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Volume 7 Issue 4
Jan/Feb 2002

Soothing My Soul Down Under

Circles of Light

Naturopathic Medicine

Extremely Versatile Cabbage


Volume 7 Issue 4 - January/February 2002
by Melva Armstrong

I started writing about my Down Under trip as an editorial and, as I suspected, it grew larger than I had intended so, instead, I made it into an article called, Soothing My Soul Down Under (p. 16). In it I capture a very tiny portion of my experiences–those that came to mind when I sat down to write. What particularly stood out for me was the realization that thirty years ago I mustn’t have noticed the thick tropical vegetation or the large number of exotic birds in these two countries because this time they seemed brand new to me. Wherever I went it felt like I was in an enchanted forest and as I travelled each day I soaked up the sights, sounds, and smells so I could bring that energy and beauty back with me. Everything in their nature was truly a delight to look upon, particularly because it is so vastly different from the nature we have in Canada.

From my casual observations in both New Zealand and Australia, I would say they have the same percentage of people interested in wholistic health care as we in Canada. They have a variety of organic grocery stories and a large number of health food stores that carry primarily supplements and body care products. As well, they have the same kinds of therapies and practices. I also picked up a few magazines such as WHOLifE and purchased some from news stands, all of which had articles and advertisers very similar to our Canadian wholistic health publications. My overall opinion from this trip is that the world is a small place and getting smaller all the time.

Since my return I’ve received lots of warm welcomes from clients and friends and I thank you all for thinking about me. It’s great to be back and to see and hear from you again. As I begin my work there continues to be a terrific response to all aspects of the Journal, which means we are able to bring you another issue full of interesting and informative articles, along with an abundance of advertisers who primarily live in our communities, and who are providing a wide variety of practices, products, and services for the benefit of our good health and well-being. Bless you all!

Saskatoon has a new Naturopathic doctor, Alana Barmby, to whom we are grateful for her article, Naturopathic Medicine, It’s Stronger Than Ever! (p. 14). Welcome, Dr. Barmby! This kind of medicine is playing an important role in helping to bring about the integration of allopathic and natural medicine so we can eventually have the best of both worlds in our health care system.

In an intriguing new article, Circles of Light (p. 10), author Todd Lorentz describes a new phenomenon, similar to the idea of crop circles, that has been seen in Edmonton and several cities in the USA. Mr. Lorentz, who lives in Edmonton, actually saw these circles of light that appeared on various buildings and took photos of them. He says, "they cast a healing glow on those people and communities that they grace." For those who are interested in rare and unusual sightings on our planet, you’ll enjoy reading this article.

Spiritually Speaking … Measuring Success (p. 24) by Sheila Bautz of Middle Lake, Saskatchewan, is a excerpt from her first book entitled, Spiritually Speaking …, released in December, 2001. In it she says the "key to success is attained through trusting, improving and empowering oneself."

Nutritional Consultant, Paulette Millis, was busy while I was away writing about the Extremely Versatile Cabbage (p. 8). I was truly amazed at the many benefits of this seldom-praised vegetable and you will be too! From sauerkraut to salads, cabbage is an all-around choice for good health! There’s recipes too.

Root Woman, Kahlee Keane says, "Loving lichens is easy for a lot of reasons. They are an example of a flourishing symbiotic relationship, living for each other and the good of the community–plants, animals and humans." Read all about it on p. 6.

It is now becoming more important than ever for all of us to nurture and support ourselves and each other in whatever ways we can, in order to make the world a better place in which to live. May we keep this in mind as we start a new year and send out our prayers for world peace to the world’s leaders and to each other.

Have a joyous and prosperous new year and may we grow together in peace, joy, and love! Blessed Be!

(I honour the Spirit in you!)

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