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Volume 12 Issue 4
Nov/December 2006

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Relationship from an Astrological Perspective


Relationship From an Astrological Perspective
by Samantha Kane-Kennedy
Laura Burkhart

Relationship is the area most often asked about in astrology chart readings. The chart for the time of birth for each individual actually portrays all the levels of their relationship to life and this provides the format for the way you create your reality. How to get along with another person is the question of many lifetimes and is the one area in which astrology excels. Consider the premise; in order to have a friend, you need to be one; in order to have a good relationship, you need to provide one. Always when investigating two or more people's charts in relationship, be it personal or business, I look at the individual's ability to be in a relationship first and foremost. Then the composite chart, made up of the combined birth charts of the people involved in the relationship, is more dimensional as well.

The natal birth map, or chart, when cast with an accurate birth time for the place of birth, reveals a person's inherent temperament with regard to all of life but most especially, their relationship experience. In many charts I have seen that more than one marriage would be experienced, or that certain relationship experiences would occur before the person would find their life mate. It is as if some humans have to process certain criteria before they can locate someone they resonate with harmoniously. Sometimes it is more applicable to think that they have to work through and let go of the influences of the past and form a new perspective in order to embrace the relationship potentials of their future.

Frequently clients consult me because their biological clock is ringing or their peer group is applying pressure to marry. It is a relief to have their doubts erased when I clearly see that marriage is not for them and can explain why. There have been occasions when clients have come to me to investigate their sexual preferences, the origin and reasons for their choice, or to confirm their inclination to switch preferences. All of these conditions have been witnessed and confirmed through the person's birth chart and can be tracked in the present cycles. In charts where sexual preference was interfered with, I have seen a lifetime spent on a journey that would eventually culminate in a conclusion made to best suit the soul's choice. In these circumstances the soul must first work itself free of the perspective created by the entanglements that are causing perturbations in their natural harmony. It is a celebration when the chart reveals their evolutionary work is done and now they can clearly make their own choice of gender preference free of the stigmas of the past.

Lately, I have seen many couples find each other as mates of the soul. Everyone has heard the term soul mate. In decades gone by it has been rarer to find your soul mate. Now more than ever there seems to be an importance placed on soulship. But don't think of the term as ultimate, it is more that your souls are working on the same level and can share. A soul mate is a person who resonates with your soul. In rare instances, you can have friends or work mates, health practitioners, and body workers, who will also be of a soul quality. Mostly, however, when we meet someone who dovetails into our higher self, we want to become intimate.

The "affinity" is the highest spiritual relationship between two souls and these are the rare occurrences. The souls who have an affinity for each other can reincarnate without each other, although energetically one is never very far from the other. They are "as one" in the highest sense even if they do not incarnate together, or incarnate in a form in which they could not be together. To me the difference is very important, a soul mate is probably the highest level of relationship we can achieve in human life, but your soul mate is your equal and that doesn't always make for an easy relationship if you still have lessons to learn together.

The birth chart also contains information about your past lives and reveals how another person has connected with you in this past life condition. Relationships in this life can be formed because of something that brings you together again and it can be obligation, duty, guilt, protectiveness, and all kinds of agreements based on the experience of that life. We do the same thing in this life when perhaps we are extremely angry or vengeful and we say, "I can't wait to see that happen to them." It is an agreement you make with yourself that you create for yourself. It becomes forged in your consciousness and unless you re-program the animosity you are likely to find yourself right back in those circumstances because you set your sights on seeing it through.

By the same token it can be the protectiveness of a mother to son or son to mother in a previous traumatic life experience that brings the relationship back together again in order to fulfill their agreement to watch over and protect each other. We create these unconscious agreements in our everyday life with our mind and our emotions and they adhere to us unless or until we decide otherwise. So in this way you understand we change the course of our events, our destined experience, in the process of how we think but also in the way we speak and act.

Samantha Kane-Kennedy is an intuitive astrological counsellor, writer, lecturer, and teacher. She books private appointments nationally and internationally by email, mail order tape, in person, or over the phone from her home office in Victoria, BC. She specialises in spirituality, reincarnation, karma, and soul work, as well as preventive health alternatives. For more information visit her website www.sam-star.com, and also see her ad in the Directory of Services on page 18 of the 12.4 November/December issue of the WHOLifE Journal. To contact her phone (250) 382-8443, fax 382-8447, or email: samstar@telus.net.


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