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Volume 17 Issue 6
March/April 2012

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Healing Through the Archangels


Healing Through the Archangels
by Simone M. Matthews
Simone Matthews

The question I am most often asked is, “What is an Archangel?” Please keep reading as the answer may surprise you!

Take a moment to cast your mind back to the beginning of creation some 13 billion years ago. Within the void, the infinite darkness, a spark of LOVE (also called Source Energy, Infinite Intelligence, or God) said, “Let there be Light,” and in that moment “there was Light.”

Science refers to this moment as the Big Bang, and it is from this first Light that all of creation expands out infinitely. From Source’s/God’s central core, energy waves are continually being expressed/released at very high frequencies, and as these waves expand out further away from the centre of Source, they slowly decrease in vibration creating colour, then sound until finally, at their lower levels of vibration, physical matter.

So as you can see, Source/God permeates through every level, through every aspect of creation. As that original spark of LOVE expands in all directions of time and space, God is the energy waves, God is the colour, God is the sound, and God is the physical matter, and God is the entire field of LOVE (Live One Vibrational Energy).

God’s light expands infinitely via one or more of the elements of creation—Earth, Fire, Air, and Water coming together through Spirit. Galaxies, solar systems, planets, humans, plants, animals, DNA, the atom, sub-atomic particles, and hence the energy/space between all matter, is made up of one or more of these elements.

God assigned the Archangels as sacred keepers of the elements, whose role is to expand the elements infinitely through Gods breath. Thus the Archangels are present through all levels of creation from the highest vibrational frequency pulses at the central core of God/Source through to the densest of physical matter. Archangels are present everywhere, in each and every moment. Thus the Archangels are also present within you, they are you, they create you.

At your Soul level, you are a spark/fractal of Source energy, thus you are all of the five elements coming together as one. But at the physical level, all the elements are separated in order for your Soul to have a physical experience, in order for the Soul to be able to smell, taste, touch, hear, see, and experience physical reality. Your Soul creates the energetic and physical body via the 12 primary chakras, and each chakra holds the frequency of a different element(s). Thus the Archangels make manifest your chakras via the elements of creation.

Each chakra governs an aspect of your body, from your nervous system, organs, endocrine system through to your creative, emotional, and mental expression. Illness or dis-ease is an imbalance in energy via one or more of your chakras. Thus to bring healing to your physical body and peace to your mental/emotional states, involves re-establishing your chakras to their highest vibrational template in balance and harmony with each other. In other words, re-uniting each chakra with its purest and most divine template from which it was created. Resonating each chakra at its purest Archangel element frequency honours the divine perfection of spirit, the source energy within and supports healing on all levels.

When working with the Archangels to raise the vibrational frequency of each chakra up to its optimal resonance, rather that invoke the Archangels to you, Archangel frequencies are invoked through you. Invoking Archangel vibrations through you is a conscious form of healing, as it honours the divine perfection of spirit, the source energy within and your role as a co-creator within the universe. You are not a victim to circumstance, not a casualty of illness, but rather a pulsating spark of creation that is empowered to heal from within.

In this awakened state of being, ill-health is not seen as something to fear but rather understood as a sign of imbalance in the energetic/physical bodies via your chakras. Illness thus provides an opportunity for deep inner healing to occur as you raise the vibrational template of your chakras up to their full potential and move beyond your current level of consciousness.

Our world is currently in a state of change and we are sitting on the edge of an evolutionary shift in consciousness where people are waking up and seeing the power and grace of spirit within. Working with the Archangels through you for healing is about embracing the grace of potential within, and choosing to be the change you wish to see within the world. As you embrace the power of the Archangel elements through you, you are free to move beyond your limited states of awareness. You are free to shatter your old paradigms and create for yourself heart-based global consciousness in unity and enduring peace.

Simone M. Matthews is an international speaker, spiritual teacher, and a visionary pioneer of a global shift in consciousness. As founder of Universal Life Tools.com and author of Crystal Light Healing® and Essence of Angels® vibrational healing modalities, Simone is facilitating a global awakening of people to the infinite power of their Heart and Soul. She will be travelling to Canada in July 2012 facilitating her two-day Essence of Angels® Practitioner Course and her six-day Essence of Angels® Teachers Course. Join Simone for one or both of these courses to open your awareness to the ancient wisdom of the Archangels from within, and come away empowered to live a healthful, joyous, and fulfilling life. For more information or to make a booking please visit: www.UniversalLifeTools.com.


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