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Volume 14 Issue 3
Sept/October 2008

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Healing the Past, Changing the Future
by Douglas De Long
Douglas De Long

The mind of man is capable of anything—because everything is in it, all the past, as well as all the future.
—Joseph Conrad

For more than seventeen years I have worked as a past-life therapist. Hundreds of people have come through my doors from various walks of life. All of them have been unique with equally unique reasons for seeking a past life regression. Spiritual development, soul-searching, emotional pain release, and outright curiosity are but a few reasons.

It is always been my belief that if you heal your past, you can positively affect your present, and ultimately change your future for your greater good. With this thought in mind I want to tell you about Adam—not his real name, of course. Adam, a young university student contacted me several years ago. He suffered greatly with severe headaches. The pain was so intense and long lasting, that he was considered a disabled student. For years he had attempted to pursue his intellectual studies in hopes of completing his university degree. Unfortunately, he was unable to achieve his goal due to this terrible affliction. In desperation he came to see me for a past life regression.

It is not unusual for someone to seek out complementary or alternative healing modalities, especially after an exhaustive search of mainstream medical treatments have been unsuccessful.

When Adam arrived for his initial past life session, he was in between bouts of intense pain. Through a special guided meditation or induction that involves “chakra or energy flow techniques,” he was able to enter into a deep, altered state of consciousness. This young man proved to be an ideal subject. (He was the type of person that stage hypnotists seek out.)

After a moment of quiet I asked Adam to describe what he felt and saw. The following story unfolded. In Pidgin English he explained that he lived and worked as a slave on a plantation. The location was somewhere in the southern United States although he was not sure as to the exact whereabouts. “What is your name?” I asked quietly a few moments later. “Mah name is Eli,” came the reply. Adam, or rather Eli, continued to describe his incarnation. He was twelve years old. It was warm and humid here as he worked in a field alongside other slaves. A large, white house stood in the distance where Mastah W lived with his family.

One day as he walked past the house with its imposing white columns, he noticed a young, white girl sitting on a swing in the front yard. She talked to him briefly and said her name was Melisa. The relaxed expression on my client’s face changed slightly when he mentioned this chance meeting. “Mastah W is mad,” explained Eli. The owner of the plantation had found out about this brief encounter and was angry. The end result was that Eli was whipped for this slight transgression. Through the ordeal this twelve-year old boy did not cry too loudly. He explained that if he had, he would have been beaten worse.

Later, Eli lay on the wooden floor in his family’s home, a shack. It was then that the young slave started to sob. Jed, his father was chastising him for talking to the white folk. My client Adam was now sobbing. His prone body twitched a bit. He seemed somewhat uncomfortable being in a prone position upon the couch. I decided to move him ahead to a later period in that particular incarnation. I gently guided him with my voice using a breathing technique. Adam’s body became more relaxed and soon another scene unfolded.
It was ten years later and Eli was a young man with powerful muscles. The years of hard work in the fields of the plantation had contributed greatly to his physique. He was on the run during the time of the American Civil War. Caring people associated with the Underground Railroad were helping him to escape to the North. By pre-arrangement he met the Adamson family who were travelling in that direction in a covered wagon. The father, a gray-haired man along with his teenage son quickly stowed Eli into a hidden compartment directly beneath the floor of their wagon. As they attempted to cross the lines from the Confederacy into the Union side, the family was stopped. Confederate soldiers on horseback surrounded the wagon. Eli could hear them asking questions about runaway slaves. Racial slurs and derogatory comments escaped from the lips of many of the soldiers. There was some yelling and swearing. According to the young fugitive these soldiers thought they had the right to kill any runaways. Finally, Eli felt the wagon lurch forward and the angry voices grew dimmer. He heard a few gunshots in the distance.

Again, I instructed Adam to move forward to the final moments of that lifetime. In great detail he discussed the final scene. “I workin’ fah da Union,” Eli said, with pride in his voice. Then, he described the place where he lived and worked. It was a big Northern city by the sea. The young man, now free, was working outside of a warehouse loading supply wagons. He was well liked by many of the Union soldiers stationed there. Eli kept lifting heavy parcels and placed them onto the wagon. As he did, a group of Confederate prisoners went by escorted by guards. He stated that some of the prisoners glared at him. Suddenly, a scuffle broke out between the blue uniformed guards and their prisoners. One of the Union soldiers who knew Eli yelled back at the young, freed slave. “Eli, help. Come quickly!” The former slave dropped his parcel and ran towards the melee. The soldier whom had summoned him struggled with a Confederate officer. Eli grabbed the rebel soldier’s arm. “Keep your filthy hands off of me!” screamed the officer. Then he produced a gun that was hidden away and put it the side of Eli’s head.

In an instant, the freed man felt a horrible pain and saw a flash of light within his head. He described falling to the ground mortally wounded. After that, Eli felt himself drifting above the terrible scene. During this final moment, the moment of death in that previous existence, my client moaned and became totally still. Adam’s breathing started to slow down. The rapid eye movement (REM) ceased. I then used a special guided technique to bring Adam back into the present time. This technique also involved helping his soul to return into the physical form. This process took a minute or two. When he opened his eyes he seemed more rested. My client told me he felt overwhelmed with the experience but felt it was a positive one.

I did not hear from Adam for a year. One day he phoned me out of the blue. Adam proceeded to tell me that he no longer suffered from debilitating headaches and was working on his university degree. He explained to me in a very exciting manner that his past life regression had helped him greatly. Also, he had followed up his session with several Reiki treatments. The energy healing sessions had also assisted him tremendously. Adam was now meditating on a regular basis. He informed me that the combination of all of these modalities had resulted in a cure. That was the last time I heard from him.

Years later someone mentioned to me that Adam had completed his university studies and now lived a more productive life free of pain. I hope and believe he is living life to the fullest and contributing to the betterment of our world.

Douglas De Long is an international author on the subjects of spirituality, psychic development, and ancient healing. His current works: Ancient Teachings for Beginners and Ancient Healing Techniques are both published by Llewellyn Worldwide. He is a medical intuitive, past life therapist, and spiritual teacher. He and his wife Carol operate the De Long Ancient Mystery School near Saskatoon, SK. For contact details, services & classes see the display ad on page 37 of the 14.3 September/October issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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