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Volume 12 Issue 2
July/August 2006

The Yuen Method: A Form of Chinese Energetic Medicine

Magnetic Therapy: A Factual Guide for Consumers

Royal Tea: The White Brew for Health

What is Wealth?

Clearning, Blessing, and Cloaking Your Home Creates Positive Energy


The current issue The Yuen Method™
A Form of Chinese Energetic Medicine
by Peggy Dueck

Dr. Kam Yuen developed this technique after a lifetime of study in martial arts—as a 35th generation Shaolin Master—and in structural engineering, chiropractic medicine, nutritional therapy, and homeopathy. The Yuen Method is a blend of Qi and Shen Gong Chinese energetic techniques, quantum physics, anatomy, structural analysis, and physiology.

Most people wonder what the Yuen Method is and how it works. The Yuen Method is an energetic technique that offers relief for physical pains and ailments, as well as emotional struggles and conflicts. The premise of the technique is that your body functions much like a computer—you are either on or off, strong or weak to any given issue. Through intuition and muscle testing, I am able to identify someone's strengths and weaknesses. This could be on any level of consciousness: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Psychological, Psychic, and Spiritual.

Using intuition, a Yuen Method practitioner is able to identify the deeper core issues. Finding the root of the problem and eliminating it makes it possible to release the physical symptoms, as well as the emotional issues, phobias, fears, and limitations.

The way a root cause is eliminated is by sending a correction to a person's mid-line or central nervous system (CNS). The CNS is the most sensitive part of the body, the easiest place for change to take place and for memories and pains to be released. Sending a correction to the CNS is like flipping a light switch from off to on.

How the Yuen Method can work for you:

Emotions - anger, frustration, guilt, and grief can be released to create a sense of lightness and wellness.

Relationships can be transformed effortlessly, by releasing emotions.

Pains - the root cause of knee, back, neck, shoulder, and body pain can be eliminated.

Stress - release of stress around home, work, and relationships can be felt instantly.

Vision - reduction of eye fatigue and strain can strengthen the eyes.

Weight - do you have emotional issues with food that don't serve you anymore? Eliminate the layers of issues around eating and food.

Pregnancy & Birth - fears can be removed instantly, the baby can be checked energetically.

Pets and animals can be worked on.

I am often asked why I chose this technique. I found my aches and pains went away instantly with this technique. I had gotten away from taking medicine and was looking for a more natural therapy and it seemed the more I learned about vitamins, the more confused I became.

People seem to think they need to take something to feel better. This technique works by removing fears, collective consciousness, ancestral influences, all the way to your DNA, and the quantum level to make changes to the core of you being, eliminating the cause of the condition, letting your body heal itself.

If you created a condition, you can "un-create" it as well.

I found the "energetic corrections" didn't have any side effects. Aches and pains just went away, including layers of emotional issues, restrictions, and limitations. I have been a healer for a number of years and found this technique could remove many, hundreds, thousands, of layers at once. I am still impressed with how quickly things can change for myself and others.

Treatable conditions include: the common cold, eczema, asthma, cancer, digestion problems, skin ailments, nervous system disorders, heart problems, infections, emotional disorders, high blood-pressure, and spiritual crises.

One woman I worked on I call the "goose-bump" lady. During a ten-minute session, I was telling her all kinds of things about herself. She looked tired so I worked on her energy levels. I felt she had a fear of dying. I also used my "internal vision" where I close my eyes and see what's left to work on. I saw a dark area between her heart and left shoulder, and told her this. While I work on clients, I often tell them what I am getting as I receive it. So I told her about the weakness in that area, specifically the area of the heart to shoulder. I energetically did Yuen Method corrections on the shoulder area. She didn't say too much during the session but when I was done she was amazed. She told me that she had died for 17 minutes, and that she had a pace maker in her left shoulder. I call her the "goose-bump" lady because I got goose bumps when she told me about her heart problems and dying.

Another person who stands out in my mind was a woman at a free lecture/demo. She said she had back pain. When she stood up, one of her shoulders was lower than the other. She said she had scoliosis. My friends and I worked on her for ten minutes. Intuitively words will come up regarding the core of the issue. A few issues that came up were around her job/career, childhood, relationships, and flexibility. She said her pain was gone when we were done. Her shoulders appeared even. The physical changes were obvious to the audience.

And that's how it happens, time after time. Some issues are deeper and take more time, and some go away instantly.

The Yuen Method is a touch-free energetic technique that can be done in-person or over the phone. Conditions and ailments can improve on the spot, without physical contact. You don't have to leave your house or drive to get a treatment. Individual appointments range from one-half hour to one hour.

As we make changes in ourselves, the changes are reflected in those around us, making our lives more fluid and enjoyable.

Peggy Dueck, who works out of her Regina home as a medical intuitive/Yuen Method practitioner, uses intuition as a guide. She facilitates free lectures/demos to show people how easy the technique is and how fast it works. She also books group sessions and private appointments in-person or over the phone.
For more information see her website: www.pdueck.com, email: pdueck@accesscomm.ca, or phone (306) 924-1079.


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