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Volume 12 Issue 2
July/August 2006

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Clearning, Blessing, and Cloaking Your Home Creates Positive Energy


Clearing, Blessing, and Cloaking Your Home
Creates Positive Energy

by AuKeeRa Hewitt
Laura Burkhart

When we think of clearing our homes of bad energies or wayward spirits we often feel we are not capable of doing it ourselves. Sure, we can hire a shaman, ghost buster, psychic, or spiritualist to perform such ceremonies, yet we are also capable of this ability.

To clear your home is simply to bathe it with positive energy. There are specific ways you can do this but the intention is what truly makes the cleansing of one's space possible.

Items needed to clear your home are: (1) You, with a clear mind and balanced attitude, and (2) Sage, sweet grass, or a natural incense like Nagchampa, or Ting shaws.

Basic Cleansing Procedure

Take the time to do this when you have an hour or so. Be thorough the first time you do the procedure. You will feel a difference.

  1. Stand in the centre of your home and think of what you believe in spiritually.
  2. Imagine white light surrounding you and know it is there to help you in clearing your home. White light is considered to be the purist light of the universe or God.
  3. Light your sweet grass, sage, or incense. Remember to blow out the flame to get the incense or bunch smoldering.
  4. Move clockwise around your home, walking along each wall slowly either saying a prayer, a mantra, or simply thinking loving thoughts.
  5. As you walk along the perimeter of each room, let the smoke rise up to the ceiling. It is believed that the smoke blesses the home and clears the energy, along with your love for your home. If you choose to use Ting shaws then gently ring them as you walk through your home. It is believed that their vibration will clear your home of any unwanted or negative energies,
  6. Once you have walked though every room on every floor, return to the centre of your home. Focus on the clarity of your home and imagine your home a beacon of pure, bright white light. Imagine a gauzy black sparkly cheesecloth gently floating out of the sky to "cloak" your home. It is thought that cloaking keeps wayward spirits away and keeps the energy in the home clear longer.
  7. Repeat cleansing a minimum of once a year, but note, if there is a lot of arguing in the home or stressful situations, clearing may be required monthly, weekly, or even daily.

Quick Cleanse Methods

  1. Daily in the morning you may light your incense and leave it burn with a quick prayer, mantra, or loving thought. For Ting shaws, ring them gently once, twice, or even three times letting their song permeate the space. These procedures will work to keep the regular living space, as well as a work space clear if need be. Note that this method will not clear stagnant energies out of corners or closets, it is best if you still do a full cleansing of your home each year.
  2. Quick cleanse method two is to walk more quickly though each room, to lessen the time: this will work to keep the energy moving and clear negative energies from an argument or other stressful situation. Think pure thoughts while doing this procedure. For Ting shaws, enter each room, stand in the centre and ring them once only to quicken the procedure. Most people feel that this will not replace the thorough yearly cleanse though, but will prove helpful to keep the home's energy flowing.

You are able to clear your home simply because it is your home. If you do not own the entire home, then you are entitled, by the Universe, to clear your own living space.

It is always best not to clear another's home for them, allow them to clear it themselves (unless you are one who does home clearing as part of your spiritual skills).

There are more in-depth forms of home clearing available for you to learn if that appeals to you. For most of us though these above-mentioned methods will serve our daily lives. You do not need to feel obligated to hire a "professional"; the person for your home is you.

Classes will be offered on this subject this fall. Contact Witch's Brew (665-6612) in Saskatoon for more information or AuKeeRa Hewitt at (306) 477-1033 or email: aukeera@sasktel.net.

AuKeeRa Hewitt, a third generation Clairvoyant, is a practicing Intuitive Counsellor, as well as educator for other practitioners and the general public in understanding the ways of their minds, meditation, spirituality, and other alternative subjects. She has been spear-heading her projects and theories for over 15 years and has finally returned home to Saskatoon to share her wisdom.


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