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Volume 14 Issue 5
January/February 2009

Winter Kisses: Capturing Snow Crystals, No Two Really Are Alike

Wholesome Food
for On the Move

Neurostructural Integration (NST)
A Bowen-derived Technique

From Barnyard
to Bedside: How Doctors are Learning Better Bedside Manners from Horses

An Art Therapist Discovers the Creative Prairie Landscape

Astrology and You: An Opportunity to Discover Your Authentic Self

Power-packed Berries


Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 14 Issue 5 — January/February 2009
by Melva Armstrong

With the continuous talk and news reports about what is being referred to as the poor state of our current economy, I find myself choosing to not listen to news and reports about it. Instead, I listen to very peaceful and soothing music, I keep my own counsel, I meditate, and I trust and know that there is a reason for everything that happens, and that good comes out of everything no matter how it may appear. I feel that all circumstances are part of the great mystery of life. No matter how hard I endeavour to keep myself in a calm state of inner peace, I am constantly challenged by outside influences, as well as by my own unruly thinking, and these are my lessons to help me keep focused on the present moment and trust there is a divine order that is unfolding and guiding me, and so guiding each of us on our journeys in this lifetime.

According to scientist, visionary, and scholar Gregg Braden we are in what he refers to as the “shift of the ages”. His research tells us these changing times have been predicted by the ancients for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years, and to those people who believe in the teachings of these enlightened beings, the changes that are going on in our planet today are natural occurrences. My intuition leads me to agree with this. There has been mention about the year 2012 as being the time of the shift, but due to the differences in calendars this is an approximate year, and it is already clear that the changes, or shifts, have begun. These are exciting times and although the changes may seem scary, they are, in fact, leading us all to a greater state of well-being, prosperity, abundance, and peace. We will all be challenged during these coming years and yet we will have many opportunities to grow and expand and evolve into the true beings we are meant to be. May we all know that we are not alone on this journey and that there are mighty companions by our sides.

In this issue I feel truly blessed to be presenting an article about a dear and long-time friend named Richard Walters, who has a love of photographing very teeny tiny aspects of our world; things that we wouldn’t notice unless they were pointed out to us and even shown to us under a microscope. The article is called Winter Kisses: Capturing Snow Crystals, No Two Really are Alike by Robin Seaton Jefferson (p. 24). Richard says he is one of a handful of people in the world who have captured images of snowflakes with a camera and when you read about the intricacies needed to do it, you will understand why there are so few. I felt it would be special for our readers to be able to see these magical and unique images and to know exactly how they were created, and by someone who views tiny objects as very precious. It brings joy to my heart when I know of people like Richard who are pursuing things they love and thus bringing themselves and others such great joy and pleasure. I hope and trust that all of you are doing things in your lives that make your heart sing and that fill you with love and joy.

As usual, we have another full house of articles and advertising to help you start your new year in healthy and happy ways. From Wholesome Food for On the Move (Paulette Millis) p. 12, to Power-packed Berries (Joe Smulevitz) p. 14, to A Mind-Body Approach to Weight Loss (Patricia Bisch) p. 40, to Neurostructural Integration (Yvette Woodrow ) p. 18, and on to Astrology and You (Patricia Sereno) p. 36. Then find out how medical doctors are learning better bedside manners from horses (imagine that!) in Carol Marriott’s article From Barnyard to Bedside (p. 42) and enjoy knowing how An Art Therapist Discovers the Creative Prairie Landscape (Karen Wallace) p. 38. Be sure to check out Donald Sutherland’s The Changing Face of Family and Community (p. 46), as well as the upcoming February forum explained in Is Renewable Doable? (p. 22). You can round everything off by reading the eclectic items in News of Note (p. 8) and Colour It Green! (p. 20). Thanks go to all those who have contributed to this issue. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Happy New Year to one and all! May the new year bring you a love of beginnings and comfort you with the blessings of fond memories.

(The Spirit in me honours the Spirit in you)

PS: Inspired by the winds of change, we have given WHOLifE a new look.

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