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Volume 17 Issue 6
March/April 2012

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See Clearly Without Glasses, Contacts, or Surgery
by Summer Bozohora, Natural Vision Specialist (Intern)
Summer Bozohora

How often have you heard someone say they are unable to see a situation clearly? It can often turn out to be a literal statement. Most of us are fitted with our first pair of glasses six months to one year after some stressful event.

Our nervous system, under stress, can result in blurred vision. Blurred vision is a temporary intolerance or sensitivity to having light converge directly on the retina because, at the time, it is too much for our nervous system to process. Stop and think back—when did you receive your first glasses? What was happening for you at that time?

No one really asks how we are feeling or looks at what has changed in our life when blur develops. Our society, being externally focused on objects rather than on the clarity of our feelings from within, has us fix the blur with prescription glasses. What this does is lock our neurological system and tricks it into believing it sees clearly, even though the neurological stress has not been alleviated. Over time, it begins to feel normal. If however, we addressed our stress and gave ourselves time to re-adjust, our eyes would adjust as well.

Clear vision can be achieved without glasses or surgery. Thousands of people around the world have permanently discarded their glasses. The principles of Natural Vision are really simple, but the process does require commitment, time, and care. It’s not an instant fix but a process of healing.

How does it work? Clear vision is a natural unconscious process. It’s also a dynamic process that varies with levels of stress, illness, and energy levels. Our vision is not static. You see, the retina of the eye (the back of the eye where light rays are meant to converge for a clear image) is a part of the central nervous system. The retina is packed with neurons and processes a lot of information before it is sent to the brain. If we are under stress, our body and mind mediates the amount of information we take in.

This is true for any of us, including children. Our first experiences at school often create anxieties and fears to do well that impede both our natural inclination to learn and see. We learn easiest without strain or effort—when we are naturally interested and motivated. Our eyes are an extension of our brain. We see clearly when we relieve any effort—when the surrounding eye muscles relax and allow the sclera of the eye its natural shape and ability to accommodate at all distances.

Stress affects our vision and glasses change the way we handle stress neurologically. After being fitted with glasses as children, as many of us have been, we develop detrimental seeing habits and neurological patterns that need unlearning. Unlearning these patterns is where Natural Vision specialists come in.

My friend Amanda told me about an awareness she had in regards to her vision/emotional patterns as she took a break from work. She removed her glasses, and while gazing out the window, experienced an internal shift of peacefulness and relief/liberation. However, she said she could also sense internal feelings that had the potential to overwhelm her—feelings that seemed to stop when she put her glasses back on. She noticed that her glasses were like an emotional buffer. When she put them back on, she knew she “meant business” and felt an internal pressure to be more productive, effective, and serious.

I told her that her awareness is the beginning of a return to clarity and I could fully relate. My vision fluctuates with each thought I have. Any friction between others that I perceive as competitive or that I perceive as a “test” creates an internal anxiety and instant blur. Once I can recompose my centred nature, through breath and awareness, my clarity returns. By learning to stay present to myself, I no longer wear glasses and am legal to drive without them. On a neurological level, I am running slower, being more deliberate, and I feel far more able to navigate interpersonal bumpers (boundaries with people). For me, each reduced prescription has come with added relief, inner clarity, and joy.

Summer Bozohora is the only Natural Vision Specialist (Intern) currently practicing in Alberta and Saskatchewan. There is an upcoming vision retreat on April 14 and 15 in Edmonton, AB. For details call 780-757-2774 or visit www.csshealing.com/vision.


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