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Volume 18 Issue 3
September/October 2012

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Ayurveda in Saskatchewan

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Ayurveda in Saskatchewan
by Annapurna Joshi
Annapurna Joshi

Om to all. I am new to Saskatoon, but I feel like I have always belonged here. The wonderful vast ever-changing sky and mysterious sunsets, and the open and like-hearted people made an instant heart connection with me. Ayurveda has always brought me to places near and far, guided me to be of service, where it is needed. So, I am here now and so is Ayurveda—the ancient wisdom and applicable Science of Life, the only complete holistic medicine system that gives guidance and answers to people’s questions in all areas of existence—the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. I feel grateful to be able to share my healing experience, knowledge, and practice of Ayurveda with all.

Many thousands of yours ago, Ayurveda was written in ancient India by experienced and intuitive seers (rishis), who channelled this complete medical science of life, as well as Yoga and its guidelines, through meditation. The ancient text of Charaka Samhita I.41. describes Ayurveda as follows:

Ayurveda is the knowledge that indicates the appropriate and inappropriate, happy or sorrowful conditions of living, what is auspicious or inauspicious for longevity, as well as the measure of life itself. —Charaka Samhita I.41.

As a complete system of health care, Ayurvedic knowledge covers all areas of medicine: from prevention, detoxification, and rejuvenation, to paediatrics, toxicology, surgery, and mental health (psychology and spirituality). An Ayurvedic physician offers preventive and curative guidelines to individuals, couples, families, and children regardless of their age and health condition. One only needs to be open and willing to heal.

If you are looking for answers about your physical, emotional, and spiritual health, then this ancient practice has them all as a complete science of life. “Ayur” means “life” and “veda” means “science” in the ancient Sanskrit language. Ayurveda believes that each and every one is unique, has a unique body and mind constitution made out of a particular proportion of three doshas (elements)—vata (air, ether), pitta (fire), and kapha (water and earth). They are part of our body, mind, and the entire Universe within and without. If they are balanced, we experience living in flow, pure health, and peace of mind. The main benefit of this philosophy and treatment is that it helps us understand the root cause of the imbalance, eliminate it, restore balance with long lasting impact, and raise our health consciousness. Prevention is always considered better than cure: that is why Ayurveda provides effective education and guidance on our diet and lifestyle, so our newly achieved health balance and understanding can be maintained for life.

Accurate individual diagnosis needs to be made by a qualified Ayurvedic physician. He or she decides on the nature, duration, and course length of properly administered procedures such as oleation of body and head, steaming, relaxation, counselling, and commitment to a healthy diet and lifestyle, which are part of the Detoxification and Rejuvenation Program. The use of natural medicine, oils, decoctions, flower essences, colour therapy, specific Yogic postures (asanas), mantra healing, Vedic astrology, and gem therapy are some therapeutic tools to move and balance our energy, boost our immune system, and help us understand ourselves better. The desired effect of all of the above-mentioned therapies occurs under supervision and guidance of an experienced Ayurvedic physician, with whose help we can boost our own system of intelligence and immunity, rediscover and understand our health, rejuvenate and embrace our own journey forward to health, harmony, and happiness.

If you ever questioned why we suffer from chronic health issues, or why some of us are easily stressed or have a weak immune system from birth, Ayurveda provides an explanation.

According to Ayurveda, diseases have two causes. First, they can arise from physical or biological causes: the imbalance of the biological humours, the elements and prime energies of the physical body. Treatment involves mainly physical or medical methods with a naturalistic basis including herbs, diet, bodywork, and Yogic postures (asanas).

Second, diseases can arise from karmic causes: from the effects of wrong actions we have done in life, meaning from psychological or spiritual causes. These may be a wrong occupation, problems in relationship or emotional difficulties, where treatment may require changes in life-style and attitude. Such causes include not living up to our inner purpose or spiritual will in life, which is called in Sanskrit, our “dharma.” Diseases can arise from wrong actions in a previous life, primarily those which brought harm to other beings or misused our power or resources. Such karmic diseases may require some form of atonement or sacrifice, an “inner rectification” to re-establish our well-being in life. For this, Ayurveda uses Yoga and a system of divine or spiritual therapy (daiva cikitsa) which includes the use of the gems, mantras, prayers, rituals, and meditations.

Ayurveda has a regular, gentle application and long-lasting impact, and always considers individual uniqueness. As a Science of Life, it wants us to take charge of our health and make it our responsibility, and to understand our self and live life to our greatest potential. We are our own best healers.

If you internally feel connected to Ayurveda and are ready to heal, now is the right time to start your healing journey. Take action and responsibility for your health and finally experience how it feels to live a truly healthy and harmonious life according to your unique needs.

May all beings be Happy, Healthy, and Harmonious.

Annapurna Joshi is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Lifestyle Consultant specializing in Women’s and Child Health under directions of Dr. Sur Harit, MD (Ayurveda) and Vedic Astrologer. Annapurna is a keen student of Vedic Philosophy, Spirituality, and Yoga. She and Dr. Harit have been spreading wisdom of Ayurveda and providing health and spiritual guidance in North America for the past ten years. They are raising awareness about benefits of vegetarianism, vedic sound, and meditation. For your unique consultation contact: 306-979-9679, email: aum4878@gmail.com, or visit their website: www.gurudaya.wordpress.com.


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