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Volume 12 Issue 4
Nov/December 2006

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Is Your Cookware Safe and Healthy?
by Judy Michaluk
Martin Krátky

Although it is difficult to find conclusive studies there are rumblings about the fact that Teflon might not be the best product for us to be using in our kitchens. At high temperatures it does not perform well and instances of plastic-type smells can be detected when it is overheated. Some adverse effects on household birds (pets) have been reported when they are in a kitchen where Teflon pans are used for cooking. There have also been reports of harmful effects on the environment from the use of Teflon. It is interesting to note that we are not certain whether harmful compounds from Teflon are getting into our food as that aspect has not been studied to date. Sometimes we have to read between the lines. In this case it may be better to be safe than sorry. Certainly many people who cook want the convenience of non-stick Teflon but how do they know if the cookware they are using is harmful or not? With this question in my mind I decided to so do some research and find out if there were any alternatives.

The good news is that in my search for a healthy alternative I discovered a product called titanium. Cookware made with titanium has been endorsed by many people in health and wellness arenas. In my opinion it is absolutely the cookware of this century, although it has been around for many years. One can cook in it oil-free or waterless. It is important, however, for the titanium cookware to be a high quality, heavy, and durable product. For example, extraordinary thick pans with a titanium surface that is harder than stainless steel. When you discover this product you will wonder where these pans have been all your life. Titanium pots brown and crisp food superbly in a very quick amount of time which is another plus because it makes cooking with them energy efficient and cost effective.

There are many benefits to cooking with innovative titanium pots. Fast, non-fat, or low-fat cooking, as well as waterless cooking preserves the natural goodness and taste of the foods you prepare. What a joy it is when absolutely no food sticks. And the clean-up is a breeze: a simple wipe with a paper towel and occasional washing with warm soapy water is all you have to do.

Since Teflon has almost become a household word it may be difficult to get one's mind past this thinking. Nothing may stick to Teflon but new research suggests that the by-products of the heat resistant coating may be sticking around in the environment for a long time. Even if we are not aware of any conclusive evidence that there is a relation between the routine use of Teflon-coated cookware and possible ill effects on health, we should use our better judgement. Two questions to ask oneself are: 1) If the finish is chipping off, are we eating it? and 2) If we know that Teflon should definitely not be heated to high temperatures, are we always careful to cook on medium to low heat?

Hopefully I have given you some food for thought and with this you may want to do your own further research on this topic.

This article has been written by Judy Michaluk who is always searching for a better way to live a healthy life. She and her husband, Dennis, are devoted parents and grandparents who live in Saskatoon. It is, of course, with her family in mind that she sought out information on this titanium cookware and she feels she has finally found a healthy way to make cooking easy! For more information and/or a free demonstration call Judy in Saskatoon (306) 652-1031 or email: flashback4@sasktel.net.


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