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Volume 18 Issue 4
November/Dec 2012

Stem Cell Nutrition: A New Paradigm in Health and Wellness

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Stem Cell Nutrition: A New Paradigm in Health and Wellness
by Jeannette McLaughlin
Jeannette McLaughlin

While debate over embryonic stem cell research continues, scientists have made astounding discoveries about adult stem cells. Found in an organism after birth, primarily in the bone marrow, adult stem cells are the body’s master cells. Stem cells released by the bone marrow are responsible for the constant renewal of red blood cells and lymphocytes (immune cells). The body produces millions of stem cells every day; however, due to factors such as daily exposure to environmental toxins, physical and mental stress, poor diet, as well as the aging process, the number and quality of circulating stem cells gradually decrease.

In recent years, adult stem cell research has generated a great deal of excitement and hope. In November 2011, the Vatican held an international conference on stem cells during which the Catholic Church affirmed its support for adult stem cell research. In a private audience during the historical conference, Pope Benedict XVI affirmed, “...the potential benefits of adult stem cell research are very considerable, since it opens up possibilities for healing chronic degenerative illnesses by repairing damaged tissue and restoring its capacity for regeneration. The improvement that such therapies promise would constitute a significant step forward in medical science, bringing fresh hope to sufferers and their families alike.”

A fascinating discovery in recent years is that adult stem cells are at the core of the body’s natural renewal system, and that an important parameter in the stem cell system of renewal is the number of circulating stem cells. Numerous scientific studies conducted around the world, including at the National Institutes of Health (one of the world’s foremost medical research centres), have clearly established that the higher the level of circulating stem cells, the better the ability of the body to maintain optimal health. The New England Journal of Medicine reported that the level of stem cells in the blood was one of the best indicators of cardiovascular health.

In 2005, a revolutionary approach to optimizing health and wellness was introduced to the world. This concept, known as stem cell nutrition, consists of consuming nutritional substances that have been shown to support the release and activity of your own body’s adult stem cells. The higher the number of circulating stem cells, the higher the number of stem cells available to migrate in various organs and tissues.

Once released from the bone marrow, adult stem cells circulate and function to replace dysfunctional cells; they have the ability to become virtually any type of cell in the body. As they migrate in a tissue, for example, stem cells become cells of that tissue, hence regenerating the tissue. Studies in recent years have shown that stem cells from the bone marrow can become cells of the heart, the liver, the pancreas, the colon, the intestines, the stomach, the esophagus, the kidneys, the lungs, the brain, the eyes, the skin, the muscles, the joints, as well as other organs and tissues. Stem cells that do not reach any organ/tissue or become blood cells, simply return to the bone marrow after some time.

“In studies published in recent years, a lower number of circulating stem cells has been linked to the development of cardiac diseases, arthritis, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), pulmonary arterial diseases, diabetes, kidney failure, muscular dystrophy, and even migraines and erectile dysfunction. In other words, people with less stem cells are more likely to develop these diseases. Disease formation is not the result of cellular loss but rather the result of an imbalance between cellular loss and cellular regeneration. We lose cells every day of our lives, but we also regenerate cells and repair tissues every day of our lives; we just need to renew cells as fast as we lose cells.” —Christian Drapeau, America’s leading adult stem cell scientist, author, speaker, and expert in stem cell nutrition (www.christiandrapeau.com).

Adult stem cells form the very core of the body’s natural renewal system for animals, just as they do for humans

As animals grow older, the number of circulating adult stem cells gradually decreases, leaving them more susceptible to injury and other health challenges. By supporting the natural release of adult stem cells from their bone marrow, stem cell nutrition also supports the ongoing health of animals, as it helps their bodies naturally repair and renew their organs and tissues. For more information about adult stem cells and animals, as well as testimonials for my own dogs, visit www.animacell.com. You can also find more about adult stem cells, including videos, along with information on all-natural patented stem cells enhancers, for humans and animals at www.jeannettemclaughlin.stemtechbiz.com.

Jeannette McLaughlin is a semi-retired naturotherapist who lives in Tracadie-Sheila, New Brunswick. After having lived for 34 years in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and Ottawa, she returned to her native New Brunswick in 1995, where she began studying various healing techniques. She has been passionate about holistic health for over 33 years and her latest interest is stem cell nutrition. She can be reached through the websites mentioned in the article, or at (506) 395-7058.


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