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Volume 18 Issue 1
May/June 2012

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Venus Stars in 2012!


Venus Stars in 2012!
by Maka

As it turns out, during May and June, 2012, Moon and Venus along with Sun are choreographed in a spectacular dance of eclipses we will be able
to observe.

What will happen in 2012? This question buzzes in the airwaves as unprecedented solar flares blaze toward our planet with the potential to wreak havoc with satellites and the electric grid. Our true source of life—this special star that we call Sun—is aligning with the heart of the Milky Way. Life on Mother Earth careens out of balance as we two-leggeds rely more and more on delicate technology (powered by unsustainable dirty energy) rather than experiencing a direct connection with the natural world around us. The good news is that we are not alone! In fact, we were never alone, the humans just got distracted. Our exquisitely beautiful natural world includes a few of Mother Earth’s celestial relations—Moon and Venus—who’ve been dancing with her since the beginning. Here in the midst of the Shift of the Ages, the dance reaches a crescendo. As we would expect!

The Mayan Long Count calendar describes the period between 1987 and 2014 as the conclusion of the “4th Sun” and the beginning of the new 5,000 year era of the “5th Sun.” The grand council of 400 Maya elders agreed that 2012 is the focus year in this transition. Great shifts are in the air!

As it turns out, during May and June, 2012, Moon and Venus along with Sun are choreographed in a spectacular dance of eclipses we will be able to observe. May 20th — Sun enters Gemini and the Gemini New Moon makes an annular eclipse of the Sun. The evening of June 4th there will be a Full Moon partial eclipse. On June 5th Venus makes a rare eclipse of the Sun, called a “transit” (technically an inferior conjunction with Sun) as she begins her new appearance as the Morning Star. We can actively dance along and attune ourselves with the energies! You are invited to participate in the tradition of our ancestors who built temples for gatherings at auspicious times, and sculpted altars to align themselves with the cyclical appearances of Venus and the Moon. Observing eclipses can be a great experience which helps to instill a sense of the power inherently born by the celestial bodies. On the afternoon of Sunday, May 20th, at Ancient Spirals, we begin our 3-part series of observations, celebrations, and ceremonies with a seminar to share deep and profound teachings of the Venus Star. (Full schedule listed in this issue’s Calendar of Events, p. 7.)

A brief introduction to the Venus Star teachings… Recall the sensations when you gaze west into the early night sky and observe the brilliant evening star. Do you feel anything besides joy? Venus brings the qualities of beauty, harmony, and love into our lives on Earth. She is known as a sensuous goddess of art, music, and dance. Our ancestors from many cultures knew her as the goddess of relationships, and called her the twin sister of Mother Earth. Indeed, here in the grand celestial dance of 2012 we can watch Venus “kiss” the Sun! Interestingly, in this stone figure (top middle) known as “Venus of Laussell,” a voluptuous pregnant goddess holds a bison horn shaped like the crescent moon with thirteen lines marking the 13 moons of one year. Imagine yourself in the time of those ancestors, 25,000 years ago, sitting beneath the starry sky with your extended family, around the soft flickering light of a campfire. You were keenly aware of Venus the evening star. Perhaps a sliver of crescent moon is there beside her. In that past lifetime, did you realize that this brightest of all the stars was not really a star?

Here in the 21st Century, we have the best of many worlds, NASA satellites included! We now know that Venus and Earth are continuously dancing an almost perfect 5-pointed star around the Sun every eight years. And this Venus Star is in accordance with, or is perhaps the original source of, the Golden Ratio of harmony that defines our sense of beauty. Within the creation of this Venus Star, planet Venus shines as the morning star for 260 days. She disappears from view when she is too close to the Sun to be seen above the horizon, then becomes the evening star for 260 days. Interestingly, two hundred and sixty days is the period of human and buffalo gestation! So, while Venus of Laussell may appear rather earthy, she is truly reflecting the cycle of ethereal Aunty Venus!

As it turns out, planets in our solar system do more than simply circle around the Sun. Venus makes her orbit every 224 days and we know that Earth’s year is 365 days. On the day when Venus re-appears to become the morning or evening star, these two planets meet or conjunct. A new Venus Star Point begins every 1.618 years, and when we connect the five dots . . . voila!

Venus is continuously spewing out into the solar system and into our lives like a fountain of love. There’s more! Now we shine Venus on the 2012 drama. At the outset of every 15th new star traced by Venus, the point begins with a “big kiss” (called a “cazimi” by astrologers). Due to the tilt of Venus’s orbit, this planet makes an eclipse across the face of the Sun! Eight years later the “big kiss” repeats, then not again for another 121.5 and then 105.5 years, 121.5 years, etc. In the past 500 years, there were pairs of Venus Transit on 1518/26, 1631/39, 1761/69, and 1874/82.

Looking back at world events, we see a pattern of radical transformations taking place at these times in the arenas of communication systems and the empowerment of women. Our original research demonstrates that significant earthquakes were triggered and/or volcanoes erupted, such as Krakatoa and the subsequent tsunami in Sumatra, a few months after every Venus Transit. On June 8th, 2004, Venus eclipsed the Sun and she will do so again on June 5th, 2012!

In daily life, we discover many imprints of the five-pointed star traced by Venus surrounding us in nature, sweetly reminding us that we are not alone and that the truth of harmony, beauty, and love is the prevailing law of life on planet Earth! May all our sacred offerings to Mother Earth, the Sun, Venus, and the Moon bear magnificent outcomes so that we and future generations enjoy deep peace and joy while trusting in the celestial relatives to assist humanity with a smooth transition into the next great cycle of life, the epoch of the 5th Sun. As it is meant to be!

Maka is a former college instructor, evolving into an enlightened emissary of the goddesses. In 2012, she has become an ardent devotee of Venus, while following a shamanic path as an artist and film maker. Her most recent production entitled, Honeybees of the Venus Star, can be viewed at: www.youtube.com/user/VenusStarRising/feed. She welcomes your comments and enquiries at (605) 430-7139 or Maka@TheSacredFeminine.net.


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