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Volume 14 Issue 4
Nov/December 2008

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Water: It is Our Life’s Blood
by Sylvia Herbach

Water is the major substance of living matter. It comprises 50% to 90% of the weight of living organisms. Humans require this life-giving liquid to survive. We need water to distribute vital minerals throughout our body via our blood stream. We need it for our digestive system to work properly. We then require it to flush our bodies of the unwanted materials left from the food and liquid that we consume. In addition to the digestive process, water also regulates our body temperature via our blood vessels and sweat glands. Water is vital to our well-being. Unfortunately, it is now in trouble.

I am sure that everyone would agree that the Earth is basically a giant ecosystem with finite resources. Because we live in an enclosed ecosystem—even though it is very large—the actions of all of the inhabitants of this ecosystem impact the system itself. We may feel that we are living in a safe haven, especially if we don’t have much of the visible pollution that we see elsewhere, but this is not so. Water is mobile. Water is continually being moved through waterways by currents and wave action. Evaporated water is being carried by wind currents. Water is continually on the move, therefore we really have no way of knowing where the water we are using has come from and what it has been exposed to.

Water itself aids in the contamination process by its very makeup. It is a natural solvent which means it attracts foreign particles, and that is why it cleans so well. It takes on any contaminant with which it comes into contact.

Over the years, with the increase in population, our water supply has been stressed as it tries to contend with greater human activity. Over time, people have been producing more industrial, agricultural, chemical, organic, and pharmaceutical waste which inevitably finds its way into our water systems.

In 1905, chlorine was discovered to be an excellent way of destroying bacteria. Over the years chlorine was added to municipal water systems in order to provide safe drinking water to the inhabitants of cities and towns. This may not be the ideal solution, but it still remains the most cost-effective way of commercially treating the large amounts of water required by us.

The chlorine itself is now becoming a health issue. It has been shown to cause cancer and heart disease, both of which are on the rise. Water treatment plants control the quality of water by adjusting the amount of chlorine used in the treatment facility. Other kinds of water treatment systems are not as effective or are too costly. Because of this, we are stuck with chlorine. Not only are we drinking it and using it in cooking but we are also showering and bathing in it. This exposes us to far more chlorine. As the pores in our bodies open from the heat of the water we absorb as much as 10 times more chlorine through our skin than the amount that we drink in a day.

Until now there have been few solutions. Bottled water has become very popular in recent years. The problem with this is that there are no regulations or standards as to the quality of the water. The plastic jugs and bottles that the water is stored in are also becoming a health issue.

Water filters of various kinds are in use, however they too have problems. Filtration systems such as reverse osmosis use 10 gallons of water to clean 1 gallon—it is a slow and costly filtering method. Distillation removes the essential minerals that our bodies require. Activated charcoal is the best method of cleaning the water, however their fault is that residual bacteria and organic matter that ends up in the filter is not destroyed, therefore they can be potentially harmful.

Northern Water Cleaners have solved all of the problem inherent with water purification. They have developed a large charcoal filter system which attaches to the main water line in your home. This allows all of the water—both inside and outside—used by the homeowners to be filtered without wasting water. The cleaner contains 2 different kinds of carbon—coconut shell and bone as each one has unique capabilities to clean the contaminants from household water. The second problem of bacteria growth within the filter itself has been solved. A patented Iodinator and Iodination system has been installed within the filter. Small particles of iodine are released and circulated, killing any residual bacteria within the filter itself.

What comes out of all of the taps in your home after passing through the Northern Water Cleaner is clean, bacteria-free water. It has been cleaned of chlorine, chemicals, organic waste, bacteria, heavy metals, industrial waste, agricultural waste, and 75% of pharmaceuticals. You are left with pleasant-tasting, healthy water. The filtered water has been tested by university labs throughout all the stages of development to ensure that the filter does what it is supposed to do, which is clean harmful impurities out of household water. All of this is done with a filter that is affordable, costing pennies per liter of water, easy to install, and maintenance free.

Sylvia Herbach is a referral consultant for Northern Water Cleaners in Moose Jaw, SK. She practices reflexology, Reconnective Healing®, and ThetaHealing™. She is interested in all types of practices and devices that can heal the body, mind, and spirit. When introduced to Northern Water Cleaner purification principles, she knew this was information she wanted to bring to others. To contact her call (306) 691-5780, email: sherbach@sasktel.net, and also see the Directory of Services ad on page 29 of the 14.4 November/December issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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