generosity of a man in a grocery store, and to such others, there is much on our Earth for which to be thankful. When we concentrate on our gifts the rest fades into the background and we recognize our blessings. May you, in your own way, take time in April to honour Mother Earth and may you then bask in her magnificent gifts throughout the year.

In this issue we are blessed again with an array of topics from The Mighty Chia Seed (p. 12), to Age-busting Nutrients (p. 14), to Using Far Infrared Saunas for Pain Management (p. 16), to Facts About a Woman’s Self Worth (p. 38); from Wellness Through Personal Empowerment (p. 18) to Intimacy and Pleasure (p. 22), to how Horses Can Lead Us To, Through, and Out of Grief (p. 43); from the End of the Affair with Plastic Bags (p. 20) to discovering that Planet Earth Thirsts for Water (p. 46); plus messages from Mother Earth–Gaia (p.36) and more.

May you know that the Earth’s mighty changes are benevolent and leading us all to a more enlightened and compassionate world filled with peace and love.

From my heart,

(The Spirit in me honours the Spirit in you)

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