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Volume 14 Issue 6
March/April 2009

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Beyond the Veils: Endings and Beginnings


Beyond the Veils:
Endings and Beginnings

Copyright © 2008
by Mother Earth (Gaia) through Pepper Lewis
Pepper Lewis

A few years ago I was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Although I took the diagnosis seriously, I believed that my spiritual practice, strict adherence to the Law of Attraction, and open-minded belief in alternative healing modalities could undo whatever damage had been done. For a while it seemed that I was succeeding, but recently I was given less than a year to live and I knew it to be true. Ironically, that same day my friends and I had been discussing our willingness to help usher in a new vision for earth and humanity, as well as where we would celebrate winter solstice 2012. Now my investigations and curiosities are of a different nature, and I am hoping that my questions and your answers will be of assistance to others, as well as myself.

Q: Why was I not able to cure myself of this illness in spite of my earnest attempts to do so? Why couldn’t the qualified healers and professionals I trusted to, do so either?

Strangely enough, you did cure yourself by making the decision that you have made, but it does not sound like a cure, does it? A cure is a solution to a problem. Your soul considered this outcome a well-explored and worthy solution. Best said, your presence can be more vitally expressed elsewhere and there is greater support for you to be there than here. Something greater than this moment has placed this challenge before you and you have answered the challenge by your choice. You did not lose a battle and your body is not at war with itself or with you. The healers and other professionals you entrusted have become temporary companions on your journey. This has been an important experience for them and for you. Your awareness and your body (elemental quality) have also learned, adjusted, and expanded into new environments. Expansion of self is always a worthwhile endeavour.

If and when you explore this subject in another life it will more than likely have a different outcome because of what you have learned in this life. In the future, human bodies will be better able to self-diagnose and self-heal. Today, health and wellness are referenced by an outer reality and by symptoms. There are better ways to self-regulate a body and humanity will discover and implement these as it is guided to do so. It must first come to trust its intuitive and instinctive relationship with self and with the inner qualities of life. This more dimensional perspective will ensure a higher quality of life. You have assisted the future of your intuitive body immensely by partnering with it throughout this experience.

Q: Once a diagnosis such as mine has been received and accepted, is life still purposeful? Are there still important things to say and do or am I just counting down days at this point?

A diagnosis does not change how purposeful or interesting a life is, but it can change how you perceive it. At this point the only thing that has actually changed relates to your reference point. You can now view your life from the perspective of having several months (more than your doctor has prescribed by the way) instead of several years. Perhaps you will not think it unfair of me to suggest that many months and even years in a human life can be empty if not filled with meaningful experiences, so how much life one actually fills one’s life with is very relative.

Many believe that if they were to receive a diagnosis such as yours they would immediately begin to do all of the things that they thought they had been missing out on—unlived adventures, courageous acts, exotic travel, etc., but that is rarely the case. More often, one reflects upon the smaller moments and becomes strangely attached to them—promises not kept, communications and miscommunications. Rather than relating to your days as the last ones I would suggest you relate to them as the first ones from within a new context. The human being is somewhat extraordinary in its ability to combine creative thinking with divinely inspired action. If you are alive and breathing then it is not too late to be doing so. There is obvious purpose in this; otherwise you would not be doing so. It would be a pity to simply count down the days when you have so many other options to consider.

Q: Can you describe the experience of death or crossing over? Where exactly do we go when we cross over?

From a human perspective it will feel a little like slipping into a pool of water or a warm bath. There is a moment in which you surrender one environment in favour of the next. When you step into a hot tub for instance, you are dry and out of the water and then you are wet and in the water. As the new environment becomes more comfortable than the old, the choice to enter or linger on the threshold is entirely your own. You will awaken as if from a sleep, and there is no hurry to do so.

You do not actually go anywhere, except that you are no longer here. The experience is one of finding yourself in a more expanded version of “here” than you were previously able to experience. You will notice with a bit of humour (and perhaps frustration) that it was here all along but you did not perceive it. You will still feel as if you belong to your life and to all that was familiar to you, but somehow any sense of urgency will have dissipated. Other aspects of here/there will begin to interest you and you will want to explore them. When you were very young your life was dependent upon that of your family. Later on, your friends or your career helped to shape and determine the directions you explored. The adjustments you made were natural and timely. This will be the same.

Note: the above is a small portion of a longer article which can be found at www.stalmar.com/gaia.veilarticle or at www.thepeacefulplanet.com/featart.php.

Pepper Lewis is a natural intuitive, a gifted channel, and a recognized writer, speaker, and teacher of metaphysics. The most popular channeled messages are those authored by the sentience of our planet, Mother Earth, affectionately known as Gaia. Pepper is founder of The Peaceful Planet which is dedicated to relating to our environment and the world around us in a way that embraces and projects balance, integrity, peace, and harmony. It offers inspirational products and services designed to empower, assist, and educate. Inquiries regarding scheduling an event in your area are welcome. Contact Pepper Lewis, 2305-C Ashland Street, Suite 320, Ashland, OR 97520, USA, phone (541) 488-1502, or visit www.thepeacefulplanet.com or www.pepperlewis.com. For her upcoming Saskatoon event see the display ad on page 37 of the 14.6 March/April issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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