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We believe in providing information on the abundant choices that are available in order to fulfill a healthy and whole lifestyle. We believe there is a need to maintain a connecting link among all those who have a common goal of good health and well-being. We believe that communication is a vital element in our community's growth and development. We know that the mind is unlimited in its potential and we thus encourage our readers to share their ideas and thoughts with us for the good of all.


Volume 20 Issue 1 —May/June 2014

The current issueDandelion Delicacies
Bountiful Roots, Greens, and Blossoms

by Sandra Brandt

Like many modern suburban dwellers, I confess to feeling ambivalent about the plants in my yard that don’t fall into generally accepted categories of lawn grass, cultivated flowers, shrubs, and trees. In other words, what are generally referred to as “weeds.” I don’t want to scandalize the neighbourhood by letting them run wild; neither do I want to dowse them with poisonous chemicals which saturate the soil, run off into the water system, and generally cause havoc in the environment. My most recent approach has been to set aside an hour or so about once a week to cull dandelions and other undesirables in a methodical yet meditative fashion, endeavouring to appreciate their strength and beauty and giving thanks for their role as companion plants to grasses and other shallow rooting plants that benefit from the weeds’ ability to add minerals and nitrogen to the soil and to bring nutrients closer to the surface from which the lawn can benefit.

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High Brix Organic – The New Standard in Food
by Graham Noble

It is a well known fact that we should be eating a healthier diet, primarily focused on organic and locally grown food, but until recently we did not have the capability of scientifically checking the individual quality of the food we eat. The Brix Refractometer which costs around $20 to $50 on e-Bay, allows you to immediately and accurately check the quality of the food you grow or purchase, both organic and non-organic.

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Introducing Saskatchewan’s Global Healthcare Connection
by Paul Sherrard

I want to tell you about a new health connection, one that was developed from the heart, right here in Saskatchewan – Global Healthcare Connections Inc. is Canada’s new and Saskatchewan’s only comprehensive medical travel company. They provide a unique service for people just like you, so you can gain access to world-class medical, dental, and diagnostic facilities all over the world. Medical travel, or medical tourism as it is also called, is the rapidly growing practice of travelling across bor¬ders to obtain healthcare.

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How the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH) Helped Me Find My Way Home to Myself © 2014
by Laurie Keene

By the time I was 26, I was an old woman. Broken by years spent battling a life-threatening illness, the life that I had dreamed of slipped away. I was lost. I lived, but I did not know why. Then, just as the author Anais Nin wrote, “…the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” After a final surgery, I ventured out, following only a voice inside me that said, “Go.” That voice led me to a workshop given by Dr. Barbara Brennan. At the time, I had no intention or interest in becoming a “healer.” However, during the workshop three events changed my mind.

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Gong Awakening
by 2nd Life Wisdom

Picture this. You are lying on your yoga mat, comforted by cushions and blankets as you settle in for sixty immersive minutes of sound and vibration. Within seconds after the gong is struck and its deep, rich notes begin to block out the noise of the city, a sensation comes over your body. From above, there seems to be gentle pressure. The sound is penetrating and the vibration makes absolute stillness come easily. You feel as though your body is pinned to the floor, but not forcefully.

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Maitreya Loving Kindness Tour Comes to Saskatoon, August 1–3
by Victoria Coleman, Tour Director

An unusual tour, offering free public events in cities all over the world where the relics of the historical Buddha are displayed, will visit Saskatoon during the weekend of 1, 2 & 3 August 2014.

“The very name ‘Maitri,’ that’s loving-kindness. Now in today's world, we really need the promotion of Maitreya, Maitri, loving kindness.”— His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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Riding the Divine Plan
by Lauren Heistad

Manifesting the life of our dreams is a huge topic these days. Everyone is learning how to put their intentions out into the universe, to surrender to spirit, and to watch their dreams become reality. Easy, right? Not always. It is certainly becoming second nature for most of us to bring clarity to our dreams. To weed through the clutter and decide what it is we truly desire. This is easy. This is the part where we just let ourselves dream big with no limitations on what we sincerely wish to achieve.

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by Melva Armstrong

Ah, the spring is an extremely welcome season this year, after the very long winter. As I write this, the snow is still on the ground but the temperatures are warming gradually, so it will be a slow melt. The birds are back singing their lovely songs and the geese have been flying across the sky, honking in unison. On my walk, I saw a few little ducks floating on a small pool of water in a grain field, and later the dogs spotted a ruffed grouse in the bushes, but it scurried off when they started heading toward it. The squirrels have been busy scampering along the tree branches while chattering to each other and eating whatever they find on the spruce trees. And, I saw my first pair of robins, so the crocuses will likely follow soon. The brilliance of spring is watching everything begin their display of colours.

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