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Volume 14 Issue 4
Nov/December 2008

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Aura-Soma: Colour Therapy for the Soul
by Rositha Jeanson
Rositha Jeanson

You are the colours you choose and these reflect the being’s need.
—Vicky Wall, Founder of Aura-Soma

Aura-Soma is about consciousness growth, bringing balance, ease, and awareness to all levels of the body, mind, and spirit; a means of moving towards positive well-being and personal growth.

The word “aura” means light and refers to the facets of coloured light within each of us. “Soma” refers to the being who resides in the body. Aura-Soma communicates the concept that we are, in essence, beings of light, or living energies.

As a system, Aura-Soma is a non-intrusive, self-selective colour therapy designed to facilitate the connection between our light being and the light of our physical body. Through a process of selecting from 107 Equilibrium bottles, you choose four bottles to which you are most drawn. As the client stands in front of the bottles ready to make their choice, there is an interaction that takes place between the bottles and the field of the person. The practitioner, knowing the language of colour, interprets the colour bottle choices and what they say about our deepest needs and gifts.

Each Equilibrium bottle contains two colour fractions. The top fraction contains oil extracts (essential oils, natural colouring, and crystal energies), and the bottom fraction contains water extracts (herbal extracts, natural colouring, and crystal energies). When the bottle is shaken, the two parts form a temporary emulsion that has a sympathetic bio-compatibility with our physical body and is readily absorbed through the skin. The upper fraction represents the conscious mind and the lower fraction represents the unconscious.

The first bottle selected represents how we view ourselves and is a reflection of our mission and purpose and our life’s lessons. The second bottle selected represents our greatest gifts and talents, as well as the challenges that we have designed for this life. The third bottle is an indication of the here and now and the fourth bottle shows that which is right in front of us, that which we are drawing to us.

The colours we choose speak to both our unique life experiences and the realities that surround us. There is also a direct energy transmission that is a consequence of the energetics of the mineral kingdom of crystals and gems; the vegetable kingdom of herbs, plants, and trees (science of signatures, herbal extracts, and essential oils); and the hue-man (colour) kingdom that pertains to the perception of light and colour. The energies of the three resonate in accord with individuals and their needs.

Aura-Soma has been in the world since 1983. Vicky Wall, the innovator of it, received the inspiration for the Equilibrium bottles as a consequence of prayer and meditation. Although she was clinically blind at the time, Vicky was able to see auras. In creating the Equilibrium bottles, she said that other hands had guided her own and that she had received visions that urged her to go and “divide the waters”. Vicky referred to the bottles as her coloured jewels containing the resonances of the three kingdoms. When they are applied in a band around the body in accord with a chakra, they have an effect on the body’s subtle energy system through sympathetic resonance in relation to consciousness.

Aura-Soma comes alive through our interaction with the Equilibrium bottles, the Pomanders, Quintessences, ArchAngeloi, and Colour Essences. While learning about the meaning of the individual colours, significant also is the actual experience that comes from interacting with the core elements of the system. Our inner knowing is strengthened. We are awakened and inspired as the process of individuation ensues, we become more aligned with our potential, and we begin to unfold, bringing forth more of our self, and more of our destiny, our talents, and our gifts.

After choosing the Equilibrium bottle that the client takes home with them, the practitioner recommends the most appropriate Pomander, Quintessence, and Colour Essence to support the client’s needs. While the Equilibrium bottles work with the physical body, balancing and aligning our physical energies, the Pomanders work within and affect the auric field, specifically energizing the bio-energetic and electromagnetic fields surrounding the physical body. Essentially protective, they are cleansing, refreshing, and strengthening to the energy field. The Quintessences work specifically with the astral fields beyond the etheric body and the Colour Essences are tools for a better connection to our own chakras.

There is also an Aura-Soma cosmetic range—skin care creams and lotions, foot lotion, massage oils, hair/body shampoo, seaweed mineral bath, and more. All these products contain herbal extracts and essential oils and help serve our inner balance.

In summary, the Equilibrium bottles, the heart of the Aura-Soma system, support us towards spiritual well-being and self-awareness. Our choice of the four bottles is a mirror of who we are at a deep level. The Pomanders provide a fragrant colour support to help us remain vibrant in all situations and may offer energetic protection. The beautiful floral essences of the Quintessences can reconnect us with our true essence and so help us feel uplifted. The Colour Essences are a subtle way of providing colour when our aura is depleted and nourishes and supports our energy centres. The ArchAngeloi sprays are supporting, with the intention of bringing communities and groups together and helping us to focus on a greater vision.

Today, the use of Aura-Soma as a healing technique is widespread, with practitioners throughout Europe, Australia, USA, and Canada. More than 40,000 bottles are prepared each month and shipped worldwide from the United Kingdom.

Aura-Soma is valued by naturopaths, massage professionals, energy healers and astrologers, among others, who see it as an additional tool for understanding the physical, mental, and spiritual imbalances of their clients. Our body cells hold memories of both positive and negative experiences and these experiences have an impact on our mental outlook and affect us at a basic cellular level. Aura-Soma is a gentle way to subtly work with our bodies. The benefits of using Aura-Soma products can help you feel happier and be more focused, give you a sense of purpose, offer protection, cleanse your aura, give you greater clarity and direction, help you reconnect with yourself, and help you to accept yourself unconditionally. Enjoy a sense of well-being, a restoration of balance to your life, less stress, better relationships, and help with your journey of self-discovery.

Rositha Jeanson has been working with flower essences for over 12 year. She is also trained in reflexology, reiki, Indian head massage, raindrop therapy, healing stone therapy, craniosacral therapy, as well as other healing modalities. For any questions or more information on the Aura-Soma Colour Therapy System contact Rositha by email at rositha@mts.net or cell phone (204) 792-8723. She works out of two locations in Winnipeg, Manitoba, by appointment only.


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