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Volume 12 Issue 2
July/August 2006

The Yuen Method: A Form of Chinese Energetic Medicine

Magnetic Therapy: A Factual Guide for Consumers

Royal Tea: The White Brew for Health

What is Wealth?

Clearning, Blessing, and Cloaking Your Home Creates Positive Energy


What is Wealth?
by Wayne Lee
Martin Krátky

What is wealth and how can you acquire more of it? To me, the word WEALTH represents Welcoming Endless Abundance, Living To Have. I will discuss this statement more thoroughly to help you understand its meaning.

First, wealth is a state of mind, which means that it starts first in the mind. In your mind you must "Welcome" having more in your life by having a mindset of being aware and open to receiving more of what you want. Two main reasons why most people do not welcome wealth are: 1) they do not believe they are worthy (low self-esteem) of receiving, and 2) they believe the world owes them (victim mentality) and they do not accept responsibility for their own life. To overcome this, you must first recognize your true brilliance and take full responsibility for your life and your circumstances.

The words "Endless Abundance" reflect that we live in a world where there is more than enough to go around. For example, you can have it all (e.g. health, relationships, money, spiritual connection, career, knowledge, resources, etc.), but if you don't think you can have it, then you won't. You can focus either on prosperity consciousness (i.e. abundance) or on poverty consciousness (i.e. lack and limitation). Whatever you focus upon, you will attract into your life.

When you are "Living To Have", your results will show that you are wealthy. "Living to Have" means that you are focused on wanting more and believing that you will get more. If you focus on being sick and broke, then you will not be wealthy in those areas (i.e. health and finances). If you feel wealthy, then you are wealthy. The outer results are just a reflection of the true wealth that you have recognized, focused upon, and felt from within (i.e. your mindset).

Here are three principles and a few things you can do to acquire more wealth throughout your day:

Gratitude: When you appreciate what you already have, then you will get more of what you want.

Suggestion: When you get up in the morning, identify five things for which you are grateful. This will set you up for a positive expectancy of gratefulness. When you go to bed, reflect and identify five things you are grateful for within the day.

Giving: You get what you give. Whatever you put out to the universe, you will receive from the universe. As well, when you give from the heart, you feel good, and when you feel good, you attract more goodness.

Suggestion: Make a goal of giving in three specific ways to make someone's life better. For example, smile at strangers, volunteer at a charity organization, and call up a friend you have not talked with in a while. This giving can reflect time, money, energy, skills, talents, etc.

Greatness: Focus on greatness. What you believe is true. If you think you are great, you will become greater. If you think you will have a great day, you will.

Suggestion: When you get up in the morning, affirm you are great and you are going to have a great day. An affirmation I use in the morning is, "What a glorious day filled with passion, promise, and opportunity." Then I affirm, "I am calm, confident, and have a cheerful state of mind." The purpose of affirming is to create a mental expectancy of wealth and feelings of being great.

The following three words will help you remember your inner wealth:

Glow - Represents the brilliant "Light" that you truly are (unlimited wealth within).

Flow - Represents feeling the wealth from within (feeling joy, gratitude, love, passion, etc.).

Show - Performing and producing results that reflect wealth in all areas of your life (health, money, relationships, knowledge, career, etc.).

My wish is for you to know your "glow", feel your "flow", and perform your "show" to attract all the wealth you deserve.

Empowerment speaker, author, and hypnotist Wayne Lee is an expert on the power of the mind. Wayne has performed for more than 2,500 audiences across North America and hypnotized more than 20,000 people. He has also developed his Life is Magic™ philosophy revealing that people have a deep inner MAGIC that allows them to create the life they truly want. Every presentation allows people to explore the depths of their imaginations, break through their fears, and live on purpose with more joy, freedom, and love. For information on his upcoming presentations call 1-866-306-7111 or visit www.waynelee.com.


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