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Volume 26 Issue 2
November/December 2020

Maybe It’s Time to Take Off Those Rose-Coloured Spectacles: Loving Your Here and Now Dog


Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 26 Issue 2 — November/December 2020
by Melva Armstrong

It has been a very interesting and eventful production period for this latest edition of WHOLifE Journal. It never ceases to amaze me how things just unfold in perfect right order, and that’s when I remember there are often helpers working in the wings to guide the process along.

I am very grateful for all of you who have chosen to become a part of this issue. It is a true pleasure to work with every one of you and to share the process of coming together with the purpose of offering people in our communities, and around the world, health and wellness information they can use in their daily lives. These days especially, it is clearly important to keep our bodies and minds in tip-top shape, so we can avoid getting sick.

We have covered a variety of topics this time, and I want to start by expressing my view on the immense value of having a companion animal in your life. They are powerful healers and love-bugs that bring pure joy and laughter into a human’s life. Most of my life I have not had a companion animal, but since I’ve had one, it has made my life a whole lot better and happier, and there are lots of studies that confirm these facts. I am excited to introduce you to a friend and professional dog trainer named Kristi Benson. Her article, Maybe It’s Time to Take Off Those Rose-Coloured Spectacles: Loving Your Here and Now Dog (p. 10), is her personal story of letting go of her attachment to the first dog she dearly loved, in order to truly love the future dogs that came into her life. Her story was very insightful for me.

Another sacred topic is the importance of the food we eat. I am a strong advocate of supporting our local food producers, and there are lots of them. It’s just a matter of doing your research to find out where they are in your community, and then figuring out ways to purchase their products. This is so vital to everyone’s health and wellness. Grass-fed animals and locally-grown vegetables are mainstays of a wholesome diet. Have a read of Amy Miller’s article, Building and Honouring Our local Food System (p. 8), and you will be doing yourself and your family a big favour to discover how her farm operates and the fabulous vegetables, grass-fed meat products, herbs, and honey she and her family produce. And she’s also provided some yummy recipes for you to try.

The title of Kari Alba’s article, Combining the Science of Ayurveda with the Art of Yoga, Odissi Classical Indian Dance, and Flamenco is a Perfect Balance to Anyone’s Lifestyle (p. 12), pretty much explains what keeps her happy and healthy these days. Having been a flamenco dancer and instructor for many years, she began to experience some high level blockages. Then, like magic, a wonderful woman showed up at her studio and introduced her to ayurveda, yoga, and Indian dance. Now she is living her best life! It is an enchanting story you’ll love reading.

According to Nick Martinuik in his article, Natural Medicine for Immune Enhancements and Stress Management (p. 16), he says, “Natural medicine has the potential to activate, balance, and support a healthy immune system.” This is exactly what we all need in these most stressful times, including the cold and flu season. He explains the ingredients and benefits of his latest formulation and he suggests that people take the initiative to be proactive and provide their mind and body with some extra support. I am a firm believer, in this day and age, that adding extra natural health products to our diet is a wise decision. He recommends doing more research about these unique compounds and how they can positively impact your health and well-being.

Yvette Woodrow has a message for everyone in the title of her article, What the World Needs Now Is—Love Sweet Unconditional Love (p. 26). Isn’t that the truth!? In our topsy-turvy world-wide circumstances that have so many folks feeling depressed, unhappy, and out of sorts, I would say that love is the only thing that is real, and that will keep each of us sane and healthy. Yvette offers some gentle and heartwarming exercises that can be used to send unconditional love to all sentient beings on the planet, and you are invited to join in.
Read on, there’s still more to enjoy!

Until we meet again in January, 2021, may you enjoy each new day to the fullest and continue to spread peace, joy, love, light, and happiness to all those you meet.

(The spirit in me honours the spirit in you)

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