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Volume 18 Issue 4
November/Dec 2012

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Remembering Azez and The Beings of the Light
by Fay Thompson
Fay Thompson

The star Azez is known in spiritual circles as the star after which the transformational power crystal Azeztulite is named. The beings, or consciousness of this star, sometimes referred to as “The Azez,” are made of a benevolent energy that wishes to make its presence known once again on Earth and aid humanity in its spiritual evolution.

The reason I am writing this article is because I am one of the messengers of this wisdom and have been receiving divine information from the beings of this star for several years. The information they have provided me has transformed my life, given me the courage to step into my truth, and allowed me to release a whole host of blocks and fears. They have asked me to begin sharing their messages with the greater public so that those who feel called will awaken to their star powers and tap into this magical energy like never before.

Those of you who think this is far-fetched mumbo-jumbo, please do not waste your time reading further. This information is not meant for those with whom it does not resonate. Those of you who are intrigued by, feel a connection to, or a curiosity about this information, please read on. It is you whom The Beings of the Light wish to address.

While these beings have been referred to as The Azez, they have identified themselves to me as The Beings of the Light that hail from the star Azez. For this reason, I will now refer to them as The Beings of the Light.
I met The Beings of the Light through the practice of automatic writing. Next, they began taking me on journeys through meditation. Then, I began channelling them and they provide most of the meditations in the workshops I teach. They have been with me so much, that now they are like the divine voice in my head. They are my own guidance, and they are the guidance of many others on the planet. They say it is time for others on the planet who carry their wisdom within to wake up and remember who they are.

The Beings of the Light have a strong connection to Earth. It is they who brought water to the Earth. Many souls on this planet were involved in that process. I am one of those souls. Perhaps you are, too. For this reason, water is considered to be extra-terrestrial or “not of this Earth.” You only need look at the unusual properties of water to understand that it is not earthly in nature. When water freezes it expands, rather than contracts. When water turns to ice, it floats. All other earthly substances get heavier (and denser) when they get colder. Water becomes lighter. When water is heated, it does not combust and turn to ash. Instead, it turns into vapour, but it remains a water molecule. It is not destroyed through the process, because like our Spirit, water is infinite and extra-terrestrial (ET).

It is time to dispel the fears regarding anything extra-terrestrial, which simply means “not of this Earth.” The infinite part of us, our soul or spirit, is not of the Earth. Therefore, we, too, are ET. In truth, we are infinite, spiritual Light Beings having an earthly experience and not human beings trying to have a spiritual experience—although sometimes it may appear that way.

The Beings of the Light work very closely with other energies in the Universe including the Pleiadians (from the star Pleiades within the star system called Sirius), the Galactic Council (a council of divine light beings overseeing the spiritual evolution of humanity), and the Christ Consciousness (the pure unconditional love that is most widely-known as the light carried by the master healer Jesus). Their collective wisdom is infiltrating the Earth at this time in ways they were not able to do before. The reason for this is because humanity, as a whole, has reached a level of divine consciousness that is much higher than it has ever been before and now is ready and able to access and hold the high frequencies that these energies carry. The other reason is that the Pleiadian stargates have now opened on Earth, which provide an opening for this new information to be received directly on Earth and to be tapped into by anyone who wishes to access it. To do this, simply lie down with your eyes closed, breathe, and ask to be taken to the Pleiadian stargate opening. Then pay attention to what information you receive.

Most profoundly, this loving energy has provided me with innovative, effective, and remarkably simple methods in which to access the subconscious mind, change the long-standing limiting beliefs within my being, and create a life of my own choosing. They are helping me to remember my forgotten wisdom, including the wisdom I have that is associated with Merlin (the master magician) and Lemuria and Atlantis (ancient advanced civilizations).

It is time for those of us who came to Earth to awaken to our magical powers and the forgotten wisdom of Lemuria and Atlantis, to come out of hiding and into full being. If you don’t know how to do that, I am offering workshops to aid people in this quest. You may also do this on your own through asking to be shown your way, through meditation and divine guidance. Just ask The Beings of the Light for assistance, and they will be there instantly.

Fay Thompson is a licensed Spiritual Health Coach specializing in Subconscious Mind Correction. If you wish to learn more about The Beings of the Light and connect more deeply with this energy, Fay is speaking on the subject and teaching two workshops that will facilitate this awakening. Visit www.wellonecoaching.com for more information, or email Fay at faythompson@gmail.com to register. Also, see the display ad on page 43 of the 18.4 November/December issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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