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Volume 12 Issue 4
Nov/December 2006

Our Partnership With Nature: Becoming a Steward of the Earth

The Versatile Carrot

Curious About Acupuncture? Here are Some Answers

Is Your Cookware Safe and Healthy?

Relationship from an Astrological Perspective


Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 12 Issue 4—November/December 2006
by Melva Armstrong

As always, it has been a unique and interesting process putting together another issue. The opportunities from this work to meet other souls on the same path are heart-warming and uplifting. I feel very blessed. I recently had the privilege of being introduced to a woman who is truly wise and magically connected to the Earth and its energies. He name is Cie (like "see") Simurro, also known as Thunderbird Starwoman. She currently lives in Massachusettes but has lived in a variety of places including the wilderness and exotic areas of the world. Her life path has lead her to study with a number of teachers of Earth medicine, as well as a Light and Sound Master, all giving her the ability to tune-in to the energies of nature. She says it is often through our connection with nature that we can feel the life force energy that is part of all of us, and she suggests that if you let nature in, it is a doorway to a poignant and enhanced communication with all beings. On a small level I have experienced this myself so I know what she says is true.

After reading Cie's stories and being impressed with the goodness, charm, love of life, and exceptional lessons contained in them I thought it would be wonderful to include some of her work in WHOLifE. In this issue we have part one of her article, Our Partnership With Nature, Becoming a Steward of the Earth (p. 16). In it she writes about many different occasions and unique experiences in her life and how she has come to realize that absolutely everything in life is a gift, a lesson from which to learn. She says, "Life will always bring you the challenges which, once mastered, bring wholeness. By applying such soul qualities as cooperation, self-knowledge, faith, understanding, fellowship, and patience in each area of our lives, we create soul growth." When I spoke with Cie about her work and life she said the most important thing she wants to convey to others in her teachings, writings, and relationships, is the extreme importance of everyone becoming stewards of the Earth, of which we are an integral part. I am in total agreement with her. When reading her writing may you find a sense of comfort and connection with nature as I have done.

Although I haven't been personally introduced to author Gary Renard, I have met him through his latest book, Your Immortal Reality, released in September (2006), and his new audio programs, Secrets of the Immortal and The End of Reincarnation (p. 6). All of his work is based on information he received from what he describes as two "ascended masters" who came to teach him about A Course in Miracles (ACIM), a set of three volumes which contains the teachings of Jesus. I have been a devoted student of ACIM for 23 years and therefore I was excited to discover Gary's work. I have found that listening to his programs and reading his book have taken my understanding of the Course to a whole new spiritual level, which he says is very common among long-time ACIM students, as well as for newcomers to these teachings. Thirty years ago, I remember, I did not feel at peace with myself and my life and I asked out loud, to no one in particular, for help. Shortly after that I was guided to a book by Gerald Jampolsky called, Love is Letting Go of Fear, and it was in this book that Gerald talked about A Course in Miracles. After that I was determined to get the Course, which I did. The teachings in this book have changed my life for the better and they are the foundation on which I operate in this world each day; when I am using them I have the peace that I asked for years ago. In gratitude I send Gary Renard blessings and honour him for having the courage to present extremely radical and cutting-edge metaphysical information to the whole world. In my opinion the world is ready for it and needs to know about it.

This issue's Nutrition, Cooking, and Health article, The Versatile Carrot (p. 8) by Paulette Millis, is a repeat from Nov/Dec'99, as she has been away. It is always good to have a reminder of the importance of such versatile food as carrots. The article includes valuable nutritional and medicinal information, as well as a variety of health-conscious recipes. Finally, be sure to read all the other excellent articles too!

May your life be filled with peace, joy, love, laughter, and abundance. May you be well and your spirits high. Happy holidays!

(I honour the Spirit in you!)

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